Purple WrAAth Acclaim Thread

  1. Purple WrAAth Acclaim Thread

    This thread will be devoted to positive reviews/acclaim about Purple WrAAth to help get the word out to others. Feel free to post your own positive experiences with Purple WrAAth as well.

    Here's a product description:

    Discover the "Holy Grail" of bodybuilding and athletic performance enhancement: maximizing lean gains and fat loss while enhancing recovery and increasing strength, endurance, and energy.

    Sound too good to be true? Keep reading...

    We all know that supplements are not a replacement for nutrition and training, but if you are looking for a supplement to enhance every part of your workout and take your gains to the next level... look no further than Purple Wraath by Controlled Labs.

    PurplEAA Complex:

    The Purple Wraath PurplEAA Complex is a very efficient formula based on the science of actual homo sapiens muscle protein and clinical studies on human amino acid assimilation. Essential Amino Acids (EAA's) are the "building blocks" of lean muscle mass, but the EAA's from whey protein can take hours to enter circulation. The solution is the Purple Wraath fast-acting, free-form PurplEAA Complex:

    While essential amino acids function cohesively as a group to aid in your training, additionally they each produce a significant benefit when it comes training:

    - Primary anabolic trigger
    - Enhance recovery
    - Optimize hormone levels

    - Energy
    - Recovery
    - Glucose production
    - Nitrogen balance
    - Anti-inflammatory
    - Analgesic

    - Energy
    - Recovery
    - Glucose production
    - Hormones

    - Beta-oxidation
    - Nitrogen balance
    - Calcium absorption
    - Energy

    - Vasodilator
    - Nutrient delivery
    - Anti-Catabolic

    - Vasodilator
    - Sexual function

    - Nutrient uptake
    - Immune system

    - Enhance metabolism
    - Energy
    - Mood
    - Antioxidant

    - Energy
    - Hormones
    - Mood

    It's important to understand that our EAA Complex includes all of the BCAA's (Branched Chain Amino Acids) that you have used in the past, including a precise ratio of leucine. Research shows that blood levels of these KEY amino acids are directly related to muscle protein synthesis, so we formulated a comprehensive and efficient matrix to enhance lean mass directly and indirectly, and under various conditions. Now, that ratio is important, but there are some other very exciting points about this formula. Unlike some of the amino acid supplements on the market, you aren't paying for cheap "filler" ingredients such as dextrose or maltodextrin when you purchase Purple Wraath. Also, we chose not to include the amino acid glutamine since it is not an essential amino acid, and our bodies can synthesize it on its own in sufficient quantities. Because the studies that we based this formula off of do not use tryptophan and since it has the potential for "sedative" like side affects, we designed Purple Wraath to be completely tryptophan-free.

    By combining intense exercise or weightlifting with the fast absorbing PurplEAA Complex you can rush nutrients into the active cells of your working muscles, creating an anabolic environment optimal for recovery and lean mass.

    What would an EAA product be without some amazing support ingredients? Good, but not great. To make this formula great we added the PurplEndurance Complex.

    PurplEndurance Complex:

    You can't create an optimal anabolic environment without intensity so Controlled Labs decided to take things to the extreme with Purple Wraath by including the ultimate caffeine-free Ergogenic Complex:

    So what does each of the ingredients in the PurplEndurance Complex do?

    - Helps increase aerobic efficiency
    - Helps enhance oxygen transport
    - Helps to reduce lactic acid accumulation

    Citrulline Malate:
    - Reduces Lactic Acid and Ammonia
    - Boosts energy production
    - Has an oxygen sparing effect
    - Boosts mitochondrial function

    Betaine Anhydrous:
    - Is a key osmotic/cellular hydration ingredient
    - Enhances muscle fullness
    - Acts as an energy enzyme protector
    - Induces the conversion of homocysteine to methionine
    - Elevates glutathione levels
    - Promotes liver health
    - Helps you maintain intracellular electrolytes
    - Enhances metabolism

    - Aids in nutrient absorption
    - Enhances digestion/stomach function
    - Produces a nootropic effect

    - Helps elevate naturally occurring eNOS

    As you can see, we have responded to customer demand and the result: Purple Wraath...the most advanced pre-workout product available!!

