RPN needs a few good people to test our Gut Health/NOxidant Stack...are you up to it?

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  1. I've given this a think, id be quite happy to run this, one problem is though guys, i Live in the UK, not sure it you'd be able to ship to me because of that?

    Anyway below is my application details

    Age: 22
    Height: 5'10
    Training Methods: Medium/High weight with medium reps ranging from 8-12 per set, I only work one particular muscle each workout, workouts are roughly twice per week, My recovery is a little slow, but its working great for me since the last 7months.

    Diet: vegetarian, around 2600-2800calories per day, 160grams roughly protein, moderate carbs and low amount of fats.

    Current supplementation: RPM/Drive/IGF-2 stack at present, Gingko Biloba daily, multi-vitamin, calcium zinc and magnesium tablets, b12 jabs weekly or once per 2 weeks depending on how I feel, i cycle NAC for a few days on, few days off, Vitamin C daily and post-workout, whey (obviously)

    Previous experience with probiotics: Taken probiotic yogurts and some probiotic health drinks in the past, I have a bowl full of fresh yogurt daily to get extra good bacteria into my gut, tried a homemade type of probiotic culture called Kefir in the past for around 2months or so which is 'supposed' to be great for health. Im familiar with probiotics in general.

    Previous experience with antioxidants: NAC, and Vitamin C are the main ones.

    Current, if any medical conditions: None, unless Lactose intolerance is classed as one?! (this is the main reason why im applying)

    Why you should test this stack for us: I get alot of gas all day, its embarassing, because im lactose intolerant, with just 3 servings of whey protein daily, I get plenty of fibre in my diet, and the rest of my diet is pretty spot on, I would love to try particularly the Gut health to see if this has any effect on treating/reversing my lactose problem somewhat or has any effect on getting rid of my gas i get daily lol.

    Thanks for your time guys, like i said, I live in the UK so shipping might be a little on the expensive side, its no problem if you wont be able to ship out to me. Wish you guys all the best in finding some testers for your solid products, once again!


  2. ooooo i wish...

    If i wasnt testing the MST Somnidren GH/ZMK i would be "all up in dis"

    Good luck applicants, just watch out... T1 is sneaky...!!!
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  3. Age: 27
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 203.5
    Training Methods:
    CARDIO: M - F 6am 45min moderate intensity
    RESISTANCE TRAINING: 5 Day Split 12,10,8,6 12 - 16 working sets per muscle group. Split is as follows
    FRI - ARMS
    Diet: Currently eating high protein, moderately low carbs, moderately high fats (mostly from NOW Super Omega 3/6/9). 1800 calories per day split into 6 even meals with simple carbs PWO (waxy maize or orange gatorade)
    Current supplementation:
    yohimbine hcl before AM cardio
    NOW Super Omega 3/6/9
    sometimes NO Xplode pre workout
    Goals: get down as lean as possible before Oct 1st when I start bulking, I'm going to compete next year.
    Previous experience with probiotics: NONE
    Previous experience with antioxidants: Not much...some ALA.
    Current, if any medical conditions: NONE
    Why you should test this stack for us: I'm switching over to the Anabolic Diet starting August 4th so this would be a great addition to my line up to help with the digestion of all those proteins and fats. Also, I'm very meticulous when logging things....maybe even OCDish...anyone that wants to see my log can register on my site and see how I do it...www.shreddedmeat.com (not a forum).

  4. I could possibly benefit much from the stack. I've had ulcer issues off/on since 2000. I used to take Nexium for it ED, but after a couple of years of med therapy it's been mild enough that I can control it with OTC antacids. I still have mild symptoms but not bad enough to go back onto prescription meds.

    Also I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2000 and was hospitalized for a few weeks. It was pretty bad at the time but after changing my diet completely and being on meds for 2 years my health really rebounded nicely. My docs said the crohns could come & go randomly at anytime. Even though I've been lucky enough not to have any flares, I still have some pain/discomfort in my right side at times which's one of the symptoms and quite annoying.

    All of the above issues seemed to stem from my extreme drinking when I was 20-24yrs old as the doctors concurred.

