White Flood Acclaim Thread

  1. White Flood Acclaim Thread

    This thread, as the others, will be devoted to positive reviews over Controlled Labs brilliant pre-workout N.O. solution: White Flood.

    Here's a product description:

    From the makers of White BLOOD, CONTROLLED LABS is proud to present: WHITE FLOOD

    FLOOD your system for PEAK performance!

    Arginine and Ornithine have been shown to enhance the natural anabolic effects of weightlifting, and even promote greater strength gains within weeks!! In the White Flood formula, potent doses of Arginine and Ornithine are delivered bonded to AKG, enhancing the absorption and simultaneously prolonging the effects of both compounds. With this controlled delivery system, these compounds can pass through the digestive system intact and deliver incredible pumps and vasodilation.

    GABA is an important neurotransmitter that has been used for years as an ergogenic aid. When combined with the stimulants in our exclusive formula, users report a very unique effect that must be experienced to believe, due to enhanced neuron firing in the brain. Users report focused, relaxed, energy without the jitters often associated with stimulant use. GABA has also been shown to boost post-workout growth hormone levels and enhance fat metabolism (more research is needed on the exact mechanism of action).

    Anecdotal feedback from power-lifters and strength athletes indicates that Inosine, a precursor to adenosine, may improve training during peak intensity (improving explosiveness and power) by enhancing the regeneration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and enhancing oxygen utilization. It may even benefit the endurance athlete allowing for easier release of oxygen from the blood cells to the tissues leading to performance enhancement. As a bonus, it may also act as a natural anti-inflammatory.

    Glucuronolactone is a powerful naturally occurring compound that has been shown to increase focus and concentration, help fight fatigue, and improve mood while providing an instant energy boost. Combined with GABA and caffeine, you have the perfect combination to take your intense workouts to the next level.

    Octacosanol is a 28 carbon long-chain saturated primary alcohol naturally occurring in sugarcane wax, spinach and wheat germ (the Octacosanol in White Flood is from sugarcane wax). Popeye must have been onto something because studies suggest that octacosanol has potent ergogenic properties including the sparing of muscle glycogen stores and increasing the oxidative capacity of muscles. As a bonus, it may help maintain optimal cholesterol levels.

    Beta-Alanine helps to increase aerobic efficiency, enhance oxygen transport, and reduce lactic acid accumulation in the muscle tissue. Many users also experience a tingling sensation from this compound that revs them up for their workout.

    Tyrosine works synergistically with caffeine and other ingredients to help boost your focus and stamina.

    To put this formula over the top, we added potassium gluconate (which most closely resembles the potassium found naturally in fruit) and naturally occurring ergogenics like theobromine, evodiamine, and vinpocetine that increase blood circulation and nutrient delivery, enhance focus and oxygen flow, and improve athletic performance. We also included natural antioxidants to aid recovery and reduce oxidative (and other) damage to DNA.

    It's time to FLOOD YOUR SYSTEM.... with the most advanced preworkout Nitric Oxide and Energy Enhancer available; White Flood!

    Here's the first review:

    Overall rating
    Physical energy
    Muscle gain
    Low side effects
    Recovery ability
    Mixes well
    Value for money
    Taste: 10/10
    Amazing, not to strong but diluted since there was so much water but i can tell its going to taste amazing with one scoop!

    Energy: 10/10
    Amazing, half scoop and it still worked great. No jitters, i was able to focus and i took it at 11:45a.m and usually when i get home from school (4p.m) i crash and fall asleep but not with the white flood!

    Vascularity: N/A
    Not availible ATM because it was cold out today so my veins were hiding but ill update it tommorow when im inside all day lol.

    Focus: 8/10
    Was pretty focused with school work and football

    Endurance: 9/10
    Half scoop taken with some PW is awesome still got winded around the same time as usual was just able to go a little bit more.

    Great stuff guys!! I Highly reccommed it, ill be back tommorow to update it and tell you guys how a real workout went.
    That was from Supplement Reviews and Supplement Price Comparisons - SubstanceReviews.com. As always, feel free to post your own positive experiences when using White Flood.

  2. Another one:

    Controlled Labs White Flood



    The Electric Lemonade Taste in White Flood has a sweet taste IMO. Like most lemonades they are pretty strong, and i am not a fan of lemonade, but this did not bother me throughout my workout or sipping it prior. For a flavor I do like I had low expectations, but this proved to taste better then I imagined.



