GlycerGrow Acclaim Thread

  1. GlycerGrow Acclaim Thread

    Product Description:

    GlycerGrow is the most advanced standalone cell volumization breakthrough ever to reach the market. GlycerGrow combines a proprietary and synergistic blend of pharmaceutical grade ingredients to increase cell volume, aid the osmotic effects of creatine, and enhance the natural anabolic responses of weightlifting. When combined with a high protein/moderate carbohydrate diet, and a solid workout protocol, this product helps give the user increased gains in size, strength and vascularity.

    During a cutting (calorie deficit/fat loss) phase, GlycerGrow can be stacked with Red Acid and Green Bulge to keep workout intensity levels high. GlycerGrow may also help minimize cramping. As an added bonus, GlycerGrow appears to have little impact on insulin and blood sugar levels.

    During a bulking (calorie surplus) phase, GlycerGrow can be stacked with Green Bulge and White Blood for extreme pumps and to optimize your lean gains. GlycerGrow may also enhance your extreme stretching protocol.

    During a bodybuilding or fitness-related contest preparation phase, GlycerGrow can be used to improve vascularity as well as maintain both workout intensity and electrolyte balance, which may help reach the muscle hardness, fullness, and density needed to win.

    During endurance training, GlycerGrow may improve hydration and stamina.

    During power-lifting training, GlycerGrow may improve explosiveness, recovery, and conditioning, helping to avoid the symptoms of over-training.

    What exactly is Glycerol MonoStearate?
    Glycerol occurs naturally in the body. When it is ingested as a supplement, it is absorbed and increases the concentration of the fluid in the blood and tissues. The concentration of these fluids is held constant by the body, so water consumed with glycerol is not excreted until the extra glycerol is either removed by the kidneys or broken down by the body. In laymen's terms, taking glycerol in supplemental form quickly improves hydration and the absorption of other supplements that are taken with it. The end result is faster delivery of nutrients when and where you need them the most and the prolonged "pump effect" during your workouts. Our Glycerol is esterified with stearic acid to form Glycerol MonoStearate. Glycerol MonoStearate is a colorless, odorless and sweet-tasting flaky powder that is hygroscopic (it absorbs water from the air, so keep this tightly closed at all times).

    Why are there calories and fat in GlycerGrow whereas other glycerol (or Glycerol MonoStearate) products do not mention calories or fat on their labels?
    Good question. Glycerol is a carbohydrate and stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid, when you combine them you get a fat called Glycerol Monostearate. As far as the FDA is concerned, Glycerol MonoStearate is a fat and therefore results in calories, 9 per gram. But you have heard that saturated fat is bad for your cholesterol? True, in most cases, but not with stearic acid. Stearic acid is one of the only saturated fatty acids that actually have a neutral or cholesterol-lowering effect on serum cholesterol levels in human studies.

    Initial (First Serving) Instructions:
    To assess your individual tolerance, combine 1-2 Scoops of GlycerGrow with at least 32oz of water, juice, or sport/electrolyte drink, and consume it about 30 minutes before your workout. Shake well before drinking (powder DOES NOT dissolve well in liquid).

    Directions For Usage:
    Combine 1 - 4 Scoops of GlycerGrow with at least 32oz of water, juice, or sport/electrolyte drink, and consume it over an extended period of time (pre-workout, during your workout, and post-workout). Shake well before drinking (powder does not dissolve well in liquid). For best results, GlycerGrow should be used in combination with Controlled Labs Green Bulge, at least 1-2 gallons of water per day, a high protein/moderate carbohydrate diet, and a hypertrophy/volume training workout protocol. Warnings: Consuming this product on a completely empty stomach may cause nausea. Consuming this product while on a liquid diet may cause diarrhea. Consuming this product without a sufficient water intake may cause dehydration. This product has been banned by various sporting organizations (NCAA rules show that it is legal to use). You should not take this product if you have any prior medical condition, including diabetes or high blood pressure. Consult your doctor before using this product. Key Attributes: - Intracellular nutrient / electrolyte delivery - Cell Volumization - Vascularity - Growth - Recovery - Intensity - Improve thermoregulation and endurance
    Here's the first review:

