49 years old first h-drol cycle

  1. 49 years old first h-drol cycle

    just started my cycle monday it looks like this
    first pill 7am 2&3 at 3pm
    cel ca 11am&9pm preloaded 10 days prior

    pct assist
    inihibt e
    also have some arimadex if that the same as inhibit e ?
    need help with the proper dosege

    gnc sport vita pak
    pre workout dymatize expand
    post workout wheybolic 60 3scoops &vitargo 2 scoops
    also pick up some anmial pak traning pak can i use it to?

    any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. You shouldn't need Arimidex with this cycle or PCT. Inhibit E....is an Aromatase Inhibitor like Arimidex....but i believe it is a suicidal inhibitor meaning it destroys the aromatase as well as binding to it. When i run an AI(inhibit E) in PCT i run it inversely with the SERM (nolvadex in your case) I wouldnt go over 2 caps a day at max dose with Inhibit E though as it may trash your libido mas ATD is widely known to do, if you go much higher.

  3. IMO i would have start the first week out at 50mgs. . just in mo. . with hdrol you won't need both nolva and inhibit e. . pick one or the other. . .what does your diet look like and your preloading our cycle assist. . you should be good to go. . .gains should be seen weeks 3.5-6. . . thats what i have found. . .Any other questiosn big man?
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