AN needs 3 Creatine NON-RESPONDERS

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  1. Lightbulb AN needs 3 Creatine NON-RESPONDERS

    Creatine not work on you?

    Then Applied Nutriceuticals wants you! log Neovar Recomped.

    We WILL see to it quickly that your mind is changed about creatine!

    Please apply here in this thread, and keep non-application chatter to a minimum. We'll choose minimum 3 people by the end of next week. No set application..... I just want YOU to convince ME of why you would be a good choice. Please include any creatine products you have used previously as well. Minimum 3 updates per week required, before/after pics not required but will be taken into consideration in the selection process.

    Questions, holla atcha boy.

  2. I have never really responded to any creatine product. I have tried a few different brands of bulk creatine mono. I tried V12 back in the day when it first came out. I tried EAS Phosphagen Elite, not sure if that worked but I did get something out of it, maybe the beta alanine. I know BA works for me and it has both in creatine mono and BA. I tried CEE when it first came out and got results for about the first week and then nothing. Pretty much given up on all creatine products since then. Once in a while I will try a new brand of bulk creatine mono since I know there are other benifits to creatine mono than stregth gains, plus it is really cheap, so why not use it anyway?. I don't get the bloat that others seem to get from CM. So I'm not really sure what I should expect out of creatine as far as gaining strength.

  3. Are you looking for people that train for strength to log also? Being a powerlifter I would definitely be able to tell as my lifts are recorded weekly. In saying that, depending on the quality of the product, there may be body composition changes also. I've used a few fancy creatine products (SizeOn, Cell-Mass, V-12 etc. etc.) and they weren't worth it. I noticed NOTHING. I'd be interested in trying your product/s. I'm just under 6' and around body fat is around 18%. I can post a current picture once I get home from work.

  4. Well I'm currently using that cell mass and have been for 7 weeks,i have not seen anything close to what it says on bottle.I fell for the hype and i hung in there this long just because it says it may take more time to work for diff. people.You would honestly think by now i would be seeing these great (RONNIE) results or at least thats what the bottle told me LMAO.Before that I dumped a truck load of money into the KRE-ALKALYN hype,I used a product by BIOCEUTICAL RESEARCH.This product did'nt do anything special thats why i switched.The one before that was well actually everything that GNC I'm considered a hardgainer but dang man if the creatine is good you should see something good happening even if its a lil weight or strengh gain.That brings up another I used CELL-TECH, yeah i gained the 7 poinds in 7 days ,but it was all water, big surprise and the sugar in that stuff gave me more energy and strengh than its creatine content ever could.

    Well back to the main point I WOULD LOVE to try your product.I can only hope it works because i've almost gave up on creatine SO CHANGE MY MIND ,maybe this is the ONE.I run honest logs and would post before an after pics.Thanks for your consideration.

  5. i have a long time without taking any creatine but ive taken the following:

    regular gnc monohydrate
    cell tech
    vpx cex
    san v12
    universal storm

    The gnc monohydrate didnt do much for me it was my first creatine so maybe I didn't drink enough water to see my body change at least a bit. No strength change.

    On the cell tech I did gain a few pounds and looked a bit fuller but damn it had mad sugar. I didn't see any strength increase.

    vpx cex tasted amazingly horrible and I didnt notice jack sh/t

    san v12 was my favorite of the bunch. It gave me pretty good pumps and wood. I did look fuller on it, gained about 2 pounds on it. No strength increase in weights but a few more reps on some exercises.

    storm did help me push a few extra reps out but I did double dose it. I bought 2 bottles of it and used them consecutively. I really did expect more from it but the price and amount of servings is pretty good so it alright but not as potent as I expected.

    21yrs old, 5,11" 170lbs down from 185 because I stopped training to get Lasik(i did take more time off than I had too), Pushing to gain 5-10 pounds withn the next 30-45days.

  6. Prior creatine use: Various bulk mono's, Omega sports cre-ethyl thunder, and Controlled labs Green Bulge

    Creatine Results: Nada, except possibly slightly elevated muscular endurance on prolabs mono.

    Estimated start date if selected: first or second week of July.

    Current training protocol/goals: Maximal muscular power and endurance. Will probably be starting to train MMA at a more serious level in the next month or two as well.
    Usually use a 3-4 day split with focus on compound, heavy movements in the 1-5 rep range with one or two HIIT cardio sessions mixed in.

    General info about me: been training consistently for past 3 years, quality of training has hopefully gone up through that time. I'm 5'6" 160 and will be looking to start competing in either powerlifting, MMA or most likely a combination of both. I also have a love for Oly lifting and have a goals to clean and jerk 225 by the end of the year.
    I'm also currently studying to become a NSCA CSCS and plan to make the move from the business world to the athletic training world over the next 3 months.

    If chosen to log Neovar recomped I would base my results on increases in strength, muscular endurance, improvements in recovery and work output and improvements in body composition. Updating a daily log would not be a problem.

    Anymore info needed just let me know.

  7. By non-responders, how about People who bloat up? That's me! I take creatine, I balloon up bad, mainly in the belly. It's like beer in a pill!

