any advice?

  1. any advice?

    I am almost finished with my fourth week of my hdrol, rs transaderm, and ghenerate cycle. I ran hdrol at 50 for the first two weeks and am currently running it at 75 now. After about two weeks I started feeling the effects for a couple of hours after about an hour and a half after taking the pills. I have gained 7 pounds for a weight of 219. But now I have been stuck at this weight for 6 days and I'm not feeling the hdrol no more. I take two pills in the morning about 1 hour before my workout and 1 pill in the evening. Rs transaderm is applied in the morning at 6 pumps. And the ghenerate is used before workout and before bed. My diet us not the cleanest but it is not bad at 4 to 4500 calories a day and 300-400 grams protein a day depending on the day. 80% from food and 20% from shakes. All support supps are there aswell. Any advice on anything I should do or should I just be patient. I have 2 days left on my fourth week on a 6 week cycle.

  2. This is my first cycle. I am 5'11". 219 lbs. 32 years old. Been lifting awhile and I started this cycle at 212 lbs 16.4% bf.

  3. just keep doing what you've been doing, running 75mg e/d + the transaderm/generate.

    you could try bumping it to 100mg e/d, that might help

  4. Thank you. I might bump it up to100 but I have not had any sides yet and I definetly do not want any.

  5. Simply put, if you're not gaining weight you're not eating enough.

  6. guess ill try increasing my food intake then. I have been eating 5 meals a day and two protein shakes a day. I'll try and go to 6 or 7 meals a day.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by morthet View Post
    guess ill try increasing my food intake then. I have been eating 5 meals a day and two protein shakes a day. I'll try and go to 6 or 7 meals a day.
    Instead of throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping some sticks, you might want to find out how many calories you're eating daily and then increasing that by 500. It's always better to track your calories so you take a scientific approach to weight gain/loss, rather than "i'll just eat another meal, or i'll just skip a meal." This way we can accurately track how much weight we are gaining at a specific level of caloric intake, and if this level is not adequate we can easily track an increase in calories to weight gained. Trust me on this, when you take nutrition to a mathematical level, your life becomes a lot easier.

  8. ^-- he is correct.

    nutrition is 85% of the equation, resistance training, cardio is the other 15%

  9. Thanks rhadam. I have been adding up my calories I just haven't been getting it on the money. I figured I eat about 4-4500 calories a day but ill definetly try to get more accurate with it. I spent quite a bit of money on this cycle and I definetly want to get the most from it.

  10. It's all about accurately tracking your caloric intake. Most of us that do not track typically overestimate how many calories we are consuming. Although, if you're an ecto like myself that can eat everything and anything, you can sometimes get away without counting every single day. What helped for me was that i took about 4-5 days where i made small lists of everything i eat and wrote down the total calories and total protein of every typical meal i consume. Then i use those lists to guage where i'm at when i don't count. By having written down my favorite meals i can easily keep a pretty good measure of my calorie protein intake through the day. It's not exact, but if you're not on a strict cut or bulk it can work.


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