H-Drol PCT

  1. H-Drol PCT

    One more quick question. If I were to take a product like Tamoxifen for an H-Drol PCT is that all that would be needed for my PCT?

  2. any suggestions guys?

  3. Thats the bare requirement, add in something like Lean Xtreme and good T-booster will make PCT more smooth and allow you to keep most if not all your gains.

  4. Add Testforce 2 into that and maybe Inhibit-E(low dose).

    You can get by with just a SERM but I think it's a good idea to always cover your bases.
    CEL Rep

  5. I have a bottle of Arom-X from advanced muscle science from a previous cycle that I ran. Can I use this for part of my H-Drol PCT?



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