Loose stools with White Flood

  1. Loose stools with White Flood

    Has anyone had problems with loose stools and White Flood? I have noticed the last week I have taken it I have to stop my workout and drop a deuce.

    It's not that bad, not nearly as bad as Super Dumb, but kind of a a pain. Is there anything I can take that will counter this?

    The way I take it now is: Wake up at 6am and mix two scoops of WF with 10oz of water and drink it down in 5 minutes. I'm in the gym at 7am lifting weights.

  2. Some are just very sensitive to it... consuming it with a solid food snack MAY help.
    Email: pt [at] controlledlabs.com

  3. x2 on the light carbs with it. I don't experience it with WF but have with other products. Maybe go a little lighter on the dose?

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