Tampa FL area AMers

  1. Tampa FL area AMers

    I'll be at the Vitamin Shoppe on South Dale Mabry today 4/19handing out samples of RPM + Drive from 12-3. Also next saturday 4/26 assuming my wife doesn't go into labor between now and then i'll be at the brandon VS from 12-3, and the Citrus Park one from 4-7

  2. Cool - I'm right down the road in Valrico, will pop in Saturday the 26th.

  3. Ok just to bump this, even tho we had the baby i'll still be at the VS demos tomorrow so brandon from 12-3 and citrus park from 4-7

  4. Congrats on the baby!!!

  5. Easy, you live in tampa?

  6. Yeah, in new tampa, near the county line to pasco

  7. bahh... used to live there - 3 years ago - worked in ybor city, lived in soho next to berns steak house. now i'm back in earthquake country (cali).

  8. Cali is the place to be! We got it all! I love it here.

  9. ****ttt, I wish I would have seen this before!! I live in Seminole..

  10. I'll be in the lakeland store the 17th of may, and the brandon store the 24th. I'll try to continue to use this same thread for updates

  11. hell yeah, I'll be there...any chance you can pm me directions? I am pretty new to the area and don't really know my way around. I live on park so I pretty much live on 275.

  12. sure the brandon store is easy to get to. Still quite a haul tho. Probably closest I get is the Dale Mabry store, just didn't get to schedule one in time for may


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