Yellow nEphoria Acclaim Thread

  1. Yellow nEphoria Acclaim Thread

    Product description:

    The Best Mood-Elevating And Endorphin-Boosting Extracts!

    The athletic lifestyle is extremely demanding and Controlled Labs customers have requested a product to improve central nervous system performance, reduce stress, and improve mood / vigor during training and all day long. Controlled Labs has responded with a powerful and synergistic blend of only the best mood-elevating and endorphin-boosting extracts. By focusing on enhancing and potentiating the bodies own natural (very powerful) endorphins, we were able to keep the formula caffeine-free, so that you can elevate to a new level without the crash / jitters associated with caffeine products.

    nEuphoria Complex:

    Acacia Rigidula contains natural alkaloids that contribute to the powerful energy, pleasure, and stimulating effects of nEuphoria. These natural CNS and SNS stimulants have been shown to improve mood as rapidly as amphetamine, without producing tolerance or physical addiction. Synephrine is a natural, but powerful stimulant / ergogenic. Isobutyryl-Thiamine Disulfide has been used for years as a nootropic to decrease anxiety, improve response to stress, and have a positive effect on mood / athletic performance.

    cRush Complex:

    Used since ancient times to promote feelings of well-being, promote circulation, enhance awareness and concentration, Nymphaea Caerulea and Rhizoma Corydalis Yanhusuo are partly responsible for the calm, steady, and long lasting rush of focused well-being that is part of the nEuphoria experience. Unlike some prescription and illegal opiates, this blend does not appear to affect brain serotonin levels, deplete monoamine stores, or block GABA receptors.

    Humulus lupulus is unique because it is one of only two plants in the family Cannabinaceae. You guessed it.... the other plant is Marijuana. The alkaloid extract known as Lupulinum produces a mild stimulant effect at first, followed by a very agreeable, calming sensation... the perfect combination. Historically, it has been used in some cases of nervous irritability where opium / narcotics failed.

    With a long history of traditional herbal and recreational use, Nepeta Cateria and Griffonia Seed Extract are used mainly to relieve stress and enhance meditation

    Developed and patented by Sabinsa Corporation, Bioperine has been clinically tested in the United States and shown to significantly enhance the bioavailability of supplemented nutrients through increased absorption. This results in a convenient serving size of 3 capsules.

    Simply put, with Yellow nEuphoria Gen 2 you will experience a jitter-free rush of energy... each time... every time.
    And a review to start this thread off:

    "Controlled Labs definaltey hit the spot with this product. This product is the top of the line in cognitive and europhoric enhancements. I will explain how I feel when I take this product.
    Alertness: I find my self driving with much more alertness and caution and when someone does cut me or if someone is driving like an idiot I find myself avoiding it much easier.
    Anxiety reduction: I am much more relaxed around people I don't know and I have made a lot friends whilst on this product because of its anxiety reducing abilities.
    Concentration:My concentration while on this product is so intense. I usually rarely read, but when I do with this product I find myself picking up a bunch of information.
    Euphoria: Whilst on this product I am always happy and I rarely feel depressed.

    Bottom line: I suggest this product to anyone who is looking for a "natural high" and to anyone who is looking for the benefits that I stated."
    That was from CONTROLLED-LABS-NEUPHORIA.COM - User reviews and ratings for Controlled Labs nEuphoria Gen 2 supplement. I just figured this out, but there's like a website for each individual Controlled Labs product.

    Anyways, there you have it folks... natural high. Remember you can post your positive experiences here as well.


    Firstly I would like to mention that my standard serving here was 3 caps. I took this product for a few weeks as I needed it and WILL continue to use it (Gen 1 for now)...

    ENERGY - 7/10

    I fair boost. I have to mention the fact that I am a STIM JUNKIE, so for this to boost my energy at all I was pleasantly suprised! Nothing to crazy about the energy boost, just a smooth and gentle kick in the ass.

    FOCUS - 9/10

    Now to start...I have used Ritalin before, and that is the king of focus compounds. Therefore this rating is exceptionally high by my standards because it WORKS. I took this supplement in the morning when I got to work and was focused on tasks at hand, and was able to complete them with ease.

    I also took this prior to workouts, and WOW, my focus was intense! I rarely talk to people in the gym because I want to focus on my workouts, but for some reason I usually end up stopping and talking to someone. With these smilies I don't recall talking to anyone at all lol. I was so damn focused on every rep! It was awesome!

    MOOD - 9/10

    AWESOME! This stuff totally lived up to its name! Simply made me smile and be happy...even when I was at work on a monday! Just an awesome mood boost!

    OVERALL - 8.5/10

    A simply awesome supplement that I highly recommend for anyone that needs some boost at work or has trouble focusing. Now a product will rarely get 10/10 from me and because I am a stim junkie there is almost nothing out there that gets an ACTUAL 10/10 from me out there. I look forward to using this supplement again!
    More to come.

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