m drol

  1. m drol

    Need info on m-drol new member and new to ph. going to use cycle assist before during and after. Do I need anything else or should I be good

  2. M-drol is pretty harsh on your body. I wouldn't recommend it for a first timer to PHs. If I were you I would get some H-drol its alot easier on your liver. Whats your age and weight?

  3. 40 165lbs

  4. will cylce assist be enough for pre, during and pct

  5. Definantly not I think you should pre load the cycle assist for a couple of weeks then run it through the cycle and post cycle could be pct assist, inhibit E and a cortisol blocker if you wanted to go with over the counter which most people dont recommend for m-drol. You honestly should probably pick up some nolva just in case always good to have on hand.

  6. how long do you plan on running the cycle for? I don't go over four weeks with m-drol.

  7. 4weeks or possibly 3

  8. is it ok to take something like super pump while taking m-drol

  9. Well I usually go four and I get pretty good gains. Just do some research so you can get you PCT right its the most important part of the cycle.

  10. You should NOT use Mdrol for a first PH- try something like Hdrol or Pmag
    You may want to do some research at tunedsports.com

  11. I am novice...why not

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Steeler07 View Post
    I am novice...why not
    M-drol is a clone of Superdrol, which is arguably the most potent oral steroid on the planet. It also happens to be possibly the most toxic and causes the most shutdown. It is NOT for novices and PCT for this compound should not be taken lightly. I wouldn't run any cycle without a SERM, and running M-drol without one is just absolutely absurd. You would have the possibility of losing all your gains, Erectile Dysfunction, Low test, and Gyno.

    Just do some more research and choose a different compound.
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