Testers wanted for T-911 (sublingual SERM and AI) and SLIN (insulin potentiator)

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    Wow the Slin really helped lean me up well!! while takin in well over 1,000 carbs daily and experimenting with dosing this stuff def works!
    what kind of dosing were you doing?

  2. Let me know if testing is still opened. I need to go off cycle of low dose 1 day Halo, 1day DMT, 1 day Tren, 2 days Trib PCT, 1 day off. Looking for a good PCT that's different from Trib type PCTs.

    Great record keeper training & diet. PDA sinc w/ Gmail for easy import to you. Peaked 2 wks ago @ 545 Squat @ 162 lbs. Changing toward mass building cycle for next 6 weeks.

  3. When will slin be available for purchase?

  4. Wow, i like the sound of this, more hot stuff from LG.
    Im going to be using your psarms product at the end of my current cycle, and id love to add this in as well, as i dont want to use glucophage anymore, and anabolic pump is good but not amazing, so ive been trying new things, great news though well done LG!!!



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