Controlled LABS: What's Your Goal?

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  1. awesome very exciteD! you know it will be a good log
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  2. awesome thanks so much

  3. that is so awesome! thanks a bunch RR

    btw. im back in town again....mission trip was amazing

  4. Quote Originally Posted by drummaboyzl View Post
    that is so awesome! thanks a bunch RR

    btw. im back in town again....mission trip was amazing

    Good to hear u had fun man!!! Welcome back to the grind!

  5. Age: 18

    Sex: male

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 220

    Bodytype: atheletic/ extra to love

    Training experience (as much detail as possible.. TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF ! ! WHY should we choose you ! !): I have been training since my sophmore year in high school ( roughly 4 years now) and have yet to see the results I would like.

    Current Training Schedule / Protocol (as much detail as possible):
    Mon- chest and triceps
    Tues- back, biceps and calves
    wed- legs
    Thur- shoulders and forarms
    Friday- biceps and triceps

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol (as much detail as possible):
    20 minutes eliptical before each work out and 4 miles on saturdays

    Current supplements (exact brand/product name):
    GNC 100% Whey Protein
    GNC Amplified Creatine 189
    GNC L-Glutamine

    Current Diet and macros (as much detail as possible): 6 meals a day. High protein low fats and average carb intake

    Current Daily water intake: around 1.5 gallons

    Which GOAL / Products your applying for:
    Tester/Goal #2 : Fat Loss/Cut
    REDuction + Blue UP stimfree

    ANY and ALL Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs: none

    Supplement history (as much detail as possible): same as current supplements

    Other product reviews / logs you have done (with links): none

    Current / Progress Photos: yes

    Can you post "before" and "after" photos (yes or no):yes

    Disclaimer: I have read the terms above completely. I agree to them 100%. I do NOT have a medical condition. I do NOT feel that I MAY have a medical condition. I do not have symptoms of ANY medical condition. I will be able to start my log / review the week of ____7/10_________, 2008 and my log / review will last at least 40 days including a final review of the product.

  6. superman this contest is over, just an fyi

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Reaper329 View Post
    superman this contest is over, just an fyi
    lol i didnt want to be the one to tell him

  8. Superman keep your eyes open there will be more contests.........soon......... ................


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