    **Usage Tip: Mix Purple Wraath 30 minutes before you intend to take it and put it in the fridge, the taste will be better and it will dissolve more fully.**
    Here's the first review:

    Overall rating
    Physical energy
    Low side effects
    Recovery ability
    Length of effects
    Low development of tolerance
    Mental energy
    Mixes well
    Value for money
    Wow. I've always been skeptical around the pre-workout/energy section of supplementation, but Controlled Labs has proved me wrong.

    Purple Wraath is a great-tasting endurance formula that got me pumped as hell for the gym. I drank it 15-20 minutes and throughout my workout and felt the Beta-Alanine hit almost instantaneously. I was focused, I was alert, and I also felt somewhat of a pump, possibly a placebo effect. I hit the weights HARD, and didn't feel even a shred of soreness or DOMs later on that day or the next morning.

    In terms of cardio, PW excelled as well. Again, I was focused and energized, to the point where your muscles go numb and you are able to push yourself that much further. Often times I discourage myself out of cardio and think I can't finish, but PW made me finish well under normal times and feeling much less fatigued. This may be my new pre-game drink as well.

    All in all, one of the best supplements I have tried. PW takes the cake.
    That was from Supplement Reviews and Supplement Price Comparisons - SubstanceReviews.com. Remember to post your own positive experiences with Purple WrAAth here as well.

  2. Purple WRAATH is great. I love the tingles, endurance and strength gains I get. It also mixes very well with my FLOOD/MAG stack

  3. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Purple WRAATH is great. I love the tingles, endurance and strength gains I get. It also mixes very well with my FLOOD/MAG stack

  4. Well to start off...if anyone has ever paid any attention to some of my posts they would know I am a Controlled Labs supporter and I am a huge Purple Wraath fan.

    Purple Wraath is by far and away my favorite Controlled Labs product and one of my favorite supplements in general, but I should also mention Green Magnitude is still my favorite tasting supplement as well.

    Now as to why Purple Wraath is my favorite Controlled Labs product. Well in a nutshell I don't think there is anything else out on the market that competes with the formula of Purple Wraath. You can try to do all the searching around for the single ingredients and trying to create your own homemade formula, but yet you end spending quite a bit more trying to do so.

    Also...I never use Purple Wraath Pre-Workout unless its for cardio purposes and in that case my cardio sessions are a breeze and I feel like I can keep going strong without fail. Most of the time however, I use Purple Wraath for my intra-workout drink when weight training and it makes a huge difference. Not so much on the strength end, but more on the endurance and recovery end. Honestly sometimes when I really decide to punish myself with 2 hour sessions Purple Wraath shines through in the clutch. Purple Wraath is generally a staple product for me when my budget allows me the privilege of purchasing it. To be quite honest...many people could say its a placebo effect that Purple Wraath has on me...in that case I'll just laugh and tell them to buy a tub and use it for a week and then try training the exact same way without it for one week and then try to tell me there is no difference...the day I hear that I call Bullsh*t!!!

    I train hard and push myself to the maximum limit...squatting till you puke, damn near blacking out or passing out...yeah been there, done that! Needles to say...when using Purple Wraath everything seems like a breeze and the recovery time is just unbeatable...I could train everyday without rest days using that stuff.

    As my a close friend of mine who trains with me sometimes would say...I train like I am superhuman at times and always wants to know whats that sparkling purple drink I am guzzling down during my workout...I just smile and say...its my secret undercover weapon against genetics...lmao. He got a real kick out of that one. . Actually there have been numerous times when people have asked me what I was drinking because I am always drinking the same thing when I workout (I am all about promoting the product, but hey I can't give away all my secrets...lol ) and well the common young kid is impressionable and easily influenced so they want to know what the big guy is taking to help them lift heavy. LOL.

