first ph cycle! h-drol!

  1. first ph cycle! h-drol!

    i am about four weeks out from starting my first ph and have decided to go with cel h-drol. i have spent countless hours researching, reading every forum possible to make sure that i do this the right way. but even after all the research, i still have a few questions and would like to know what everyone thinks of how my cycle looks so far. this was what i was thinking......

    pre-load cycle assist(dont know how long, 7 to 14 days?)
    run cycle assist along side cel h-drol six weeks at 50/50/75/75/75/75
    pct- 6 oxo or inhibit e (which is best?), pct assist, and lean fx for four wks

    ok, heres the questions...
    how long do i pre-load cycle assist if at all(heard it was best to)?
    is my h-drol cycle too long, dosing too high for first time?
    should i include a liver assist, and if so should it be ran with cycle assist and h-drol or just included in the pct?
    and at last, 6 oxo or inhibit e?

    i know this is a lot of questions but these seem to be the ones i either cant find the answers to or im getting mixed answers to. i would greatly appreciate any and all educated responses. thanx!

  2. dono if you have checked this out already but:
    and people will be more inclined to answer you if we knew your current (bulk, cut, recomp)..planned training split/regimine
    and last but not least diet
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  3. havent checked that out but def. will. im 6'/165/10% bf/24 yrs/always bulking/very clean eater, 3500 to 4000 cal., 300 to 350g of protein, 6 to 7 meals a day/ i write my own workout routines in which i switch up every 4 to 5 wks, currently in the process of writing a full routine for the entire cycle, one for the first 4 wks, another one for the last two wks of the h-drol and first two wks of the pct, and one more for the last two wks of the pct which will be all supersets, i also warm up/cool down with a half mile run before and after w/o and a two mile run once a wk. hope this was enough info. if not, let me know. thanx!

  4. ill check this out more in depth later..easter with the fam right now but addicted to AM and needed a break
    one piece of advice from skimming is to not write your whole workout for the cycle down now
    maybe put in lifts that you would like to do but let the sets and reps come because you wont be able to tell right now how much stronger you will be getting
    let your body talk to ya and use instinct in the gym
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  5. Preload the CA for a min. of 7 days (14 days being ideal). You may want to plan on just going 6 weeks at 50mgs and wait and see how you feel before you bump up to 75mgs.
    As for pCT , I am very fond of 6 OXO butInhibit E is also very effective (but some experience libido issues with it) The only drawback w/ 6oxo is the price (requires more than one bottle). CEL's TD Formestane would be a good AI to use and its only $29

  6. During PCT you could use SNS Liver Assist ...its like 19 dollars for a 60 day supply

  7. smshannon001 thanx for the info on the w/o routine. i didnt even think about that. you saved a little bit of time and aggravation. oh and i checked the website you recommended and their pct is set up like this....
    wk 1-2 post cycle support/ cycle support/ i3c
    wk 3-4 post cycle support/ i3c
    i havent seen a pct look like this so far. anyone have anything on this?
    oh mw1, im going to check out the td formestane.
    where would you rank the td formestane to 6 oxo? just want to be as thorough as possible.

  8. the TD formestane looks good.. got my fed tax return and cel might be gettin some of it so i can get ready for a summer cycle
    also stay on the 50mg through week 3 and then decide for wk4 if you want to go to 75, but you prob will want to in wk5-6
    and what other support/daily supps are you using or plan on using?
    like multi, fish oil, multi vit/min.. creatine? pre/post workout?
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  9. i am currently (and plan on continuing) taking fish oil, vit. c & e, alpha lipoic acid, green tea extract, zma, on whey (pre and post w/o), and bcaa (pre and post w/o). i also take a n o booster that i dont believe i will continue throughout the cycle due to bp issue while on cycle. i try to shy away from creatine due to past triglyceride problems. i havent had time to check out the td formestane yet, but will after these 12 hrs and the gym i have to pull.