    Well as you might guess with me being a Nimbus Rep I highly believe in adequate hydration and its multitude of effects on overall health and training benefits. I really like my electrolytes in my products and feel they have a wealth of uses. With that said it should come as no surprise that GlycerGrow is my favorite Controlled Labs product. I feel it is very advantageous around workouts that are moderate-high rep due to its ability to greatly increase pumps and intracellular hydration. The electrolytes within GG help to keep you going through tough workouts. The taurine and GMS help to provide a highly hydrated state in muscles and greatly increase the pumps training induces. They also help to increase the effects of other products(especially creatine products...Green Mag anyone??). I notice the least amount of mono bloat when stacking with GG. Personally when using GG i like to drink upwards of 1+liters just pre-workout and at least that much during and after as well. The GMS helps increase intracellular hydration and retention and therefore keeping the body in a hydrated state longer(maybe hyperhydrated per say). I personally can note this effect on my body as on GG i tend to not have to use the restroom(despite massive water intake) until several hours after GG consumption then i tend to have to take a leak often. This helps lead to greater amounts of endurance, pumps, vascularity, and muscle hardness. I note diuretic effects with longer use of GG as well. Another amazing aspect of GG is the amazing price, by combining these quality ingredients together with the lack of gimmicky fillers it is an amazing value(tubs last FOREVER) Finally i love GG because it does not contain any fillers or random ingredients.
    Feel free to post yours!!!!

  2. "I have been using this stuff for 4 weeks now and I felt it kick in about 30 minutes after the first ever dose. It is great. I figure the best way to judge this product is by comparing the results I've seen so far to the results they say you SHOULD see:

    Intracellular nutrient / electrolyte delivery - ???
    Cell Volumization- I feel harder and fuller all around and the pumps are better on GG+GB for me than they were while on GB+WB. (I got nothing from White Blood)
    Vascularity- Its insane! very well and i love taking it just because it makes me look like a freak!
    Growth - I have gained 8lb in 4 weeks with the help of this
    Recovery- Im not too sore the day after
    Intensity- This is where this stuff kicks major ass. No matter how tired or sluggish I may be feeling after I take this stuff and head to the gym at 5:00 AM, it is down to business.
    Improve thermoregulation and endurance- I guess, I dont train for endurance so I cant answer this."
    From folks.

  3. "Great product for anyone looking for that extra edge in the gym.
    I've been taking this for about 5weeks now and I love it! I take three scoops (one serving) 45min before I hit the weights and it has done wonders for me. I go up in weight or reps every week on my lifts and my endurance later in the workout has increased as well. The pump I get is nice as well. I can see more vascularity each day. I give this a two thumbs up and highly recommend it!

    Only draw-backs: it does NOT mix in anything so it's easier to just put on your tongue and wash down; and it tastes horrid!"
    He must not have a shaker cup...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Abe the Cop View Post
    Abe the Cop's
    Week Three
    Individual Supplement Review

    Controlled Labs

    w/o Days - 3 scoops pre, 1 scoop during (might add one scoop post and note changes if any)
    non-w/o Days - None

    Same muscle fullness effect I've been experiencing since the first couple days. I'm not sure how much it specifically assisted in strength gains, but I'm definitely keeping this one as a staple. I'm going to have to temporarily discontinue usage of it for my USP labs cissus/symmetry log, but I will be continuing afterwards. I don't think 3 weeks is long enough to truly evaluate the potential of this product. I might even experiement with a slightly higher dose (5-6 scoops).

    Like I've said all along, my purpose for this stack was to maintain the strength I gained on my PP/SD cycle. On some lifts I feel I've slightly increased in strength which is phenomenal for me, since I thought I might lose a little strength after the cycle.

    Increased Muscle Fullness
    Longer lasting pumps
    Increase in strength

  5. Quote Originally Posted by d5ursing View Post
    Some people have asked me to do a review of GG sooo here it is, hope this helps you guys out with any decision you make regarding it.

    Overall Effectiveness: 8.5/10 GG has been very beneficial to me while bulking. As someone who has struggled with vascularity in the past, I'm happy to say that while bulking for the last couple months I have actually noticed more veins (especially in my shoulders) than before. That being said I think it would also work extremely well during a cut... though I have yet to try it during one. As far as it's improvement of creatine uptake, I have to say that the results it has produced have been good but a little less than what I expected. I stacked it with GB and mono for a month and Storm and CF for a month and made gains of around 6-7 pounds (mostly lbm). Nothing phenomenal but for a relatively clean bulk I was satisfied. Overall, I was expecting a little bit more but the great improvement in vascularity made up for it.