  8. Creatine products used: Pro-perfomance,cell mass,weider 1200,cell tech and controlled labs green magnitude plus plenty of other ones.

    Creatine Results:Well results were mixed between the diff. brands,but mostly water retention was only thing they produced.I've never seen the awesome results that many have claimed to get from creatine supplementation.So i'm hoping your product will back up the claims.

    Personal Info: I'm 6'1 196 29years old.I've been training off and on sence high school,but for last year been training seriously with great results no thanks to creatine(lol).I've ran a few logs on this site,so you can check them out.I run honest,detailed logs.I will post daily for how ever long the supplement lasts and wll post pic's on bi-weekly basis.I appreciate this opportunity and will do my very best if chosen to run log for you Thanks.

  9. CE2 (can't remember the type)
    Cell-Tech (CEE)
    Body Fortress (creatine mono)
    higher power (creatine mono)
    BSN No-Xplode (can't remember type)

    i am a creatine NON responder. CEE makes me feel not as beat up post workout, but just as sore the next day, No-Xplode got me jacked up on energy, but 1g of b-12 (transporting agent) does that too. i've never gained weight on any creatine product, but i used to remember people saying it should be the staple of your workout stack, so i kept trying them.

    i work out 5x a week, 181 lbs, 5'9" 31 years old 10% bf - i take my workouts seriously - all supersets, no breaks, in and out in 45 minutes.
    M- chest/shoulders
    T- legs/back
    W- arms
    Th- HIIT
    F- legs/back (weak point training)

    prior log: Acl Tren Extreme Cycle

  10. Well, I've tried Fusion Purple K, Cellmass, bulk creatine mono, and various types of creatine in pre-workout products (albeit probably not in huge concentrations) and I've seen very little in terms of results.

    In fact, I didn't notice anything from any of the above products but the creatine mono, and I stopped taking it because it was giving me quite an upset stomach. I have been reading about neovar recomped and I think it might be the solution for my creatine issues, so I would be really interested in trying it!

  11. Yo Lan, a friend of mine is interested in Neovar but refuses to buy it because he has never responded to creatine. He also seen me use it and it still hasnt convinced him even with the fat loss/strength gains I experienced. I really want to make him a believer as he talks creatine down so much most of my other friends are convinced its crap too. Hes used Mono and CEE and nothin. I know he was dosing it right too because we took it at the same time. I got me a bottle comin in the mail. Im so excited. I love this stuff! Good luck on making your decision mang!

  12. Will you choose the 3 soon?

  13. well i never seem to respond to any creatine..especially not neovar... SIKE

  14. I haven't really ever responded to any type of Creatine. I have half of a bottle of the original Neovar sitting right here. I didn't really see or feel as if I was responding to it. I've had the Recomped in my Nutra shopping cart for quite some time now.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    well i never seem to respond to any creatine..especially not neovar... SIKE
    Smartass! LOL. . You sir officially get hit with the ASS stamp for that...


    Just messing with ya

    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by SamBoz19 View Post
    Smartass! LOL. . You sir officially get hit with the ASS stamp for that...


    Just messing with ya

    now thats comical posting good sir. haha. oh conan o'brian. what a beast all i have to say is...
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    now thats comical posting good sir. haha. oh conan o'brian. what a beast all i have to say is...
    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.

  18. Well, I've used a variety of creatines:

    Original Neovar (Not a fan of CEE), Size-on, Clout, Xceed. Mono, GreenMag, and Purple K.

    Out of those, Mono has been my favorite, but even then, I got very little in terms of results. The other products have always been a blend of things, which has made them effective in other ways, but never anything terribly creatine driven.

    The reason I would love to try Neovar recomped is because I loved the insulin mimicker properties of the first one (great stuff), but was not a fan of the CEE. With the addition of mono and the new form of creatine (which I have not tried), I am actually excited about a creatine product for once.

    I can post before/afters, will be bulking, and eat a ton of carbs, so it would be a great fit.
    NSCA-CSCS and CPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy

  19. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    it wasn't me! oh wait, this isn't an accusation of adultery? nevermind

  20. I just spent the last hour watching Conan on this page....

  21. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    I just spent the last hour watching Conan on this page....
    Conan is classic stuff. LOL. Leno and Letterman don't have sh*t on Conan...hahahah.
    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    I just spent the last hour watching Conan on this page....

    You can watch full episodes on NBC.COM.

  23. Oh yeah I forgot to mention...I respond better to chicken than I do to creatine. Chicken is also cheaper.

  24. Will the 3 winners be picked soon,I very excited about trying this I hope I'M one of them,which I'm sure everyone
  25. Creatine NO-RESPONDER

    I have tried many types of creatine starting back with EAS Phosphagen then the many types of creatine monohydrate
    have tried many of the premixed types capsule forms also tried many of the transport ssytem ones ended with the latest one cree-extreme creatine ethyl ester hcl

    never seemed to get anything from it but bloating

    if you pick me i am willing to try it and log it


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