    20 Seconds in a Shaker Cup with 10 oz of water, came out no clumps at all. Very pleased with how thin the powder is and how easy it dissolved. Big thumbs up here to CL for making this very reliable as some Pre-workout formulas tend to clump.



    $40 for 50 servings = .80 cents a serving. comparing these to other Pre-Workout Supplements across the market it may range a bit higher compared to Universal's Storm or Animal Pump, and Scivation VasoCharge which will run a bit lower in price per serving. But then again you get what you pay for and CL produces some quality products. I took off a few points just because its a touch more expensive then others among the markets that could provide identical results.

    Pump / Focus


    Very pleased with this part of the supplement, I have used a few pre-workout products in the past ( Superpump 250, Vasocharge, Armageddon, Animal Pump, Universal Storm, and Shock Therapy, IntrAbolic) and this left me loaded with energy before stepping into the gym at 6 a.m. and kept my focus very sharp. I usually fade throughout my workouts as I boil down to my last exercises, but It felt like I was still on my first set of squat when i was attempting my last set of lunges. To head into the gym like this everyday is only a formula for success.



    NO products with added Arginine, Beta-Alanine, and Caffine, but what makes this unique is that it contains no creatine. Most pre-workout formulas contain creatine, so this is a bit different. Not too much different among other formulas out there, but I think that is what makes this product unique and the fact it contains 0 calories is very friendly to those low-carbers who cant take things like Superpump.



    Overall very satisfied, working out my legs today I usually stall and have a hard time increasing weight and breaking PR's. With the focus and energy provided by White Flood things went a lot easier and the weight seemed lighter as i broke PR's on every lift. May not be the easiest on the wallet in terms of price, but paying for a quality supplement you have to expect that. The Taste is something you could get use to if you are not a lemonade fan, but it will grow on you given time. When mixed with PW you could not even taste it due to the new PW flavor. I would really recommend this or consider purchasing a tub in the future as i got a few samples from a friend.

  3. I am a firm believer in the controlled labs products and have been for quite awhile now. In my personal opinion WHITE FLOOD is the most potent and universal supplement on the market... well in north america atleast (that coke in mexico really gets me going)
    White flood is not just a pre workout supplement to me. Its a complete mood changing expierence. Those days that im draging ass to the gym are over with two scoops of the flood in my system.
    By far white flood is the fastest acting pre workout supp out there. Most supplements it was like a sit and wait game, but with the flood i drink it while entering the gym and in no time im ready for battle against all the ipod wearing soccer moms on the elepticals.
    my wife is a friend of the flood as well... simply put because she is a money saving jew who wont allow me to spend much on anything but her, therefor she loves the price of controlled labs products and how long they last.
    Speaking of how long it lasts... Ive worn out underwear faster than i go through a tub of white flood (true story)
    Another intresting fact that ive learned about white flood is that dogs love it! my boxer managed to get onto the table once. she knocked over the flood that was almost full and managed to make it an empty tub. i would of been mad but who can blame a dog for wanting to be swole.
    the bottom line is that white flood is more creditable than iraq and is so trustworthy that it makes for a much better presidental canidate.
    one last fact and ill rest my case.... when in iraq i was messing around and a local iraqi boy stole what he thought was lemonade. it was white flood. as pissed off as i was i realized that white flood created a cohesion between us and that rodney king was right.... we all can just get along, with white flood.
    LOL, folks. At least he's honest....