    Taste: 7/10 Ha... well if you've read anything about GG you know that it does not mix well.... and boy their not lying. The powder is like big pieces of iodized salt and taste kind of the same as well. For me, I didn't mix it with water (I actually gagged when I did it like that), instead I just manned up and dumped in my mouth and chased with any kind of juice on hand. It's nothing to bad, and after a couple days it's really nothing. It's certainly nothing like CEE or anything that bad... just takes some getting used to.

    Side Effects: 10/10 I didn't really experience any dramatic side effects with GG. It made me hella thirsty so I increased my water intake to around 1.75-2 gallons a day (i love water ) which seemed to fix that. Nothing else to report.

    Ingredients: 10/10 7.5 grams of GMS per serving is substantial. Looking around I can't find anything else that has more. The GMS is about 95% of the total ingredients which is fine by me... simple but effective without a bunch of 20 syllable compound names. GG has a lot of exactly what it's supposed to have... GMS.

    Value: 10/10 I always look to save money on supplements and for me this is GG's strongest point. The tub is pretty big and the serving sizes are relatively small. My tub will easily go 4 months which is GREAT considering it'll set you back a little more than $30. The results it has given me are well worth the money and the length of time it will last. Good job CL!

    Overall Rating: 9/10 GG is a solid product with solid ingredients which is no surprise coming from CL. My increase in vascularity during a bulk is indication that it is working and makes me all the more excited to use while cutting for the summer. I should also add that in the 2 months I have used GG I do feel much fuller, especially in the biceps and chest. It's not the typical pump people report from no2, but rather I feel much fuller all the time. Like the tub says.... "volumized" is an adequate description lol . This may be a combination of everything I am taking/doing but I would guarantee GG has something to do with it. My gains of around 6-7 pounds of lbm in 2 months were satisfying, but I expected GG to maybe boost that up a little bit more. In regards to strength gains I made better than average gains in many areas (including PR's in bench and incline). Again this is due to all around supplementation, nutrition, and an assload of hard work and eating... but GG no doubt helped me out. Anyways, I would recommend anyone get this who struggles to "pop" out those veins (not just in the gym, but all the time)... or for anyone looking for that "fuller, thicker" look. Lord knows I love puttin on a shirt and and havin it fit snug around the guns and chest . The benefits it provides coupled with it's tremendous value and cost savings make it a very worthwhile buy in my opinion. Excellent job CL and keep the good products coming (wraath is looking good )

    Here is a list of the supplements I also took with GG: GB/WB for one month, Storm/Shock/Cell Fuel the next month. Included in both months would be: multivitamin, glutamine, ON whey, and Syntrax Casein.

    Hope this helps you guys out. GG is a great product, lot of bang for your buck for anyone on a tight budget (me = college student). I'll be cutting with it next month... afterwards I'll come back and let everyone know how it went. I'm hoping it will help to maintain my muscle and get the most out of my creatine while cutting. Also, please note that when I say "fuller" I don't mean bloated or puffy. Rather my composition feels thicker but still firm. Any questions or comments regarding GG or anything else drop me a line and I'll answer as soon as I can. Take it easy and happy liftin, -- Dave

  6. Quote Originally Posted by h0ckeyfreek20 View Post
    To start with, i was impressed by just the price. For the amount of servings you get, you just cant go wrong.

    I ordered this product sunday night and i was going on vacation by friday afternoon.
    I received my tub of Glycergrow on wednesday and couldnt wait to test it out.
    Wednesday was chest + tris and im usually so sore i dont even want to move the next day.
    my workout went great and i had plenty of energy.
    i woke up the next morning to find that i was hardly sore at all.

    my initial thoughts were "damn it, i have to change up my routine again!" (not even thinking that it could have been the Glycergrow)

    Friday came and i was off to Florida!
    i didnt bring any supps because i didnt think there would be a gym at any of the hotels.
    to my surprise i did find 2 gyms. One in a hotel called the Grand Floridian and another in this crazy hotel with an african theme. (It was in Disneyland by the way)

    I hadnt lifted in over 72 hours and i couldnt wait to hit the gym. Now Although the dumbells they had only went up to 50lbs and they had a smith machine instead of freeweights, my workout went pretty well. i woke up the next morning to find myself so sore i didnt even want to get out of bed.

    i then realized that it was becuase i did not take my Glycergrow pre/during my workout.

    for me, Glycergrow has been the best recovery product i have ever used!
    Also, i got pumps during my workout that actually hurt. it felt like my muscles were going to tear my tendons off the bone. it was possibly the best feeling ive ever had

    The only thing i didnt like at first, was not being able to mix it with water. but now i just mix it with some yogurt and its great. Glycergrow has basically no taste at all so i cant even taste it with yogurt. Even when i have to poor the powder in my mouth and swallow it down with some water it's still not that bad!

