We Now Have White FLOOD Samples (Tablets)

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  1. We Now Have White FLOOD Samples (Tablets)

    We now have a limited number of samples of all 4 products (White Flood Tablets, Green MAGnitude sour apple, Purple Wraath Lemonade, and REDuction!

    if you would like samples please follow these 4 rules exactly, otherwise samples will not be sent:

    1) email subject line must say "SAMPLES"

    (all 4 samples will be sent automatically)

    2) you must post a message in this thread (if not registered you must register to write on it) Controlled Labs Forum if you are requesting samples or your sample will not be sent

    3) in the body of the email you MUST list your controlledlabsforum.com user name

    4) you also MUST include your full name and shipping address (street, street number, city, state, zip code). last time we got too many that were missing part of this, if they are missing part they will be erased and no sample sent without notice, so take the time to make sure its correct.

    send this to "tank @ controlledlabs.com"

    confirmation emails WILL NOT be sent, so please be patient

    these will start shipping on monday

    Please leave feedback on the board once you have gotten the opportunity to try the samples

    Also write in this thread when you have sent your request

    Thank you!

  2. Sent in-----I CANT WAIT TO TRY WF TABS!

  3. I think i jumped through all the hoops.........

  4. awesome cant wait

  5. Thank you!! Email sent.

  6. got mine today, mainly looking forward to the white flood tablets

  7. Quote Originally Posted by wrkn4bigrmusles View Post
    got mine today, mainly looking forward to the white flood tablets
    Make sure to give us your feedback!

  8. e-mail sent. looking forward to these samples!

  9. Free supps kick a$$.Can't wait to try the tabs.

  10. I don't see my post from earlier so I guess I will post again to make sure. Can't wait to check them out.

  11. can't wait to try these supplements.

  12. email sent. look forward to trying these soon

  13. Hi, email sent thanks...
    Prior I had White Flood powder refused by customs here in Canada ? hope the tabs make it..really like your products...

  14. Awesome stuff!!!

  15. hoping im not too late!

  16. Never too late

  17. in for the products

  18. please post your feedback in the review section once you get a chance to try them out

  19. Americans only, RR?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier View Post
    Americans only, RR?
    US & Canada
    Last edited by RenegadeRows; 11-20-2008 at 08:11 PM.

  21. I've been on the fence with WF tabs, so I'm in here.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by CONTROLLED LABS View Post
    US and CANADA
    Ah! Exactly what I wanted to hear!!


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