FREE HYPERTROP-X (must complete log that's it)

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  1. Age 18
    Weight 187 lbs
    Height 6'2''
    BF% approx 11

    Been lifting again hardcore for almost 3 months after a year break. I am currently taking whey protein and creatine. My recomp is over and im lookin to build. BIG.
    I love stims and have tried several, i would gladly exploit all effects i feel from HYPERTROP-X accurately and honestly

    heres my first sponsored log
    dboyzls virgin log
    and heres my current log
    dboyzl movin up

  2. Quote Originally Posted by LazeDragon View Post
    If you haven't applied and are reading this....APPLY



    Anyone received HyperTrop-X yet?
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  3. nope
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  4. Got it friday LD, though I'm sure you saw that on the other thread

  5. recieved 2 bottles today, I'll run 4 per day I might double up and see if a loading pulse will do anything. 6 weeks before I head to the Bay for a short intense 10 day salmon trip, Done riding for the winter so now its work work work.

  6. got mine intoday. i have to finish up my log i ahve going now and then the show is On!!
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