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    These are the final reviews from Log of Unparalleled Dimensions: Viking & Irish Take On Controlled Labs

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    Final Reviews on Controlled Labs' Blue Gene, GlycerGrow, and White Flood:

    Blue Gene

    Capsules: 150 capsules
    Servings: 30 servings
    Serving size: 5-6 caps/day
    Duration lasted: 24 days

    Energy: 8/10
    - Iíve used Blue Gene as the sole pre-workout energizer, and Iíve used it alongside of White Flood on a separate occasion. When weíre talking Ďclean energy,í Blue Gene talks the talk, and walks the walk. Thereís a subtle, stable and enduring rush of energy, starting 40-50 minutes following consumption of Blue Gene pre-workout. Not that jittery, up-your-a$$ kind of mental stimulation, but much Ďpurer.í Much more comfortable and reliable, because itís just enough mental and physical stimulation to optimize your training sessions.

    Focus/Clarity/Mood: - 9/10- Blue Genes focus-increase and heightened mind/muscle connection is above and beyond any other natural supplement Iíve used. Itís an effect I experienced on both of my Blue Gene runs (totaling 2 bottles), and itís one of the things that initially had me praising this product. I just felt Ďin the zoneí within a couple of sets at the gym, and this became even more apparent within a weeks use. With the heightened mind/muscle connection, I felt each individual exercise much more in the muscle intended, and rep by rep, I felt a deeper and better muscle stimulation, not allowing all supporting muscles to do the work. Another thing to note was that 75% of the time, 30-40 minutes upon consumption of Blue Gene, my mood was great! Iíd walk around with a smile on my face, Iíd walk into the gym feeling good, confident, positive and encouraged.

    Joint Health: 6.5/10
    - This is a combined rating of both 4 week runs of Blue Gene I have done. The first time around, there was NO bettering of joint health and it was quite disappointing as it was during a period in which I was having considerable pain and troubles as a result of a poor shoulder and elbow. The second time around, within 10 days of usage, joint pain began decreasing, and I enjoyed the final two weeks 90% pain-free, which was quite an improvement.

    Libido: 1/10
    - I am not the right person to address libido related issues, as I rarely respond to anything thatís supposed to increase it. MACA worked for me for a while, but effects became vague/non-existant after a couple of consecutive bottles @ 2-3 grams/day. Blue Gene had zero effect on my libido, much to my disappointment.


    Weight: 2.2 lbs
    Servings: 122 servings
    Serving size: 6-12 scoops/day, split up in three separate dosages
    Duration lasted: 6 weeks

    Cell volumization: 9/10
    - Incredible! One of the most underrated supplements around delivered consistent results like few other supplements have every done! I switched up my dosage to find my sweet-spot, and what worked the best for me, and I recommend that to anyone. Next to a potent serving of WMS, GlycerGrow brought the cell volumization to a new level. Make a point of staying well hydrated throughout the day, and have 1-2 servings of the GG 1-3 hours pre-workout, and I assure that you will experience considerable heightened volume in your training, as well as in your physical appearance. On nights I drank any alcohol, I always made sure to have 1-3 servings of GG either while drinking or following drinking (pre-bed), and I swear that this helped my body stay better hydrated.

    Vascularity: 7/10
    - Obviously, thisíll always depend on ones body fat measurements, but even @ my lean self, it wasnít flawless in this department. This was an effect that varied on a day to day basis; on some days, I looked veiny and nasty as I could, while on other days I just wasnít feeling nor seeing much. What vascularity I did see, however, was an overall improvement from NOT using GlycerGrow to using GlycerGrow. New veins appeared, some rolling horizontally across my outer arm, others on my inner arm, more on my lateral deltoids.

    Recovery: 8/10
    - In between sets, as well as from workout to workout, recovery was increased greatly! Rest in between sets was either decreased, or Iíd be able to use the same heavy weight (or go heavier from one set to the next) without decreasing my rep range. I just felt Ďfreshí from set to set. Anxious to get on with my training. Alongside my normal addiction to Beta Alanine, I swear that GlycerGrow has further improved on decreasing lactic acid build up in my muscles.

    White Flood

    Weight: 305 grams
    Servings: 25 servings
    Serving size: 1-2 scoops (split either pre- and intra-workout, or both pre-workout)
    Duration Lasted: 3 weeks

    Energy: 9/10- White Flood never seizes to amaze me. Itís a kick-in-your-a$$ energy that will have you fired up and ready to take on anything. The effects start to build up within 5 minutes of consumption pre-workout; 10-15 minutes after, you WANT to find something to get your hands on lift because your eyes are wigging and your hands are shaking from a rush of energy. And somehow, these effects are maintained for the next 90-120 minutes. In all honesty, spending 90 of those minutes in the gym and being in-the-zone helps the energy levels, but itís a constant surge of adrenaline fueled energy that is yielded from the White Flood. This run was my third time around the White Flood block, and it will not be my last by any means.

    Mental focus/stimulation: 9/10

    - Let me give you the countdown.

    Minute #1: chug 8-10 oz. with White Flood

    Minute #3: start feeling the tingling sensation in your body. A little itchy (for the weak ones), but quite uplifting (for those who like parathesia)

    Minute #7: tingling in the back of the head/neck. A RUSH is felt in your body, your eyes start doing the random tunnel vision mode where theyíre wide open, and every time you Ďrotateí your eyes, you ZONE in on what youíre looking at, be it dog $hit in the yard, or the label of a book on your shelf.

