RPN needs a few good people to test our Gut Health/NOxidant Stack...are you up to it?

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  1. RPN needs a few good people to test our Gut Health/NOxidant Stack...are you up to it?

    Gut Health

    Probiotics are bacterical flora that dwell in the intestines, allowing the nutrients we ingest to be utilized by the body. Modern diet, stress, and training all compromise the health of the Gut, leading to sickness, gas, indigestion, and wasted nutrients - not to mention contribute to sickness. GUT Health contains a strong, hearty strain of Lactobacillus casei, called KE99. THis university studied probiotic has been shown to:

    -Reduces/eliminates protein related GI distress/gas
    -Bolsters intestinal membranes, increasing the effectiveness of digestion
    -detaches/destroys pathogens
    -bolsters immune function
    -prevents bowel irritation/helps IBS
    -reduces Nitrogen excretion/increases protein absorption

    This strain is shelf stable (requires no refrigeration) and enteric coated, dissolved in oil. GUT Health...for Vital Digestion and Optimal Results.

    Gut Health Write-Up


    NoXidant (90 Capsules)

    -Eliminate free radicals.
    -Promote anabolism.
    -Optimize nitric oxide.

    NOxidant is a potent blend of antioxidants specifically designed to counteract reactive nitrogen species - harmful free radicals produced from nitric oxide. NOxidant is best used in conjunction with nitric oxide enhancing supplements such as arginine and citrulline malate. Taken post-workout, NOxidant can protect the body from reactive nitrogen species to ensure an optimal anabolic environment and maximize your results.

    NOxidant Write-Up

    Rules and regulations for the contest:

    For the purposes of this contest, two seperate individuals will be selected to run a Gut Health/NOxidant stack for RPN. We are looking for feedback on the recovery, and overall health benefits you've noted while taking this stack. You MUST log this on Aminds, and have a fairly active presence on this board. We are especially looking for individuals that currently suffer from either IBS, Chron's disease, or Ulcerative Colitis.

    Please apply within this thread for entry!

    I shall decide 1 week from today as to the winners of this stack. I wish the best to all the applicants. Now - get them in!

    I want to know the following about you all:

    Training Methods?
    Current supplementation?
    Previous experience with probiotics?
    Previous experience with antioxidants?
    Current, if any medical conditions?
    Why you should test this stack for us?

    You CAN NOT being running another sponsored supplement log to participate in this contest.

    LET'S GET IT ON!!!!!!!

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  2. Funny, how I was just thinking about adding some Gut Health into my arsenal. I'll toss my hat into the ring:

    Age: 24
    Height: 5'10"

    Training Methods: My training is an amalgam of strength, hypertrophy, and power

    Monday: Arms/Delts, Cardio
    Wednesday:Cardio, MMA
    Thursday: Chest/Back, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    Saturday: MMA, Dynamic Upper and Lower

    Diet: I am going into a mild caloric surplus environment with an emphasis on on animal proteins, Basmati rice, red potatoes, and 6-8 servings of produce. My total caloric intake varies from 2800-3400 depending on training load/general recovery.

    Current supplementation: Xtend, WMS, SuperCarb, Poseidon

    Goals: My current goal is adding extra applicable LBM (5 lbs over the next 3 months or so)

    Previous experience with probiotics: I have acidophilus and bifidus in the past, but I cannot recall the amount of "active" untis were in the products

    Previous experience with antioxidants: I was an ALA fiend for about 2 years and still get a nice whack of anti-O's from Posedion (Vit C, Zinc, etc). I also used NOxidant when it was being produced by SciVation a few years back.

    Why you should test this stack for us: I have a solid reputation at this forum and always leave updates in my logs regarding not just the quantitative, but also the qualitative. I am about to enter grad school and keeping stress down to a minimum is a high-priority for me and I know how much an overly stressful environment can sabotage the GI tract and the Immune System.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Good luck Rodja I haven't dabbled too much in probiotics but I love my anti-oxidants .

  4. i love noxidant and would love to throw in my app. I however am well set for the time being, actually i am slightly overloaded. Anyways, Good luck applicants! Solid products RPN!

  5. Very solid app rod!

    Thanks for the support guys. We're looking for some dedicated people with experience to tell the tale of their results.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve


  6. ill tell the tale. but it wouldnt be through a sponsored log. just my personal goods.

