Controlled LABS Contest Winners!!!!!!

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    Hells yea. Where are they shipping from? I dont want to sit in totaly school girl anticipation.
    Come on, that's half the fun .. checking the mail-box WITH that 'totally school girl anticipation' !

  2. They ship from NY

  3. has anyones Products come in yet? and if so was it through UPS, regular Mail??

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    has anyones Products come in yet? and if so was it through UPS, regular Mail??
    I think they shipped via UPS. A few guys have gotten their golden finish already, so yours should be there very soon.

  5. i hope so man. i really want to start this before i go out of town. i havent figured out how im going to get them on the plane yet either... What serving sizes are the bottles im getting?

  6. you just have to put them in your luggage not your carry on. the flight is only a couple hours so you'll be fine dosing before the flight and later that nite

  7. I got mine today! I'll start my log on Saturday. Stoked as hell!

  8. hope today is the day. if iget it today ill start today lol

  9. same here. i have legs planned for today. hopefully the CL stuff comes today please please please

  10. oh boy austin do i got a story 4 u 2moro

  11. ?? yeah dude i kept texting you and you never called me back. What happened? PM me

  12. got it in. im stoked. go and sub alrdy!

    drummas cut stack


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