The Ulitmate Joint Repair and Muscle Repair Cream

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  1. Never enough
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    Quote Originally Posted by djl View Post
    Rotator Cuff ills.
    oh yeah, I forgot that. I can incline press as much (for 1rm) as I can flat press, because rotator cuff pain is what limits me, not muscle.
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  2. 55 yrs old Competed in NPC 84-94
    Blew left ACL after cut block in football;
    Replaced after twenty years. No cartilage left, arthritic.
    Somedays okay, some like kneeling on an icepick.
    Quality of life is low.

  3. Any idea when the 12 will be selected? I'm really excited that i might be able to get on board with this stuff,my work-outs will thank

  4. Ill be picking the 12 tonight!
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  5. Never enough
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    man what a collection we all are. its amazing that we still lift weights. Paraphrasing Niko , if we were horses, most of us would have made our way into dog food at this point.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by 3clipseGT View Post
    Ill be picking the 12 tonight!
    Dont forget my app!!!!

    Yea its amazeing how many of us to have injuries and we still do what we do. My wife gives me crap at times about "just" lifting or "just" playing baseball etc... when I say something is sore.

    Claiming her old store manager's job put a lot of stress on her body, probably more than I did on mine
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  7. Bad right shoulder, with prolonged use it aches and throbs when I put it through any ROM. Started up about 6 months ago, cissus has provided some relief but it still hurts pretty bad. Also, lower back hurts like a &##$% most of the time. It gets so bad that I'll sneeze and feel like I just threw out my back. I'd love to be a tester for this. I'd gladly do a log and whatever else LG requires.

    Thanks for the opportunity fellas!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Pseudonymous View Post
    Damn, we're all Gimps!

    Reading all this makes it look like a list of casualties.

  9. This is indeed timely. if you look at my log you'll see I'm not doing biceps or forearms and today have cut out certain exercise(any chest press, any shoulder press)

    It started two years ago with inner left elbow(Golfers elbow) Ive tryed cissus and many things. this is my major certain. I have minor knee issues and body issuies that creak and ache for time to time; I dont consider these major though. this is because it's limiting my musclegains and ability to train.

    I'm on Naproxen(Nsaid)
    mega dose fish oil
    Hydrolurionic acid
    Flexall 16 % menthol every night before bed
    Physical therapy
    and I see a specialist

    what is the active ingredient(s) ?
    Last edited by John Smeton; 06-05-2008 at 01:34 AM. Reason: flexall every night before bed
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by smeton_yea View Post

    what is the active ingredient(s) ?
    It's all of my collected semen from when I was running Formadrol/Trib Xtreme and pSARM....its a cure all
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    It's all of my collected semen from when I was running Formadrol/Trib Xtreme and pSARM....its a cure all
    I hope the gentlemen that extracted it was gentle.

    "Did I say two fingers? Better make it three."

  12. oh boy winners choosen tonight...haha cant wait. i love trying out the different joint and muscle pain relievers.

  13. I'd laugh at how banged up we all are....if it didn't hurt to laugh. Haha. Guess it's true, no pain, no gain.

  14. Here they are guys!

    Mr. 50

    Outside of JMH80and EasyEJL send me your addys!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  15. Thanks a lot LG!!

    I'm really excited about this!
  16. Never enough
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    My aching back and knees thank you particularly now that i've figured out a way to force myself to do cardio (bought a new bicycle to ride with my older daughter daily)
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  17. Sweet! Can't wait for this!

  18. I am super excited! and my boxing opponents are super distressed!


  19. awesome! very excited GT!

  20. I'll be the first to say BOOOOO....(not really...I'm just jealous)

    hope this stuff works great for everyone...I'll be paying attention to see everyone's reports.

    Good Luck

  21. Oh hell yeah... see what it can do for my girl. Cissus didnt help, so hope this has good results!!!

    The Historic PES Legend

  22. Thanks, for this opportunity,when can we expect package on east pm'd addy.

  23. bump.

    Any idea when these will be going out?

  24. curious as well

  25. Get on Eric hes the one shipping!!
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  26. tattoopierced1
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    what about post op stuff? I had a full laberal tear in my shoulder that I had artheroscopy on last year, but it still gives me problems with pain at times, and goes numb at certain times at night.

  27. Did you email me the list yet?

  28. waiting as well...
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  29. went out today...

  30. Good stuff.... thanks alot LG.

    The Historic PES Legend

  31. Can't wait to see how the reviews look, sure it will be good.

  32. Quote Originally Posted by LegalGear View Post
    went out today...
    Much obliged! I can't wait my ankles/achilles need it!

    Please advise us on how you would like us to proceed as far as reporting results and the format!



  33. Hey LG I got a question for ya.

    What do you think of this stuff applied to the knees? I have some serious Osgood Slaughters on both knees and also recently during basketball games my knees (a little above the osgoods, or the bumps since it is also jumpers knees) have been killing me. Would this cream be effectively used if applied to the knee cap/just under or is that not the intended purpose?

  34. My knees, ankles, and shoulders thank you.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  35. Never enough
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    i can't wait
    Animis Rep

  36. I got mine today. It smells strong whatever it is.

    How is it recommended to do this?

    Do I rub it on before workouts?

    Do i cut the flexall 16 % out at night before bed and use this?

    Do you use this instead of heat (before) and Ice (after)?

    or simply rub it on upon waking and before bed?
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  37. Stop using other stuff obviously. Rub it on twice a day at least to the problem areas. Can you guys keep a log in the logs forum?

  38. log?

    Consider it done. I'll start as soon as I can.

  39. sure...not really sure how to log this...just say what we feel after our workouts? When and how much should we apply on?


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