The Ulitmate Joint Repair and Muscle Repair Cream

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  1. The Ulitmate Joint Repair and Muscle Repair Cream

    About to be released by LG...

    we want 12 testers...

    If you have - chronic pain in a muscle or a joint, post here and we will send you a bottle of our joint and muscle repair cream...

    Current testers -

    42 year old - bad knee - totally pain free in 1 week

    52 year old - bad back - totally pain free in 9 days

    26 year old - bad shoulder - totally pain free and full movement in 4 days

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST - ME - Chronic Neck Pain - 90% pain reduction in 4 hours!!!

    Post away boys and let's get some feedback! DO NOT PM ME!

    Testers will be chosen by our board reps

  2. 19 year old (I know I am to young to be this messed up lol).

    Bad lower back (herniated disc/bulging discs) ~ hoping I can manage the issues until next Spring to hold off on microdiscetomy until then. Dealing with it since last year, and have had a couple of epidurals. I don't know if this cream would offer any relief on that.

    Knee: I am very active; running, basketball, aka massive loads and pressure on my knees. I have noticed some issues with them because when I was younger I had developed jumpers knee. It can hinder my ability to go all out in sporting games and can even both me on ATG squats.

    Not sure if this cream could offer help for myself (mainly back issue) but figured I would see (since the pain is from the joints but maybe not necessarily the application for this product).

    Oh and this is all exacerbated by my refusal to take any type of NSAID pain relievers. Always like to try/find alternative measures.

  3. 30 yrs old
    bad knees
    Broke by tibia in 9th grade going up for a dunk.
    Doctor says i have the knees of an 80 year old (Arthritis).
    I still try to play basketball but I can only play once every few weeks.
    My other knee went bad compensating for the other leg.
    I can not not back squat, lung or leg press. so my legs are falling way behind the rest of my body.

  4. I'd be most interested in taking it for a spin. Had to have my right ankle re-constructed after gettting it jacked in a hold and needless to say, it hasn't been the same since. Also, my right shoulder has been somewhat troublesome since it got dislocated on more than one occasion. I too refuse to take NSAID's lile OCCFan023, since I prefer the most natural way as possible. I'm 36, so I've tried numerous treatments and remedies, and everyone seems to work just a little better than the last, hope this is the case here. I'd have no problem whatsoever writing an un-biased log on it. Thanks!!

  5. I am 35 years old. I have had problems that seem to come and go with my knees. My doctor diagnosed me with Patellla femoral pain syndrome a few years back,

    The patella, commonly referred to as the "knee cap", and its tendon transmit power from the quadriceps to the lower leg. Normally, as the knee bends, the patella slides smoothly along a groove in the thigh bone. However, under certain conditions the patella may experience forces which push it against the sides of the groove, causing pain. Additionally, inflammation and roughening of the smooth underside of the patella may occur. Collectively, this process is referred to as patellofemoral syndrome (PFS). Some of you may be familiar with the older term, chondromalacia patella.

    PFS is one of the most common causes of knee pain in runners. The pain is usually located in the front part of the knee, but may be on the inside, outside, or vaguely located. The pain can feel either sharp or dull, and is often made worse by squatting or walking down stairs. Sometimes there is grinding or clicking. Predisposing factors include,

    Training errors - excess hill work, stairs, or too much distance
    Biomechanical abnormalities - overpronation, "knock knees", poor pelvic control
    Muscle tightness - calf, hamstrings, iliotibial band, or vastus lateralis.
    Muscle weakness - vastus medialis obliquus (VMO), gluteus

    This comes and goes and gets worse and better. I was told to avoid exercises that put pressure on the knees, like squats and avoid "impact" exercise.

    A few years later after that, about 6-8 months ago, I started having "crunching" noises in my knees. Both knees make a crunching/grinding noise when I bend. You can hear me doing leg extensions at the gym. Everytime I extend my knees out to lift the weight you hear -- Crunching!. I even hear it when I walk down stairs. Funny thing is I thought it was the stairs creaking, turns out it was me!. The wife just says its gross.

    So I went to the doctor for that problem and got X-rays. They said I have the begining of arthritis. At this point I don't have to take medication because I don't have pain. The crunching noise is because of the wearing away of cartilidge. Both my parents take medication for arthritis, and also have problems with their knees. I will get sharp shooting pains in either knee once in a while when I walk. Pretty much I just deal with it for now. I have been doing more cardio lately and now BOTH problems are acting up again.