    To be honest though...training with and without Purple Wraath there is a considerable difference in my performance. I hate training without it (especially right now...damn being poor sucks!) and like I tell everyone...yeah the taste is an acquired taste. Some may like it, some may not. I am indifferent to the taste as the effects it produces for me is what matters. If your that worried about taste add some sugar free grape koolaid in with it and your set!

    Now, to put it bluntly...I have tried many other different formulas, but none compare to my old faithful Purple Wraath (I have been purchasing it ever since it hit the market). Some formulas may taste better, but christ when something is this effective why whine about taste like a little schoolgirl whining about her lollipop getting taken away from her? You just have to nut up, suck it up and enjoy the benefits that this great formula provides.

    Honestly, I could really go on about Purple Wraath, but I think everyone gets the gist of everything.

    There you have it... that was from SamBoz. More to come.

  5. Another one :

    been using purple wraath as a staple since having knee replacement. pain was intense after surgery and vicodin was prescribed. it killed the pain but also my appetite. not only that but i would puke after taking it. i started out just taking purple wraath to keep muscle while inactive, but it has been very effective at keeping me hydrated while throwing up everyday. i managed to only lose 5 pounds the first 2 weeks after surgery mainly thanks to pw. now i am off the vicodin and almost back to starting weight, best of all according to mirror i haven't lost much muscle tone. i had been using extend for bcaa's but i feel pw is much better, i can feel it working thanks to the beta alanine and citruline. this is a very good supplement.

  6. Purple Wraath: The Prescription for recovery and endurance
    Every supplement I've ever taken has been in direct response to a problem or limitation I've encountered in my training or recovery. After a few months back in the gym, I found I could not complete my training split within a week period (even though I had alotted plenty of rest time) due to an extended and painful recovery period. I would stay sore for far too long, and looked first to alter my diet, but after a few more weeks realized I needed something more or I would stall before even getting out of the starting gate.

    I purchased Purple Wraath based on the overwhelming recommendations on the AnabolicMinds forums. In the first few weeks of following the suggested dosing protocols, I not only found my recovery time cut in half, but also with a few more weeks supplementation I found my endurance enhanced! See, the second reason I came to AnabolicMinds forums was to solve a strange problem that I assumed was caused by years of sedentary lifestyle (and was probably correct, lol). I found that I could barely complete 2 sets of my major muscle groups in the gym, and would reach failure far too quickly. This was a new problem for me, but after weeks of using Purple Wraath, I was finishing 3-4 full and intense sets. The positive endurance changes Purple Wraath induced were entirely a surprise, but after a little research I found that I could enhance it even further by supplementing just a bit more Beta-Alanine on top of my Purple Wraath. I didn't get my first flush until I added Body Octane to the mix, but I loved it! Haha, I know it is uncomfortable for some people, but I know that tingly feeling is going to translate to a more intense workout. Since that first day of passing through my endurance and recovery plateaus with the help of Purple Wraath, I have not been without it.

    Taste and mixability reviews have little room in such an important and core supplement discussion in my opinion (shut up and drink, girlyman!), but I do have some advice for those looking to purchase their first tub (or second, lol). 1) When mixing, make sure to allow approximately 10-20 minutes back in the refrigerator to allow the aminos to fully dissolve. It is not something they like to do, so give it some patience. This is true with any amino acid powder. 2) Buy the lemon flavor. I don't know what it was about the grape tub, maybe it was an old flavor system, but I'll never look back since trying Lemon.

    Purple Wraath was the prescription for two of my worst hurdles: recovery and endurance in the gym; and has been a core supplement for me ever since that first tub. There is no match to the PW in my opinon.
    Another enthusiastic PW review. This one from SOKVichet. More to come.

  7. Purple Wrath
    Let me start off by saying while working out with this product for the first few weeks i truly thought it was not helping in any way! I didn't notice any change in recovery or endurance, etc. THEN I was unable to use it for 3 days and let me tell you those 3 days i hade the worst DOMS of my life. I could hardly get out of bed after Back day because my lower back was so sore! This is truly one of those supplements that is an example of the saying "you don't know what you have until it's gone". I ac tally can't see myself working out without Wrath anymore after finding out how much it actually enhanced recovery. This is an amazing product that should be part of everyone's stack in the near future.