  7. this looks awesome!!! good luck to all and especially radja! (no homo) lol

  8. I figured testinbg for RPN is too good to be true, so I would most certainly give this a go.

    Age? 32
    Height? 6'
    Weight? 216 as of 1 hour ago
    Training Methods?
    I have been mixing things up a bit, more cardio and abs recently. There is cardio everyday and abs 5 days per. If anyone has read my GF log they know why
    Sunday: Arms
    Monday: Back Width
    Tuesday: No lifting
    Wednesday: Chest
    Thursday: varies from legs to another bi session. Will be doing legs more frequently now that my weight is stabilizing again
    Friday: Back Thickness
    Saturday: Shoulders
    Diet? I am very consistent with 5-6 small meals spread evenly throughout the day. Drinking 1-1.5 gallons of water per day as well
    Current supplementation? Just finishing CL's GF and Scivation Whey. Do have a cut in the future, would love to drop to 205 if possible, have LReloaded, Cissus, Reduction and Universal Diuretic
    Goals? Would love to cut up. I know my days of being over 225 are behind me, as my back lets me know every morning. So I think this stack could help in the reapers tightening of the waist line
    Previous experience with probiotics? No, so I would be a perfect test subject
    Previous experience with antioxidants? see above answer
    Why you should test this stack for us? You guys know me and know what I am about. I keep very detailed and honest logs, and I do not deviate from my methods without explanation or rationale.

    Thank you for the opportunity and even if I do not get the nod here, good luck to whoever does.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  9. Addition: ANyone with IBS or ulcer problems would certainly be very desirable.
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  10. i keep meaning to pick up a bottle of noxidant, and keep forgetting

  11. Awesome opportunity!

  12. Good luck to you all!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Addition: ANyone with IBS or ulcer problems would certainly be very desirable.
    I've updated it. I forgot to add that in last night.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  14. Ohhh baby I wanted this one! I got half way thru the app and said nah. I've tried GUT health before and it was great! Best of luck to all apps. GUT health is a great product and you wont be disappointed!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative


  15. siiiiick....ive used gut health and love it, so ill sit it out.......but great opportunity

  16. Age?22
    Height? 6'
    Weight? 167
    Training Methods? Have been doing high rep for the past month and am slowly moving my way down to lower reps. Cardio 2-3x/week. Weights are 2 days on/1 day off/2 days on/2 days off/repeat
    Diet?Gluten free atw babeh!! Moderately low in carbs 250g carbs on non workout days and around 400g carbs on workout days. And as much protein as I can stuff in.
    Current supplementation? Neovar recomped, Hemodraulix, p5p, White Flood, Multi-v. Gonna start up Relora today.
    Goals? I have had ulcer probs my whole life due to Celiac Disease. I have used 2 bottles of Gut health and have loved it both times. Havent tried Noxident but the stuff looks awesome!! I dont have much experience with anti oxidents. So I would love to give it a try. The benefits look like something I need right now.
    Previous experience with probiotics? woops 2 bottles!!
    Previous experience with antioxidants? White tea
    Current, if any medical conditions? Celiac Disease
    Why you should test this stack for us? I really want to try this stacked together. I have had some digestion probs lately and always have ulcers like a mah****a! And I do good logs. I would update everyday
    Body Performance Solutions
    Home: http://bpsnutrition.net/
    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  17. Age-24


    Weight- 246lbs

    Training Methods- Hardcore!

    Diet- Right now somewhat of a lean bulk, but I will be taking in an extra amount of cals with the extra cardio I will be doing. So somwhere close to 4000-4500 cals, high protein, mod carbs, mod fat intake.

    Current supplementation- As of today!

    CEL Hdrol, IBE Epistane, Gasprai SizeON, AEN Intracell, MST Cordygen 5, CL's Purple Wraath. Green Tea/Grape Seen Extract, ACES + B-complex, Wal-Mart brand Fish Oil and SAMe.

    Goals- Add 5lbs of LBM while increasing strength and endurance/

    Previous experience with probiotics- Papya

    Previous experience with antioxidants- Just basic ACES and Green Tea/Grape Seed Extract/

    Current, if any medical conditions- 100% healthy MAN! Minus my acid reflux.

    Why you should test this stack for us- I am a big fan of RPN. I am always looking out for my health first and have been studying and reading as much as I can on antioxidants. I feel they are overlooked by most. I need some Gut Health!!! Nuf said HA!

    The logs that I have done in the past have been 100% unbiased and honest. I don't do logs in hopes of getting picked for future ones.

  18. Age - 27

    Height - 5'10"

    Weight - Around 150

    Training Methods - Workout 3X/week: Chest/tri/abs -
    Back/bi/abs - Legs/Shoulders

    Diet - Eating around 2800+ cals around 200+protein

    Current supplementation - Green Mag/Xtend/Myogenix Hypershock

    Goals - Gain energy, lose sum gut which i got while i ran a PH cycle couple months ago, Gain more weight/mass/strength.

