Controlled LABS needs 6 testers for Golden FinisH!!!!

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Lungz View Post
    Lucky picks!

    RR, it's awesome that CL picked you up. It's nice having a knoledgeable and friendy dRep around!

    Thanks my man!!! That means alot to me. I wouldn't rep products I don't beleive in, and for the 5 years I've used CL products not once I have been disappointed. Top notch company for sure.

    It's nice having such a brave soldier on here helping out, for real buddy BTW check out the "Support Your Troops" thread and send me your APO address so I can enter you in for our free product drawing.


  2. Quote Originally Posted by Norwegian View Post
    Man, ya just don't stop do ya ? Never seen anyone this eager before.
    hey listen, I know a great opportunity when it presents itself.

  3. Cool beans.....Congrats everyone
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  4. this is an awesome opportunity with an awesome product



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