Am I good to go? PMAG cycle spreadsheet plan.

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  1. Am I good to go? PMAG cycle spreadsheet plan.

    Age 22
    6' 7"

    First cycle + bulking

    Here is my plan.
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  2. Clomid to be dosed at 75mg for the first 3 days of the first week during pct.

    Hdrol is also on the spreadsheet because I have both on hand and was tossing up which one to use, I chose the pmag.

  3. At first i thought you were doing both -ha That looks good for a Pmag run

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  4. This looks like a legit cycle man. I am running p-mag right now too. I am on week 2 and am already seeing some good strength gains. Keep us posted on how you like it.

  5. any sort of sides so far?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ghrbrah View Post
    any sort of sides so far?
    No sides. I feel like a monster in the gym. I find I dont wanna stop working out during my workouts. your gonna love it.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TmRich0808 View Post
    No sides. I feel like a monster in the gym. I find I dont wanna stop working out during my workouts. your gonna love it.
    Love that feeling

    Serious Nutrition Solution ~~

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  8. p-mag update

    I just started week 3 of my 6 week p-mag cycle and wow! My strength is skyrocketing right now. Size gains have been very good and my workouts have been epic. An hour of H**L everyday (but in a good way). pumps are great and no reported sides. It took about a week and a half for it to kick in but it has been great ever since. Can't wait to see how these next four weeks treat me.

  9. nice, i hope to get a hold of a few bottles of pmag for a run down the road.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    nice, i hope to get a hold of a few bottles of pmag for a run down the road.
    you will...

  11. Has anyone got any last words of advice? cycle and log will start tomorrow (This thread will become my log)

    On a side note Ive been loading cycle assist at 4 tabs twice daily for the past week and a half, I had slight acne on my face and back and right now my skin is almost pefectly clear. I'm definitely going to invest in some pathogenic acid/B5 after this cycle.
    This past week Ive been making a real effort to get more calories in so that the increase in food isnt as hard to take once I start the pmag, I've put on about 1kg in the past 7 days so hopefully my calories will be sufficient.

  12. def keep a log in here, i'll be on here numerous times daily to check up on results or questions you have bro.

    everything though looks solid and ready to go, time to get your swole on bro.

  13. My workout split is a bit like westside for skinny bastards with a bit more volume because I cant break away from my bodybuilding tendencies. Tonight was heavy upper body and I felt good, my first workout on pmag (75mg)

    Floor press 110kg for 6/6/5 with a good pause at the bottom, I was really grinding out the last rep on all 3 sets
    Weighted dips 264lbs (bw) + a 45lb plate for 10/10/8/8-followed with some rest pause on last set until I was gone, was really leaning forward and using my chest
    Incline flys 25kg dumbells for 12/12/10/8 with 30 second rest periods
    Snatch grip high pulls 75kg for 3/3/3/3 short rest periods and really focusing on being explosive with every rep
    T bar rows with 5 plates for 12/12 then 6 plates for 8 reps
    Seated DB shoulder press with 45kg db's for 8/6/6 good depth on these, I usually use a barbell
    Side lateral raise 12.5kg dumbells for 12/12/10/10 paused at the top, really felt good
    Overhead dumbell tricep extension with 50kg dumbell for 10/10 then kicked it up to 55kg and did a set of 6 for a pr
    Finished off with 50 reps on band pushdowns and then did some stretches. Great workout but obviously I havent felt anything kick in yet, there was more focus and determination just based on the fact that I started my cycle today, and that all the research and time I spent finding sources for this stuff in australia had paid off and I was finally getting started.

    Its heavy lower body tomorrow, I'll post some more info on my diet up with some photos then as well.

  14. yea, you wont feel anything yet, but just know, as soon as you take it, it turns on all those anabolic process and gets working from day one.

    just take comfort in the fact that you know whats going on, and that in time, whats going on at the genetic level will soon be showing through at the physical level.

  15. Just finished my leg workout, did some heavy singles on box squats (4 plates for 6 singles) and then a couple of sets with 450kg on the leg press to failure, drop set on the last. Then did some glute ham raises, managed 3 reps on the first set with my bodyweight and then used bands for assistance and did 3 sets of 12. Did seated calf raises 3 sets to failure and called it.

    During the dropset on the leg press I was seeing stars and I could barely walk afterwards, my head has been aching ever since, I drank about 4L of water today and I loaded my support sups for 10 days, the headache is still with me now and its pretty uncomfortable, hard to tell if its a result of the pmag or the leg pressing but I'm lying down and drinking a ****load of water so we'll see what happens. Any tips for dealing with headaches? would it be worth upping the cycle assist dosage or buying some extra hawthorne berry if this continues to be a problem?

    edit - In hindsight it wasnt like the headache slowly built up, I was grinding out one of the last reps of the dropsets and this thing hit me like a fkn freight train. Its improving now, Ive put down about 3L of water in the last hour, I think it was most probably to do with my training.