    Current Stats:

    Age: 32
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 215
    Training: Mon/Tue Thur/Fri Weight Training Split w/ Abs/Cardio on Wed & Sat
    Goals: Overall Health and adding/maintaining lean mass as I age
    Current Supplements: CoQ10, Hawthorn Extract, Flax Oil, Fish Oil
    Previous experience with probiotics: None but have always been curious
    Previous experience with antioxidants: Tea, Coffee, Heinz Ketchup
    Current, if any medical conditions: The above are lingering, yet controlled for the most part
    Why you should test this stack for us: I'm really not a big fan of testing products but this could be quite beneficial for myself and also the products above, considering my past
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  5. Age? 20

    Height? 5'7''

    Weight? 215 lbs

    Training Methods? Weight-training, 5 days per week.

    Diet? Mostly clean, but occasionally have to pickup fast food on my way to work. Only recently started consuming fast food again due to some changes in my daily schedule. Planning on cutting it out. Always have a stomach ache. I also consume a lot of protein, which results in horrid gas and unpleasant dumping sessions.

    Current supplementation?
    None at all.

    Goals? I've been wanting to detox for quite some time, so I'm hoping that Gut Health would help with the process. I've never done a detox before. I'd like to help clean out my body and straighten out my digestion before starting a new cycle.

    Previous experience with probiotics? None that I can remember. Anything in regards to disgestion, I've only taken different digestive enzymes before.

    Previous experience with antioxidants? I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in order to get natural antioxidants. I believe that it has helped me prevent from getting sick. I haven't been sick in months!

    Current, if any medical conditions? None.

    Why you should test this stack for us? I have a nice stash of DCP, Havoc, Slick Pleasures, Java Lather, and Thermo-glide, which goes to show how much faith I have in RPN products and how much of a dedicated fan that I am.

  6. Great opportunity with great products, from a great company.

    I have a shiny bottle of Gut Health sitting in the cupboard just waiting for me to have some stomach issues. Unfortunately I have a steel protected stomach . Either way I plan to use it on my next bulk as it has multiple benefits.

    Winners please link your logs back here so us bystanders can check em out!

  7. I have used both of these products and love them both! Never been done wrong by RPN, top notch products from a top notch company!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  8. Bump! - For some more apps.

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  9. Age? 19
    Height? 6'3"
    Weight? 207
    Training Methods?
    CARDIO-3-5/week, intense sessions focusing on explosiveness.
    Current Lifting Sched:
    W:Back/ Bi's
    Diet? >175g Protein, >300 Carbs
    Current supplementation? Protein, Creatine-Mono, ZMA, RPM
    Goals? Bigger, Faster, Stronger
    Previous experience with probiotics? None
    Previous experience with antioxidants? None
    Current, if any medical conditions? None
    Why you should test this stack for us? IBS and stress are killing me right now. I found out in April I have IBS. It seems to affect me the worst when I eat fatty foods. However, 90% of the food I eat gives me problems. I am also preparing to play my first season of college football. I regularly get anxiety from thinking about it, which in turn gives me more stomach problems. I have also been overtraining which has only set me back in my progress. I recently have not been eating a lot due to the fact that it'll come out one end or the other in a very unpleasant way. Seriously, its not cool. I'd love to try the Gut Health, i've heard some awesome things and I hope it'll help with the IBS. Also i'd love to try the NOxidant and see if it can help me with recovery. Camp starts in 2 weeks so it'd be awesome to have this stack to help me go in healthy and feeling good.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    Height? 6'
    Weight? 167
    Training Methods? Have been doing high rep for the past month and am slowly moving my way down to lower reps. Cardio 2-3x/week. Weights are 2 days on/1 day off/2 days on/2 days off/repeat
    Diet?Gluten free atw babeh!! Moderately low in carbs 250g carbs on non workout days and around 400g carbs on workout days. And as much protein as I can stuff in.
    Current supplementation? Neovar recomped, Hemodraulix, p5p, White Flood, Multi-v. Gonna start up Relora today.
    Goals? I have had ulcer probs my whole life due to Celiac Disease. I have used 2 bottles of Gut health and have loved it both times. Havent tried Noxident but the stuff looks awesome!! I dont have much experience with anti oxidents. So I would love to give it a try. The benefits look like something I need right now.
    Previous experience with probiotics? woops 2 bottles!!
    Previous experience with antioxidants? White tea
    Current, if any medical conditions? Celiac Disease
    Why you should test this stack for us? I really want to try this stacked together. I have had some digestion probs lately and always have ulcers like a mah****a! And I do good logs. I would update everyday
    You've got my nomination man. My sis has celiac and seein how shes had to avoid Gluten and all that... i couldn't do it. I'd like to see if the Gut Health helps with stomach pain and all that stuff that comes with celiac.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by BigT4040 View Post
    You've got my nomination man. My sis has celiac and seein how shes had to avoid Gluten and all that... i couldn't do it. I'd like to see if the Gut Health helps with stomach pain and all that stuff that comes with celiac.
    Thanks man. Ive used Gut health before and yes it has done WONDERS! Havent ever used it eveyday tho. Just a couple days at a time then a break for a week or so then repeat. Be glad to take it everyday tho for the sake of a log ...no shame
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  12. I could have used some gut health today. I had 2 south beach diet bars, and man the maltodextrin has me well, you can guess