    Minute #10: you realize your body is on a surge of pure adrenaline fueled energy, and youíre rushing out the door to reap the benefits of these effects where you want them the most: the gym.

    Minute #15 and beyond: blood, sweat and tears are the name of the game, and White Flood is the perfect alliance on the side. ZEN-like focus. Youíre jumping from one exercise to another. One set to the next with little to no rest. Some days, you donít rest in between sets, you superset two muscle groups instead. Thatís what I love about White Flood; you donít know your ultimate abilities until youíve got White Flood unleashed in your system. It will have you aim higher, stronger and faster than anything else ever has.

    White Flood has been my #1 pre-workout product of choice for 8-10 months, and still is following this run! If thereís one product I recommend at the gym for pre-workout stimulation, White Flood is the first and only product that comes to mind. Itís bulletproof!

    * I never give out 10s for anything when it comes to a product any longer, only because thereís always room for improvement (my personal morale as well; there is no such thing as perfect.).

    - However, Controlled Labsí products have once again showed me their true potential. Unique, potent, do-what-they-say products that are 100% affordable, user efficient, and everything between. I have yet to get disappointed, and so has those who Iíve recommend Controlled Labs products to. Controlled Labs has met my every expectation Iíve had in products as well as company values. Outstanding products, outstanding service, outstanding forum reps. I am very grateful for the opportunity to log this stack, and I will continue to praise Controlled Labs for their products . . . because Iíve proven their efficiency myself!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    Blue Gene

    Dosage used: 5 tablets, 1hr pre-workout

    Energy: 8/10 - The energy from this is NOT similar to a stimulant, but much cleaner. It's a very clear-headed, uplifting, happy energy.

    Libido: 10/10 - LOOK OUT!

    Endurance: 9/10 - One of the best supplements out there for increased endurance. You can push it harder and longer in the weight room. My rest in between sets was decreased heavily while on this product.

    Strength: 6/10 - I noticed definite improvement in strength while on this product, but it won't blow your mind or anything. What Blue Gene seems to offer is the increased endurance, which leads to harder drive in the gym, thus leading to increased strength...the natural way!

    Joint-improvement: 6/10 - It definitely helped, but not to an extreme degree. Just put it this way...if you use Cissus regularly, and decide to try Blue Gene, you could probably consider Blue Gene as one of your two daily servings of Cissus.

    Price: 6/10 - It's a great product, but at $40+ per bottle, it may be a hard buy for some; however, taking into account all of the ingredients, you're getting a good deal.

    Recommendation: If you're looking for a product to increase endurance and stamina, and improve recovery, give Blue Gene a go. This would be a great addition to a stack including Rhodiola and Cordyceps!

    White Flood (Tablets)

    Dosage used: 8-10 tablets, 1hr pre-workout

    Energy: 9/10- Look out!!! I'm a huge fan of pre-workout products, and this one really takes the prize! The energy was insane, and I suffered no crush later in the day.

    Pump: 8/10- Noticed a definite increase in pump. There are a few different compounds in WF to aid in this, including Arginine AKG.

    Strength: 7/10 - In a round-about way, it definitely aids in strength. Increased energy results in better focus and drive to push the weight!

    Price: 8/10 - $40 for 320 tablets. At recommended dosage (8), that's 40 workouts worth, equating to only $1/workout. Most pre-workout supplements cost at least $30 for a 20-25 day supply, so Controlled Labs is definitely ahead of the game on this one!

    Recommendation: This is definitely my favorite pre-workout pump/energy product that I've tried. I recommend it to anyone looking for a boost in their gym performance.

    Glycer Grow

    Dosage used: 6 scoops intra-workout or 3 pre-wo, and 3 intra-wo

    Pump: 8/10 - INSANE pumps while on this product. You can really feel the water being sucked into your muscles...but NO BLOAT! I even noticed a pump while just sipping it watching TV on my off days.

    Vascularity: 9/10 - I've never seen such vascularity on my body before. I had veins running through my delts, chest, and arms during each and every workout.

    Price: 9/10 - You can't beat the price of this product. $27 for a tub that should last you NO LESS than 45 days, and that's at a higher dosage. Recommended dosage on the tub is 3 scoops per day, which would make it last for 120 days. I would personally say to take between 4-6 scoops daily, spread pre-wo and intra-wo.

    Recommendation: To anyone that enjoys creatine and beta-alanine, GET SOME GLYCERGROW!!!! GG has very synergistic effects with both of those powders, and I will never again use bulk creatine or BA without GlycerGrow. I really do love this stuff.

    Green Magnitude

    Dosage used: 1 scoop pre-workout

    Strength: 8/10 - I don't respond to heavily to creatine products, but I have to say that this is one creatine product I responded very well to. I really enjoyed it and saw great strength gains while using it.

    Recovery: 7/10 - I noticed increased recovery, and better workouts with GM. The taurine seemed to help me with back stiffness during my workouts as well.

    Price: 8/10 - You won't get much of a better price than this for creatine products. $25 for 40 servings is very good! Most creatine products cost at least $28, and that's usually only for 30 days, and most likely underdosed.

    Recommendation: I definitely recommend Green Magnitude if you enjoy creatine products. I really think the Magnesium Creatine Chelate is what does the trick...If you would rather have a capped product, make sure to check out Controlled Labs Green Bulge.

    Thanks again to RenegadeRows for letting me log this stack. I had a great time doing so. I made some excellent gains, really improved my training, and broke through some plateaus. It was a great ride, and this log really solidified my belief that Controlled Labs is a top-notch company with very high quality products. Let me know if you have anymore questions about the supps; I'd be glad to answer them.

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