  10. good idea to save the creatine for durin pct to help you keep your strength
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by stinkypinky View Post
    smshannon001 thanx for the info on the w/o routine. i didnt even think about that. you saved a little bit of time and aggravation. oh and i checked the website you recommended and their pct is set up like this....
    wk 1-2 post cycle support/ cycle support/ i3c
    wk 3-4 post cycle support/ i3c
    i havent seen a pct look like this so far. anyone have anything on this?
    oh mw1, im going to check out the td formestane.
    where would you rank the td formestane to 6 oxo? just want to be as thorough as possible.
    You definitely need an AI in there ...I prefer TD Form over 6oxo~~even though ive always like 6oxo also

  12. one more question, when would be the optimal time to take the cycle support and h-drol? pre-workout, post workout, upon waking, before bed ect. ect.?

  13. depends on when you plan on training... take a serving of the hdrol pre-w/o
    and take the cycle support later in the day (if you work out in the mornings)but i know some who take the CS first thing in the morning or before bed
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  14. I prefer to split my doses up in 2 - one being pre w/o and the other 8-10 hrs later . Make sure you dose the supporting supps. 3-4 hrs away from the pH

  15. i work twelve hrs. (from six to six) im up a 4:30 eating and packing my meals, i hit the gym directly after work and im in bed by (hopefully) 10 to 10:30. so would it be best to take one dose around 8 to 10 am (being 8 to 10 hrs. prior to w/o) and then the other about 30 min. before? and if so would i have to take the supporting supps upon waking to be 3 to 4 hrs. prior to ph? my schedule makes things a little on the heckteck side!

  16. oh, one more thing, i was looking at some forums on td formestane and i saw some that were running it on cycle along with the ph to prevent prolactin problems. is this something i should consider or is prolactin problems not that prevalent with h-drol while on cycle?

  17. i dont think hdrol is a progestin so the prolactin shouldnt be an issue
    if there were any problems pick up p5p and vitex
    use the TD form for PCT
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  18. ok, ive looked everywhere for td form!! where the hell can i buy it?

  19. nutra should be carrying it towards the end of the week i hear, but you might want to PM a board sponsor for nutra about it
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  20. should i expect to be shutdown afterwards using td formestane? read a few forums saying they did and besides that i was worried about it considering that turns to 4-oht (a pro-hormone although mild still worried). also worried about estrogen rebound. i know the questions just keep coming.... sorry! but must know from all angles! thanx!

  21. Check this out : formestane-estrogen-control

    According to CELs Formestane product, it is a "suicide inhibitor" meaning just that. Its my understanding that there shouldnt be any rebound with this product.

  22. tapering the last weeks dosage could also help if there were even a slight chance of rebound
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  23. thanx for the link and all the info from everyone!! you guys have been great in helping me make what i think is the best decision for me. ive purchased everything except the form (in which i am about to do) and will be starting my pre-cycle on the 27th. the h-drol will start on the 11th. i was thinking about doing a log if i can find the time but if i cant be thorough then it wont be worth it. anyway thanx again guys!!
  24. Back from the DEAD!

    Loved reading this post! Very informative!

    Just wondering if anyone could possibly post up one of their diets while on this? I would like to use it as a reference point.

    I am currently running H Drol with Cycle Assist...I am 28 years old, have done P90x in the past and worked with free weights for a couple years but hit a plateau that I am trying to break through.

    I started out good using Formestane as a pre-load then it went badly as this is my 2nd and a half week on it, where I got strep throat for 7 days. So I am looking to improve my diet a little more, and also, if anyone has any routine suggestions for me, I wouldn't be opposed.

    I know I am new, but let's keep the forum flaming to a minimum please!

  25. Just to give you a heads up - if you plan on running 6 weeks of H-drol instead of 4, you should honestly consider a serm such as nolvadex. I know everyone always says serms are the best nothing can beat them blah blah, but in all honesty, your body is going to be somewhat shutdown after 6 weeks and and an otc pct (which can be done with 4 weeks of H-drol) may not be the best thing to help kickstart you back up. just figured I'd let you know.

    Also, it already seems like you have your diet on point but make sure you keep your calories up high. I'm currently in my 5th week of H-drol and spent more time trying to figure out every last detail of using H-drol perfectly instead of putting all that time into my diet.

    I would definitely recommend picking up some taurine as well. It's cheap, and there's a good chance you might experience back pumps just like I am on my 5th week, during my 6 week cycle. Joint support comes in handy too-I started feeling sore joints, especially my knees around week 3 but some generic gnc joint support helped with that.

    Oh, and I wouldn't recommend taking your second dose of H-drol past 7pm - it is a lot harder to fall asleep at night when you take it any later than that.


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