  13. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    I could have used some gut health today. I had 2 south beach diet bars, and man the maltodextrin has me well, you can guess
    It's the sugar alcohol in them that kills me.
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    It's the sugar alcohol in them that kills me.
    not so much killing me as everyone around me

  15. Age: 17
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 180
    Training Methods: Low rep scheme, heavy weight
    Monday- Back/Bi
    Tuesday- HIIT: 15 mins hard jog; 60 sec full-out sprint/60 second walk x5
    Wednesday- Chest/Tri
    Thursday- Legs
    Friday- Plyometrics (25 lb. weighted vest high box jumps, side-to-side box jumps, etc.)
    Saturday- Back/Bi
    Sunday- Off
    Diet: 250-350g protein (depending on whether or not I'm concerned about the mercury in tuna), <45g fat, 300-450 carbs (heightened because of AP use)
    Current supplementation: Anabolic Pump, Stoked, ALCAR, Beta Alanine, P-5-P, Whey Protein, Egg Protein
    Goals: Help with immune system definitely, as I'm naturally prone to illness, relief from the s***s that AP brings about, sometimes uncomfortable and resulted in a rash the first dose.
    Previous experience with probiotics: None
    Previous experience with antioxidants: Green tea and blueberries!
    Current, if any medical conditions: Seasonal allergies
    Why you should test this stack for us: Well, as I mentioned before I am particularly prone to sickness and Anabolic Pump gave me a very uncomfortable rash and some diarrhea with the first dose of it. I've decided to continue to use it because I am a responder to it, and despite the increase of my carbohydrates, I am losing fat while putting on muscle, which is an awesome feeling. Also, I think this would be a prime stack for me to take right now because 2/days are coming up in football, and there's a lot of bacteria in the locker room, in the pads, in the showers etc., plus you can get sick from someone else by drinking from the team water bottles, and I think this would help me out a lot if I wasn't to get sick this year. Sophomore year (now a senior) I was throwing up most of the time because of all the germ issues that come with football, and I definitely don't want to have to endure that miserableness again. 2/days suck ass to begin with, throw in frequent vomiting and you've got a recipe for hell. Also, I'm a second-gen English major in the making, so I could throw in some pretty adjectives here and there in the log.

    Thanks for the shot.

  16. Keep em coming...I believe we're going to be going over these this weekend, and deciding next week.
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Keep em coming...I believe we're going to be going over these this weekend, and deciding next week.
    Cool man, I'm currently logging this, but would welcome another bottle to log in for another 4 weeks

  18. Very good apps so far everyone. As dsade said, this will remain open until sunday night.....so last minute people get them in.

    We'll choose the winners early next week.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  19. Bump for my boy trauma. And cuz I got nuttin better to do on a friday night.

  20. Ignore my app.
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  21. Oh and my Lg elbow log will be over very shortly
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Ignore my app.
    Why's that rod?

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  23. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Addition: ANyone with IBS or ulcer problems would certainly be very desirable.
    What about acid reflux?
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  24. Just curious, but why would anyone get disqualified if they've tried IBE epistane? Besides the obvious, a competitor product.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Trauma1 View Post
    Why's that rod?
    Minor shoulder injury. Not sure how long I'll be out of action.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys



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