    I have tried both the Juicy grape and lemonade i find that i personally like the lemonade better. That is merely preference however and with both flavors i have a hard time sipping it and not gulping it down. I also find that 18 oz per scoop is a good ratio that isn't to sweet yet too bland.


    After shaking ina a shaker bottle for 10 seconds all of the clumps are gone and I put it in the freezer for 45 minutes to turn into a nice slushie!Delicious!.


    Like I stated before i truly did not understand how much this product helped me out with recovery until I didn't take it for several days. I guarantee that with this product you will have less muscle soreness, fatigue and be able to push out a few more reps each workout.

    Ingredient Profile10/10

    Essential Amino Acids,beta alanine, citriline malate, bataine anhydrous, Ginger, and L-Norvaline. I couldn't think of a better combination of ingredients that helps to buffer lactic acid in muscles in between sets, leading to quicker recovery and recuperation of strength. The Leucine also helps to enhance protein synthesis so that Post Workout GoldenFinish can be shuttled into muscles quicker than ever before. Last, but not least...ZERO CALORIES which is great for those on a cut who need energy, but don't feel like sipping on carbohydrates during their workout. I'm bulking and i still like the fact that it is so low in calories because i can add my own carbohydrates if need be.


    you gotta be kidding me with this one. Hands down, for a name brand EAA product that tastes great and has some extra goodies in it Purple Wrath is extremely economic as all Controlled Labs products are. It should be a staple for anybody. Heck if you don't believe me the guys are cool enough controlled labs give out free samples and see for yourself! I guarantee you won't be dissapointed.


    I normally wouldn't give a supplement a 10/10 rating, but after that 3 days without purple wrath i can't give it anything less. This is seriosly going to be a staple for a long time.(unless CL comes out with another generation!
    HeeHee, people really need their Purple WrAAth.

  8. Purple Wrath Review

    Purple Wrath Tingles!!

    Purple Wrath Intra-Work Out Review

  9. Quote Originally Posted by joey joe joe
    So I've been using PW a little over a week now and I thought I'd do a little review on my first impressions.

    Taste: At first I could barely stand it, now I'm actually enjoying it! I wouldn't say it's 'delicious' by any stretch, but I just keep reminding myself that it's a supplement, not candy.


    Mixability and Consistency: I mix 2 scoops with 20 oz of water, shake it up and put it in the fridge for about 20 minutes before my wo. By the time I get to the gym (5 minutes away) most of the little floaties have dissolved and it's fine.


    Effectiveness: So far this product is great! I don't get the tingly sensation I've read others experience, but I definitely feel the sustained energy. There isn't any energy 'spike', it's more like a stretched out sustained feeling, with no crash at all. I've definitely noticed an improvement in my workouts, even if they don't last longer, I feel like I've got solid energy well after I've left the gym. I've also noticed a decrease in muscle soreness, which could be really helpful if I move to a 5 day split.


    Overall: This is my first time using a BCAA/EAA supp before, so I can't really compare it to anything. The jug cost $48 and it gives 90 servings, so I'd say the value is pretty good. I wasn't crazy about the taste at first, but I think now that my brain knows how much it helps, the taste seems much better.


    In July I'll be starting a RA/PW log, so I'll give on update on my PW experience then. So far so good though, I'm really liking the energy and recovery from the WRAATH!!

    BTW, this is the best smiley ever!
    :mr t:

  10. Quote Originally Posted by MJ1331
    fortunatly, i was able to test pw for 40days. I had logged it on bb.com and bn.com.

    Ill post my final conclusions as well as a link to the log.

    "Price: 9/10 Ė 50 dollars for a 45 day supply of amino acids is a good deal. I know a lot of people who spend a lot more on less effective stuff.

    Effectiveness: 9.5/10 Ė The ingredient profile is pretty impressive. As you can see from above, I did lose fat and build some muscle. I did get a bit of energy after drinking it. All in all I pretty much experienced everything CL said. I must remind everyone I did have a clean diet and a great training program. This is a supplement, not a miracle.