    I would recomend Glycergrow to anyone! you get 120 servings for $33!
    It helped me greatly with recovery
    I got great pumps
    and I even noticed a little more vascularity than normal.

    ^^^ That is what Glycergrow did for me. It might not be as good for you. Or, it may be EVEN BETTER!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows

    GlycerGROW Review!

    Taste: 8/10
    When scooped directly in your mouth, its a sweet/salty taste that almost is reminiscent of fried foods. I really like the taste of it!

    Mixibility: 3/10
    Simply put, this stuff does not mix in liquids. It just floats at the top. The scooper however is small, and the taste of the powder is mild, so I recommend scooping it directly in the mouth and chasing with water.

    Effectiveness: 7/10
    Taken 1-2 scoops every day.

    While it's only been about 2 weeks on GG, the results have been very good. What's interesting is that you need to increase you water intake when taking GlycerGROW, in order for you to a) make it work better and b) not become dehydrated. I thought it was going to be tough to drink so much water, however once you take the GG you become sort of dry-mouthed and thirsty. This is a good feeling because you know GG is putting the H20 where it needs to go: into your muscles, cells, etc. So drinking more water on this stuff is actually pleasant-I didn't have to force any down!

    The pumps have been really good. while I lift for strength and hypertrophy and not so much the pumps, it is a pleasant side effect.

    The endurance with GG has been very surprising. I've felt more energy and will-to-lift during my workouts. I'm quite surprised at this.

    The biggest effect of GG has been the volumization. They don't lie when they say "Cell BURST Formula". I've seen myself being much more vascular and full, since starting. I've opted for smaller doses everyday, instead of large doses a few times per week. I feel this has kept me 'swelled' up and volumized. I really can't wait for this stuff during the summer!!!
    hey it's pre-rep me

  8. Heehee, I bet now you'd give it perfect 10's... LOL, just kidding folks.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by texaslifter

    Written Review
    Glycergrow, the name is catchy eigh? Well I dont have the most detailed review and haven't had the best results on this product in combination with Green Mag, but i figured i would give my honest review thus far and not shoot just to please the Judge as others have done.
    Glycergrow has offered varying results for me ranging from workout to workout. Sometime I will have some pretty intense blood rushes as well as rock hard arms,pecs, and quads. Other times I will see absolutely nothing from it through out a workout. I have played around with Pre-wo meals as well as water intake to find some type of factor as to why this has been occuring to me. Lately I have been ingesting 30G complex/simple carbs 30 minutes pre-workout as well as glycergrow and green mag. During my workout I make sure to keep 1 Gallon of water in my system. find the constant intake of quality H2O helps to maintain and give a more defined "Pump" through out the workout till about 15-30 minutes post workout. Also in order to maintain this "pump" I find i cannot take longer than 5 minutes off from a resistance physical activity otherwise I begin to lose it.
    I have read How people can only tolerate 2 scoops and the receive insane blood flow and density to where they must stop in the middle of workouts, this has happened to me on one incident during an arm day. I was running a superset 6-10 reps 2-4 sets per exercise super setting Biceps & triceps. I got to about my third superset and the pump was absolutely unbearable. My fore arms started to ache almost like DOMS, my veins were bulging out, and my arms were incapable of moving or rotating. That is what i was expecting daily!
    For me, Glycergrow has not been about the hugest pumps or the most vascularity I have ever put on, but more about the feeling it gives me. I like knowing at the beginning of ever workout that i may have to take a break because my blood flow is too intense. I would much rather have this than absolutely nothing.


    Solubility: 1/10
    Glycergrow simply looks like a piece of table salt. When placed in water it floats on the surface. When dunked in water, it floats to the surface. When stirred in water, it floats to the surface. Glycergrow has almost zero solubility in water. As for other substances it is placed in i do not know. The reason I give it a 1 versus a 0 is because i have noted a couple pieces fade into the water

    Taste: 6/10
    Taste isn't something I am tremendously picky about. Simply put this has no added falvors, no sugars, ect. Simply tastes like table salt. Have I used it as table salt before? Yes, with a cracker just to experiment. The taste isn't bad it just doesn't have that fruity sugar taste like most supplements. For this i give it a 6 out of 10. I just put 4 scoops in my mouth pre-workout followed by green mag, occasionally i tweak it up and experiement with foods ect

    Effects: 5-6/10 for average 10/10 for extreme
    When the effects occur they are very pleasing. When they occur extreme which has only happened to me in one instance they are unbearable. I will give this a 5 or 6. Because the effects have been inconsistent with me.