    Previous experience with probiotics - None, which can be a reason to test me

    Previous experience with antioxidants -

    Current, if any medical conditions - None

    Why you should test this stack for us : I have used Rpn's gut health before and i loved it so much, works to perfection, i would luv to try out the NO- in caps, which i have never done so..only have used creatine/no drinks. Oh and did i say i luv Gut health lol[/B]

    You CAN NOT being running another sponsored supplement log to participate in this contest.

    LET'S GET IT ON!!!!!!!


  19. Quote Originally Posted by UNCfan1 View Post
    CEL Hdrol, IBE Epistane, Gasprai SizeON, AEN Intracell, MST Cordygen 5, CL's Purple Wraath. Green Tea/Grape Seen Extract, ACES + B-complex, Wal-Mart brand Fish Oil and SAMe.
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  20. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    I get points for being honest though right?

  21. Age? 27
    Height? 6ft3 inches
    Weight? 225 lbs
    Training Methods? Dc training(well almost due to an elbow injury I cannot do back width or arms)
    Diet? I have this covered how do you think i get my weight up without using synthetic hormones
    Current supplementation? green tea, CL's Orange Triad, creatine
    Goals? This year 235 slimmer than i am now. In a couple-few years 230 ripped and 260-270 at my body fat
    Previous experience with probiotics? I use acidophilus
    Previous experience with antioxidants? green tea
    Current, if any medical conditions? no
    Why you should test this stack for us It is a great opportunity to make sure I clear any any stomach distress, issues, ulcers, if I do have any, and keep gas under control.

    Dsade I'm running an Lg's liquid elbow log. I don't see how that would interfere. Regardless, it's your decision, big man. Thanks for everything bro. i'd also been researching Havoc and have thought about using it, as I could get away with it since it is going to be banned in the IFPA Dec 31st 2008. However i may not. What i would like to say is since you own RPN I feel safe using it since I trust you and your company. also I was thinking of running decavol for my joints(by AMS) however, i think that any thing that converts to Deca would equal deca-19 nor or nord(whatever its called) and that is already banned? Do you know? Regardless I'm not competing, if I do at all, in the IFPA in till 2011 . Cheers
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  22. I'm about to receive my RPN Gut Health, currently order is about 2 days away. Will be logging it here, along with details about me and training etc.... Feel free to send me some more or throw in Noxidant and I'll add that to my log, as I'm quite happy to log it.

    Your Questions:

    Training Methods: 4-5 day per week, 2 muscle group per day routine.
    Current supplementation:Gut Health (2 days in), Igf2, Drive, RPM and Poseidon
    Goalsirty bulk at the moment
    Previous experience with probiotics:none
    Previous experience with antioxidants:none really
    Current, if any medical conditions:none
    Why you should test this stack for us:I write a damn good log, I update everyday without fail, I am aware of my own body and how it is feeling and reacting. I train hard, and currently I'm on quite a dirty bulk and feel these products would come in handy to help prevent bloating and stomach distension sometimes suffer from due to high protein and carbohydrates.

    Here's a link to my log:


    Age: 27
    Years Training: 7 (5 seriously)
    Goals for this cycle: Bulk up, pretty much gain as much lean body mass as possible.
    Training schedule: 5 days per week, hitting legs twice per week

    Moday: Legs
    Tuesday: Arms
    Thursday: Shoulders + Back
    Friday: Legs

    Log layout will look like this to rate supplement:

    Bodyweight/Body Comp:
    Muscle Density/Hardening:
    Overall Energy:
    Personal Commentary:

  23. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post

    hey dsade .. saw your post on LB .. thanks for getting the larger quanity over at BB.

  24. Age? 29
    Height? 5'10
    Weight? 215
    Training Methods? Currently playing wth DC Training.
    Protein: 250gr
    carbs: 300gr
    calories: 3500
    Current supplementation? Only taking a protein powder and creatine mono with 1000mg arginine & papaya enzyme.
    Goals? Want to stay lean and add as much muscle as possible.
    Previous experience with probiotics? None
    Previous experience with antioxidants? Well i've supplemented with countless over the counter remedies in the form of pills,exstracts papaya enzme from Gnc and yogurts.
    Current, if any medical conditions? none
    Why you should test this stack for us?
    Well im new to ANABOLICMINDS but im not new to haveing stomach problems.I've been to doctors and all they ever want to give me is Prilosec OTC but even then the pain still really does'nt go away.They said I may have ulcers but could'nt be sure until they did more test,but with no insurance the test never happened.So im stuck paying 30bucks a box of this stuff and eatin tons of Rolaids on a daily basis. I wish i could eat a spicy food with out feeling the stomach pain.This is where your product comes to the rescue .(lol) I will run a honest detailed daily log for your guys if I should be chose.Thanks JOEPUMP.

  25. Great apps. so far everyone.

    Keep them coming!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve



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