    Taste: 7/10 Ė I have defiantly tasted worse stuff than this. Although it does take a while to get used to, I find itís not all that bad. I find it best to mix 2 scoops with 32oz of water and let sit in the fridge for about 30min-45min. When itís real cold its really not that bad.

    Overall:9/10 Ė This is a good product with good results. Some complain of the taste but I think the effectiveness/results outweigh the taste. I would defiantly add this to my supplement regimen.

    Stats after 40 Days:
    Weight (after breakfast, before workout): 250lbs.
    Measurements (taken before workout): Chest: 47.10Ē Waist: 44.60Ē Biceps: 14.50Ē Calf: 17.40Ē Thigh: 23.80Ē

    Difference In Measurements:
    Weight -13 lbs
    Chest -1.0 in
    Waist -2.8 in
    Biceps +.2 in
    Calf -.1 in
    Thigh -2.45 in

    Final Thought:
    I would like to thank everyone who supported me through this log, especially controlled labs. I have found that Purple Wraath is a great product; I was able to maintain and even gain a little muscle while cutting. The only downfall to this product is its flavor. However, when it is cold and dissolved, it doesnít taste that bad. I recommend anyone who is cutting should try a EAA product such as purple wraath."

  11. Quote Originally Posted by joeflex73
    I started taking Purple Wraath not long a month ago or so. Previous to taking it I had used many NO products but felt they were all just fireworks and not really pushing results, just pump and muscle feel.

    Since starting PW, I notice my recovery time is faster, I dont get as sore as I used to even with my average workout being 16 to 20 sets per bodypart.
    I get solid energy while taking it as well. My strength and size continue to grow with each workout.

    Only problem I had was mixability which I found in the end, I just needed a shaker cup. Also it makes my face tingle sometimes, just kind of a weird sensation LOL.

    Would I recomment this product? Absolutely. My younger brother who lifts with me also supplements with it, as well as a few ironheads who work with us at Target, have also jumped on Purple Wraath.

    Thanks for making a high quality product.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by TonyDav
    GreenBulge started: May8th
    WhiteBlood / GlycerGrow / PurpleWraath started: May 10th
    June 13- end one bottle GB aswell as WB/PW/GG (approx 37 days)

    Age: 16
    Height: ~5í11Ē
    BF%: low/mid 20ís.
    Start weight: 195 (approx)
    End weight: 198.5 (approx)

    Not sure about the weightÖwill check again tomorrow to see if its just water/food weight. And Iím fully aware that CL does not recommend their products for anyone under the age of 18.

    Green Bulge comments:
    Well my before and after measurements speak for this product. Also this lasted me 37 days. I donít know how that happened.

    White Blood comments:
    Noticed a whole lot more pump from WB then NO-Xplode, no mental focus which Iím pretty sure shouldnít be expected from WB anyway. Had much more stamina and endurance when doing certain exercises. Some increased vascularity. Amazing forearm/arm pumps.

    Glycer Grow comments:
    Nothing to say other than it most likely contributed to my gains. First week took the powder to the mouth, didnít like that so I mixed it with yogurt, which made it much better. Didnít notice it making me piss more being that itís a diuretic. Would need to take this by itself to see if itís true effects. Sweated a little bit more, donít know if this was the product that did that to me.

    Purple Wraath comments:
    First time I took this I put the powder in my mouth I gagged. Then mixed I mixed it with water. I gagged again. After about the third day I got used to the taste and it was fine. I can chug/drink it like itís nothing now. Mixed it with Crystal Light Peach Iced tea, made it a little better, but I can still take it without it now. Wasnít as sore as I normally was most days. If I was it was gone in a day. Sweated a little bit more, donít know if this was the product that did that to me. For me at least, this made my breath reek. Chew gum with it to make it better.