  4. From yours truly:

    White Flood. Just like advertised, a serving of this floods your system with nitric oxide, and enhances your energy, which usually in turn enhances your performance. If I ever feel tired, and don't truly feel 100% up to, as Ronnie Coleman would say, "Lift no heavy ass weights," I can just smile and gulp some of this down to give me a kick to the gym. It gives me that tingling feeling, which is something that gives me a real confidence boost, both to know that it's working, and to help pump some iron. In my opinion, it also mixes well. I mean, all you need is a blender, or even a shaker cup will do the trick. Once it's mixed with water, I also enjoy sticking it in the fridge to make White Flood Popsicles. Those are nice treats on a hot day before hitting the gym as well. The taste isn't the best, but nobody said something that's meant to get you out of bed and pumped to lift weights was going to taste like a donut with sprinkles. Besides, my buds are still able to easily detect the lemonade flavor that was put in there to hide the potent ingredients from your taste. My initial thoughts when I looked at the container was "awesome, an orange label" (face it, we all know that red and orange are symbols for power, so that was a nice choice). Then I opened it up. Well, the powder was the color described in the name, so, at least I knew I had gotten the right stuff (LOL). I gave the stuff a whiff and it wasn't a completely awful smell, but it was bad enough that I knew it was going to work. So what's the natural next thing to do... try it out, of course! I took the recommended dosage, which was smaller than normal, because I had to assess tolerance, and then hit the weights. To describe my success with it, let me offer up an equation. White Flood = Insane Energy, Great Pumps, and even Extra Motivation. Now we come back to the present, and I can tell you that I'm having just as good, if not better, results as the first time I took White Flood.

    SCORE: 10/10, PERFECT

    Reasoning: I gave it a perfect 10 because in my mind, it did just what it was supposed to do and more. Sure, the taste wasn't perfect, but nobody said it was supposed to be. It was only meant as a pre-workout enhancer, and it nailed that on the head.

    Great job Controlled Labs on a great product.


    Where to Begin?
    It's coke, it's weed, no it's... WHITE FLOOD!

    Seriously fellas, I have no clue where to begin on this gift from above. White Flood does all it says in the ads and more. I know, I know, cliche, right? Wrong. There's nothing ordinary about this. Hit a plateau? Ah, don't worry, down a couple gulps o' this and you'll be tempted to hit the gym 24/7 to pump out unbelievable reps while shouting "Aye Coromba" like the infamous Bart Simpson.


    You say you want more energy? You say you don't want an energy shot that makes you feel wasted after a big crash? Dang, what has our world come to? There's so much expectation out of you young whipper snappers these days*licks lips like old geezer while wagging cane*. Only White Flood can make you feel like a nuclear bomb was just strapped onto your you-know-what and that if you don't lift that 500 pound deadlift you'll be vaporized into nothingness. Only White Flood can avoid even the most minute of crashes. Only White Flood can help you win the lottery - OK, so the last one hasn't actually been proven yet... But I'm a Believer!

    Score (Drum Roll Please): 0/10... What? You think I - D'oh!!

    Re-do that drum roll please. SCORE: 10/10


    Sorry. Gotta be honest on this one. Not the greatest. HOWEVER... I do realize that taste is not really an issue when you're a manly man who just cares about results, right? On top of that, it really ain't that bad. Considering most things that work naturally don't taste to pleasant due to the common phrase no pain no gain (though it's not painful, trust me), and that Controlled Labs still managed to somewhat cover up the taste of their awesome ingredients in White Flood with a lemonade flavor, I give it a...

    SCORE: 6.99826351186591


    Wait. No, you're actually serious about this one? Ah, what the heck. Scoop the recommended dosage in a standard shaker and voila, mixes perfectly. I seriously do not get people who say it doesn't mix well. Wussies! Shake it harder! Or just buy a blender for Pete's sake. It seriously doesn't take the jaws of life buddy. My grandma could shake this thing up and chug it so she can focus on her t.v. better.

    SCORE: 10/10


    Final Question: How does this Ho-Bo know all this? What's his experience?

    Final Answer: I've been an avid user of White Flood now for the past month. In that short, short time, my sets have gone from 1 each to 3 each, and the weights have increased 2, on some occasions 3, times (Probably because the Flood helps to motivate me too). I hit the gym more frequently now, and in all truth, struggle to resist overtraining. And on the rare times that I have forgotten to gulp down some White Flood, well, let's just say I noticed.

    Thanks Controlled Labs for this excellent opportunity to try more of what I'm sure are great products of yours at no cost. I know that White Flood is great, and I'm sure your other products are too.

    P.S. Long live LIFT IN COLOR


  5. I enjoyed my first workout ever with White Flood today so much that I had to give Controlled Labs a shout out about this wonderful product. I haven't used N.O. in awhile but I had plenty of experience in the past and White Flood has easily topped my experiences with any of them. I'm currently stacking White Flood/Purple Wraath for pre/intra workout supplementation and I'm loving it. I hit a few PR's today on the flat bench and the incline. I got the extra kick I needed from WHITE FLOOD.

    Thanks CL!




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