    Consistancy of Effects:
    The average effects of glycergrow on me have been relatively consistent with a little blood flow increase as well as hardness in whatever particular body part i am working that day. However, the extreme pump that I have read about in other reviews is very inconsistent for me. In fact, I have only ever witnessed it one time to the point where i had to quit my workout for a while. Increased vascularity however is a consistent effect of glycergrow that i am pleased with.

    Compares to other products:
    I am not typically into "Pre-workouts" and stimulants. I usually stick to my base of creatine, protein, and aminos, with the occasional extra something thrown in there. Past "Pre-workouts" i have tried include RPM, Superpump250, VPX N.O. ShotGun, Ragnarok.
    I am not typically a stimulant person. I believe that if you do not have the energy, dedication, and drive to workout for a healthier you then why do it? So I was happy that their wasn't any stimulants incorporated into this product. I will simply evaluate it against the blood flow and "Pump" effects of these versus glycergrow. I believe that when the extreme glycergrow pump is achieved it blows all of these out of the water. However I will say that superpump250 as well as RPM gave me a more consistent and serious pump day to day against glycergrow. I was not able to control the pump so much though with these pre-workouts as i am with the glycergrow though. Simpl to increase pump for glycergrow all i have to usually do is add in more high quality H20.

    How has it changed my workouts:

    It has changed my workouts because it has made me become accustom to taking in the right amount of H20 during workouts so i can maintain pump as well as hydration. It has allowed me to focus more on my lifts as well without a long break due to the hydration levels as well as improved my stamina throughout heavy sets a well as 20+ rep sets.

    Would I purchase this again:
    Yes sir, You simply cannot beat the value of It. I know PA said that he sees no need for this in the bodybuilding world, but hey if it makes me feel better is cheap and holds me to good drinking habits then i'm sold. I enjoy this product for what its worth. The stamina and hydration aspect not so much the pumps. You can bet for me to purchase this again CL.

  10. Chris95:

    Soreness: 7.5/10
    I have been pretty sore even days after my workout but like some have said, it means the product is working imo...

    Fullness: 9.5/10
    The fullness factor didn't kick in till about day 3, then WOW! I lowered my NO2 dosage and the GG seemed to take over my body, literally! I look even more full upon waking up... I've never had this feeling like I have from GG but like I said, I guess it's working.

    Strength: 7/10
    My overall weights are up a bit but my reps are down, I have a hard time battling for that 8th rep or so. So many of my excersises I am doing about 6 reps each on, which is fine. I tend to do lower reps anyway. The pump isn't painful but my range of motion is definately hindered a bit.

    Vascularity: 8/10
    Just the other day, my mom asked "are you taking something different, you have acne on your shoulders and your veins are sticking out!" Implying I'm on roids but I am not. Vascularity is definately up, even when not working out. Don't know what the acne is from though...

    Energy/Focus: 5/10
    I haven't noticed much of a difference from this aspect so far. Should I expect anything different? "


    "Day 64 with GG. At day 1, I weighed around 225lbs. Now I'm a steady 214-215lbs. GG gives me a nice diuretic effect, which results in definition.

    2 months with GG, and my results are as follows:

    1) Nice tight pumps.
    2) Muscle fullness.
    3) Consistent strength increases.
    4) Endurance.
    5) Mild diuretic effect resulting in:
    6) Definition and........
    7) Weight loss.
    8) Compliments at home and at work, resulting in:
    9) Confidence.
    10) Thoroughly satisfied with product!

    In the 25 years I've been lifting, this has been the most effective all around BB supplement I've ever used next to CEE, and best of all it's all natural. That's very important at least to me as one gets older. Thank you Controlled Labs!"
    Dr. Dave:

    "I have noticed increased muscle fullness, faster recovery, and better pumps since I incorporated it into my supp regimen. I take mine concurrently with Scivation's Xtend pre and during workout and have liked the results. GG seems to be one of the most cost efficent supps out . . . the tub has 120 servings if I remember correctly and you only need to take it on workout days. I would recommend giving it a try, I doubt you will be disappointed.