    GB: 5 caps 45-60mins pre-workout, non-training 5 anytime w/o food
    GG: 1-2 scoops about 10-15 mins pre (normally), first 2 weeks I donít think I got the full dosage. Not taken non-training days.
    PW: 2 scoops sipped pre, during, post some days w/ peach crystal light. Bumped it to 3 scoops last week. Not taken non-training days.
    WB: 3 caps 45-60mins pre-workout. Not taken non-training days.

    Didnít keep a strict diet at all. Took ON 100% Whey Protein on days I wasnít lazy and had time. 2 scoops taken when I did.

    Water intake:
    Had at least 1 gallon a day. Normally Iíd say 2 gallons a day.

    Other Supplements Taken:
    None, other than ON 100% Whey. Did take BSNís Cell Mass and NO-Xplode for 3 weeks prior to taking these 4 products.

    CellMass/NO-Xplode started: April 17th
    CellMass/NO-Xplode: finished: May 5th

    If you want to see what kind of workout and which exercises I didÖtell me.

    Iíll keep this short. Iíd say about 21 days into taking these products I started to notice shoulders, back, arm and forearms get bigger. Family and friends started to make some comment about my shoulders getting a lot broader, arms more full, more of a widening back. Upper chest more full. Shirts that I didnít wear for a month felt a bit different particularly in the shoulder/back region. Some shirts I noticed my arms feeling in the long sleeves more full than they did before.

    Iíll keep this short as well. Added 10 pounds to military dumbbell press. Added 15-20 pounds barbell bench. Went up about 15 pounds preacher EZ-bar curl. I could finally work out my triceps doing dips w/ my bodyweight. Couldnít do that before, I know sad. Overall went up about 5-10 pound in each exercise Iíd say.


    Chest/Back: (measured around back and chest across nip)
    Start: 102cm
    End: 106.5cm
    Total inches gained: 1.77inch

    Right Arm:
    Start: 31cm
    End: 33cm
    Total inches 0.78inch

    Left Arm:
    Start: 30.5cm
    End: 32cm
    Total inches: 0.59inch

    Left forearm:
    Start: 28.5 cm
    End: 30cm t
    Total inches: 0.59inch

    Right forearm:
    Start: 29cm
    End: 30cm
    Total inches: 0.39inch

    Right quad:
    Start: 51.50cm
    End: 56cm
    Total inches gained: 1.77inch

    Left quad:
    Start: 51.25cm
    End: 55.6cm
    Total inches gained: 1.71inch

    Right calf :
    Start: 38cm
    End: 39.25
    Total inches gained: 0.49inch

    Left calf:
    Start: 37.5cm
    End: 38.5cm
    Total inches gained: 0.39inch

    Looking foward to either taking a break from these 4 amazing prodcuts for 3 months while I'm going to attempt to cut OR staying on GB and try GMAG while I'm cutting, not sure yet.

  13. thanks RR. let's keep looking.

  14. Hey guys

    So after two weeks on this product, I feel I can finally give it a viable review.

    PLEASE NOTE******* I am an endurance athlete and not a bodybuilder, nor want to be one. This review is based off workouts that consist of runs minimum of 7 miles a day INCLUDING days in which intervals are performed (7 total miles in interval work...I know...a LOT. But I am serious about running)

    First Impressions - 8.5/10
    The container was completely sealed, and so I was not worried of anything being wrong with it. Second, the scoop was located on the very top of the powder, so no digging required. Nice. However, at first, it smelled wretched to me. It still smells bad, but at least I can stand the smell, whereas before, my little brother screamed WHAT THE HECK IS THAT SMELL?!?! (he is 8).

    Price - 10/10
    BCAAs, EAAs, Beta Alanine, all of those goodies for only 50$. Heck yes.

    Taste - 9/10 (Purple Lemonade)
    It tastes good. No disputes there. It is kinda addicting ice cold. I find myself craving it while running. I like it a lot, solid taste.

