Problems with WF/GM order

  1. Problems with WF/GM order

    I just received my second shipment of the WF/GM combo from np and both containers are about half full and very light compared to my previous shipment. I contacted nutrplanet at the beginning of the week but I haven't heard anything else from them in a few days. Any help would be more than apppreciated.
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  2. Well i know my GM came about half full but it has the 80 scoops in it i wondered why they didnt just make the tub smaller as for WF it had about 6/8th full since it had some cotton thing in there. IF it is less then that i assume something was wrong but i cant imagine what.

  3. There is an issue of settling, but your container should be the full amount of dosages. In other words the containers only half full but has all of the allotted servings.

  4. should weight out perfectly. GMP manufacturing guarantees that.

    shake up the container as well. they are not meant to be full to the top as we only use 3 tub sizes for our products to save on material purchasing.

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