  6. I pick me
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  7. 24 Years Old.
    6 feet 210 lbs.

    All injuries due to kickboxing.
    Medial meniscus damage on left knee.
    Tendonosis along left distal ulna.
    Two seperations of left acromioclavicular joint.
    Grade three tear of the right biceps femoris.

    I will provide an unbiased and brutally honest review.
    Thank you.
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  8. Oh man... PLEASE PICK ME.

    I want to get it for my woman. She has two bad knees from being a catcher for softball, and gymnastics. The pain is completely debilitating for her at times. I will have her report to me, and report back to you all.

    Here are her stats.
    25 Years old
    129/130 pounds

    Most likely needs surgery, but has to wait 8 more months for her rider on her knees to expire for her insurance. This would be a HUGE lifesaver.

    The Historic PES Legend

  9. Im a 38 year-old man whos been lifting seriously for 23 years. My right shoulder has suffered numerous sports injuries, resulting in tendinosis of the supraspinatus. This has significantly restricted my exercise selection, even to the point of avoiding all pushing/pressing exercises for extended periods of time (despite physical therapy, ultrasound, prolotherapy, stim therapy, Active Release Therapy, trigger point therapy, Cissus, and truckloads of ice). If a product like this could allow me to consistently push/press with relative comfort (and feel like a normal, balanced trainee again!), Id be a customer for life!

  10. I'm 21 years old. I have had chronic elbow pain for years. This has hindered the growth of my triceps. Any pushing exercise has become very painful. It has kept my bench press numbers down and keeps my physique from looking well rounded and proportioned. It has kept me from reaching my full potential, which is very dissatisfying. I have tried cissus and glucosamine to no avail. In order to meet my goals I need a means to fix my elbows.

  11. Left knee trouble. Can't squat.
    (Detaile some in my X-factor log - if you'd like to read.)

  12. 43 years old
    240 lbs
    Mostly into the power movements. 3 left knee surgeries. Chronic upper back problem since 18 with 3 to 4 bad flair ups per year. Partially torn right biceps tendon several years ago. Cortisone shot helped with that one. At my age and level of activity, these things hurt more often than not. An alternative to NSAID's would be a welcome relief.

  13. I fight for leisure and supplemental income and, as a result, I have constant nagging injuries. My current maladies are:
    left patella tendinitis
    achilles tendinitis on both legs
    bone bruise on left fibula
    strained right rotator cuff
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  14. Not sure if tendon problems count but....

    I have had extreme and limiting pain in my left ankle area for over two years now. PT has helped a bit. Now it is chronic icing everyday till so that I can continue boxing. The problem is not the joint per se but the tendons around the joint.

    I'm 33, been boxing and lifting for 18 years.


  15. Bad shoulder. Doc said some tendonitis, some arthritis, nothing major, but he hit me with a cortisone shot anyway, since nothing else was working. shot doesn't seem to work either. I'm 53.

    why me? i'm a writer doing a story for one of the largest publications in the world -- a story that is, in fact, going to take me halfway around the world to engage in a few extreme sports. if my shoulder stays in the same shape it is now, i'm going to be in some dire straits, i can warrant ye that.

    When am I leaving? In 20 short days ....

  16. Sounds to be a great product LG!

    I say give it to Mr. Adams for his woman.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Trauma1 View Post
    Sounds to be a great product LG!

    I say give it to Mr. Adams and his woman.

    I need all the help I can to keep her on her knee's!!!

    The Historic PES Legend

  18. Any hints as to the ingredient profile LG?

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  19. Quote Originally Posted by DAdams91982 View Post

    I need all the help I can to keep her on her knee's!!!

    Man i had something all lined up too LOL, but you nailed it there lolol.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Trauma1 View Post
    Man i had something all lined up too LOL, but you nailed it there lolol.
    It had to be said!

    The Historic PES Legend

  21. Interesting...
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  22. How about if you havve Achilles Tendonitus in both of your legs?? Such as I -.- Painful and I cant train like I so desire to. I have had it for 2 months with no real improvement ATM.

    Im 21 and 1/2 and am otherwise healthy save for those two muscles.

    Sure would like to try something if it could really help muscle repair..
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  23. 31- Male

    Chronic hx of a bad tendon in my right forearm (medial epicondilytis).

    It was going great but I strained it somehow 2 weeks ago. I've done PT, NSAIDs, Prolotherapy, and Oratropin in the past. (no more Oratropin )

    If it works for tendons I'm in.

  24. I just tore my achilles tendon - it's a partial rupture, interstitial - pick me so I don't have to spend 4 months wearing a boot!

  25. Cool, keep them coming and I will get some testers for people to log.


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