    I only use the GG on workout days and have liked the results. This helps the tub last even longer, making it even more cost effective "

    Cell Volumization: GlycerGrow is great for cell volumization. Is it every workout great? For me, No. But I did have some awesome pumps on it during the month, including during my maintenance workout today. Sometimes I had NO supplement quality pumps, on other days I didn't. Bottom line is, don't expect the pumps instantly, wait a week or so for them to really kick in on this product. That's when the magic starts.

    Vascularity: The money maker of GlycerGrow for me during this month. Of course, I was cutting, but it made me extremely vascular and water intake definitely regulated how vascular I was. This product will dry you out if you are not careful, drink plenty of water to see maximum effects. 1.5 to 2 gallons per day.

    Recovery: Initially I was super sore on this product so expect this. As the month went on, I did not really notice being sore very much, so I would have to say the recovery was pretty good, but not excellent. I have had much better recovery on other products.

    Intensity: I had some great workouts on GlycerGrow. It really surprised me actually, considering the ingredients in GlycerGrow. My intensity was awesome during some workouts and I didn't take any stims so there wasn't any competing suppleemnts to take credit for the results. This is definitely another one of the true benefits of this product. Very nice indeed!

    Endurance: Along with the intensity was my endurance in the gym. I never had any real noticeable results during cardio, but my muscular endurance was great during my log. It wasn't great right off the bat, so don't expect it to be. You have to take this for awhile to get the most out of it.

    Growth: The strength and size I maintained while shedding 6 pounds during this month long test run was great. It is very rare that you can lose 6 pounds and maintain good strength. I am very pleased with the results in this area. Thanks CL!

    Overall: I couldn't be happier with the results from my one month test of GlycerGrow. My intensity and the results I achieved with this product has made me a believer in GMS and in the ingredients in GlycerGrow. This would definitely be beneficial for anyone who is cutting or bulking. Just ensure that you drink an enormous amount of water. If you don't you won't achieve the results that you should with this product. This should be a great addition to any supplement stack and would use this over any NO product due to the multiple benefits you receive and the fact that I'm not really a believer in the benefits of NO in the first place. Along side Green Bulge or Omega Thunder, you could achieve some mind blowing pumps, not to mention strength gains. 2 thumbs up to CL, I will definitely be buying some more of this when my tub is empty. That's another great thing, I still have about 1/3 of a tub left and that is after I accidently dumped a bunch of it on the floor one day.

  11. Nobel252:

    "Ive had the best results with mono and gg. The best pumps of my life. 5gs mono with 4gs 2scoops of gg 45 minutes before lifting and another 2 scoop of gg during lifting. Drink as much water as you can during your lifts and I gaurantee your arms will feel super tight. I recommend this stack for bulking only."
    Storm Shadow:

    "I'm on day six and well, vascularity is more visible, I'm more focused and energised, but I still get very sore after my workouts."

    "I think GlycerGrow works great when you are glycogen depleted. Vascularity is coming through nicely also... Pumps and Vacularity in my final depletion workout were crazy today. I was REALLY depleted from doing a lot of cardio post workout this week. The Glycerol really helps with muscle endurance during workouts."

    "What impressed me most during this 4 week period is my strength gains. Sure, the pump was great, but to me, this means nothing (it does feel good, though). 10-15lbs increases in lifts were not uncommon during this time. This doesn't look like much, but this is quite amazing for me in such a short amounth of time.... So to sum it all up, I like this new product. It's cheap and effective. Can't get much better then that."


    excellent pump
    great sense of focus while lifting
    feeling of a stronger mind-muscle connection
    increase in vascularity

    undesireable side effects

    joint pain
    soreness lasting for days
    a little bloat and lethargy

    (all of which are easily remedied by reducing dosage).

    the side effects I listed all occured before I lowered my dosage of GG. However, when I lowered the dosage the sides subsided, and the benefits still stuck around. Finding the correct dosage for you is very important."

    Positive Effects

    Increased vascularity
    Great muscle pumps
    Atleast a 10lb increase on every excercise since I started.
    Helps keep intensity high even on a very low calorie diet.
    Increased range of motion in flexibility
    After taking GlycerGrow, all muscle soreness just goes away.

    Negative Effects

  12. Hell yea !! Let's keep this going
    Email: pt [at]


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