i bought both D-PLEX(methyl) and STANO-DROL(non methyl) theyre both dht compounds what are the differences ?thanks

  2. Stano-drol works best combined with another compound such as h-drol. D-plex is already methylated and should yield solid results ran solo.

    Stano-drol is not methylated whereas D-plex is.

  3. Stanodrol gives more of a DHT-type effect (increased strength, focus, aggression, etc); can stack with just about anything (including D-Plex if you really want to; others have). D-Plex really doesn't have as much of a DHT effect as you would think (a good thing possibly). Kind of a lean bulker/recomp; would stack good with bold or 11-sterone or any other non-methyl or could do solo or even run with formestane if you want to have your veins bulging.

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