    Mixability - 10/10
    Xtend never really mixed all that well for me; I always had little particles floating around that tasted horrible. However, this mixes PERFECTLY. Shaken for 20 seconds in 20-24oz water is perfect

    Consistency - 10/10
    Perfect. Like drinking water

    Effects - 11/10
    Yes an effing 11. At first, the it gave me the ****s with my first two workouts. Not only that the first four workouts I didn't feel a thing and ended up not using it for 2-3 more runs. But my body felt the difference (dunno just felt like I should continue trying it out. It's like my inner conscience was telling me to keep drinking it lmao) Anyways, now after 2 weeks of continued use, I can actually feel this product work. 15 minutes before my runs I start sipping this and will finish ~1/4 of it that way I don't have that much fluid to carry in my hand (in a waterbottle). Anyways, with this I feel like I can keep going and going and going AND GOING AND GOING. I DON'T WANT TO STOP. Before, after 8 miles I would hit a small wall, which is normal, because blood sugar levels are done, muscle wastage begins, and glyco levels are starting to get pretty empty.

    But WITH WRAATH I can keep going. Example: Today my PLANNED workout was 7 miles. Why? Because I had a 5 hour shift at work, was little tired, whatever. 7 miles easy was planned workout. Did I do that? No. I did more. I did NINE miles at a decent pace -- with strength work thrown at the end (lots of pushups, situps, pullups, dips, bodyweight squats and deadlifts). Total time on run --> 1 hour and 7 minutes. 9 miles at an EASY pace where I really enjoyed the run in 67 minutes. Not only that THE ONLY REASON I STOPPED RUNNING WAS BECAUSE I HAD COMMITMENTS TO BE HOME TO BABYSIT MY SIBLINGS. I felt like I could have easily banged out another 2-4 miles without hitting a wall. Does Purple Wraath work? F*ck yes.

    Now a staple for me. More-so than protein powder. Yes I said that.

    Overall - 10/10
    Yes. 10. Its effects make up for the other places it lacked a little. My new favorite supplement by far. Has convinced me to order Juicy Grape as well as I plan to use this FOREVERRRRRRR.

  15. [youtube]9kF8H4B8H8o[/youtube]


  16. Purple wraath is hands down the best intra work out product. I personally love the taste the only thing keeping me from having 100 tubs in my stash is the price. Maybe a nutra planet sale would help spread the purple wraath word/ love.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by MM11 View Post
    Purple wraath is hands down the best intra work out product. I personally love the taste the only thing keeping me from having 100 tubs in my stash is the price. Maybe a nutra planet sale would help spread the purple wraath word/ love.
    Agreed man! Have you tried Purple InTrain yet??? You should give that one a shot, the extra carbs gives you a great kick during a workout. Would love an NP sale as well... but the option of smaller containers makes it alot easier when saving cash. The big containers have a ton of servings too. Thanks for the great feedback though!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Agreed man! Have you tried Purple InTrain yet??? You should give that one a shot, the extra carbs gives you a great kick during a workout. Would love an NP sale as well... but the option of smaller containers makes it alot easier when saving cash. The big containers have a ton of servings too. Thanks for the great feedback though!
    I have. It's not my cup of tea. I felt kinda sick when I tried the samples. Also I usually lift on a fast and don't want the carbs. Not bashing purple wraath is just better suited fort situation.

  19. Wow my post was a mess anyway I ment I'm not bashing in train. Purple wraath is better for my situation. Sorry I can't edit from my phone.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by MM11 View Post
    Wow my post was a mess anyway I ment I'm not bashing in train. Purple wraath is better for my situation. Sorry I can't edit from my phone.
    lol, no problem man! That's why we have two products
    The guys that prefer one over the other can enjoy them too

  21. I appreciate where you are going with intra work out supplementation. Better training leads to better results.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by MM11 View Post
    I appreciate where you are going with intra work out supplementation. Better training leads to better results.
    So true!!! The Purple products have showed me and my clients some really good results as far as work performed in the gym. I would like to call it "Purple Second Wind" lol

  23. I've tried PW and its pretty freaking good and it tastes freaking awesome! If I had the cash I would not only use it during my workout I would of also put it into my gallon of water and drink it throughout the day. It would continuously feed my body with EAA all day and it would make my water taste better
    Lockout Supplements Rep
    Discount Code = anabolic05


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