  16. for me, that head ache that kicks in like a bull buck to the head, usually tells me the compound is working. again, for me once it comes and goes, i dont get it again.

    water or course, and if you have any asprin on hand, it'll help too. what i'll do is one capsule of tylenol extra strength with one tablet of buffrin asprin, knocks the head ache right out.

  17. Today was so much better, woke up still with a dull headache and had trouble getting out of bed but it went away as soon as I started downing more water. Had a good day on the food, my diet is basically oats for breakfast and then 4 meals of steak or chicken or turkey breast with sweet potato, 4 peanut butter/honey sandwiches preworkout, train and then more meat/carbs for dinner. I usually eat a handfull of walnuts and a large amount of flaxseed oil before I go to bed (Ive started getting a bit leaner since doing this) I also have 3-4 ~500 calorie shakes spread evenly thoughout the day, with the last one being a slow release meal replacement before bed. So thats what I ate today.

    Went to the gym to train my beach muscles haha I dont train my biceps anywhere in my upper/lower split so I put them on a seperate day where I also do forearms and some weight abs excercises. Everything went well, I felt a headache coming on to begin with so I took a couple of asprin and everything went perfectly, the weights all felt light as **** and I was hammer curling the 35kg dbs for a few decent sets of 6-8 before heading into some smaller isolation excercises.

    Im going to weigh myself tomorrow, I still feel pumped from mondays workout.

  18. well laid out plan bro!!!

  19. Didnt really record the weights I used today, I was doing lighter high rep upper body stuff. The headaches came back again during a working set of chin ups but I had asprins with me and I got through the rest of my workout. I was shown how to do cleans off the floor today, I usually do them from a hang and I got 225 really easily so I was very happy about that. I love the movement and Im going to concentrate a bit more on it in future. From here on in Im only going to report on the following daily:

    -Weight gained since beginning of cycle
    -PR's from todays workout
    -Side effects

  20. sounds good, yea, makes sense for a spike in bp when working out. I usually just push through the head ache on a work out, and usually it goes away, but those times it doesn't, i have to cut it short and go home for an asprin.

    smart that you had them on hand. im gonna have to start doing that.

  21. Did a back workout today, everything felt light as ****.

    -Weight: 269lbs/122kg
    -Weight gained since beginning of cycle: 4lbs
    -PR's from todays workout: Not so much a PR but I did rack pulls from just below the knee with 5 plates for 6 reps. (3 sets) usually I only do one working set with that sort of weight but it felt like nothing. I'll step it up 10kg or more next week. Dumbell pullovers on an incline bench 110lbs/50kg for 10 reps, again I did another set because it felt so easy, will up the weight next week.

    -Side effects: MILD headaches, feeling a bit tired in the mornings and have trouble getting out of bed, but I am on holidays at the moment and sleep about 10 hours a night. No acne at all, nothing else to report. Everythings going well and also 4 POUNDS IN 5 DAYS (Ive really stepped up my eating), I cant complain.

  22. how is your sleep? do you take, or have you thought about using a sleep supplement on cycle?

  23. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    how is your sleep? do you take, or have you thought about using a sleep supplement on cycle?
    My sleep is pretty decent, I don't wake up until the morning usually. I think its hard to get out of bed mostly because its cold as **** and I'm on holidays haha. Haven't had any more headaches over the weekend, went through a heavy leg workout with no issues this time so I think it was probably just my body adjusting to the compound.

    -Weight: 272lbs/123.3kg
    -Weight gained since beginning of cycle: 6.5lbs
    -PR's from todays workout: Did front squats last night, 110kg for 3 sets of 6 reps. I haven't done front squats in ages but since doing them last my regular squat has gotten a lot stronger, so 110kg was a PR for me. I went as deep as possible on them too. Followed that up with hack squats, 3 plates a side for 5 sets of 6-8 reps. Then did some ghr, managed 4 reps with my bodyweight then did sets of 12 with some assistance from bands. Then some leg extensions and seated and standing calf raises (3 sets to failure).

    My quads feel ruined today, I really want to get some more size on my quads during this cycle. Seeing as I usually squat in a powerlifting style using my posterior chain more than anything else I've been left with a big arse and 28 inch thighs but very little detail or shape in my quads so I'm going to be working on hack squats/leg extensions/front squats a fair bit from now on.

    -Side effects: Headaches are pretty much gone for now, I woke up with a couple of zits on my shoulder today, not really worth mentioning but I'll keep my eye on it. Also bought some benzoyl peroxide face cleaning stuff just in case.

    New breakfast for extra protein:
    6 whole eggs scrambled 36g
    1 tin of tuna mixed in with it 16g
    1 tomato cut up and mixed through

    1 cup of raw oats
    1/2 cup whole milk

    2 scoops whey 50g
    1 scoop waxy maize
    500ml whole milk 17g

    So meal 1 has about 120-130grams of protein, not sure on the calories but the food I eat for the rest of the day is a bit more calorie dense, 1 day ends up being around 6-6.5k calories

  24. thats good, glad to hear your finally adjusting to the compound. keep up the high protein diet, and hitting those legs hard, they will grow.


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