Cycle Assist timing

  1. Cycle Assist timing

    Been searching a lot and there are lots of ppl thats say milk thistle may hinder gains from (in my case) h-drol. Should I pre-load CA before the cycle, then pick it back up when i start PCT? Or is there a way to space the doses up throughout the day? I just want to get the most out of this 6 weeker.

  2. Are you asking if you should run something called cycle assist everytime except during the actual cycle? Run it before, during and after. Any possible loss of gains from use are not worth the risk of not using it. You can always do cycle assist in the morning and at night and does the h-drol in between.

  3. Yes, Im asking if I should run cycle assist during the actual cycle or not. Ive done 2 sd and 1 epol cycle and used basic Wal-Mart milk thistle during, but all these threads about not taking milk thistle during cycle because of claims that milk t binds to ar receptors which causes the h-drol to be less effective led me to ask everyone's opinion

  4. Just separate the PH and the Cycle Assist by 3-4 hrs

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