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  1. Just read her long on, pretty good, I need to be a tester next time...

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Siciliana 1 View Post
    Do you guys offer free samples of this product? If so, how can I get some, I dont want to take anything that will make me lose my chest,lol...
    At this time we do not have samples sadly, but hopefully will have some more made in a coupe months. Keep an eye out in the NEWS section of our forum to know when we will have them back!

    And don't worry, none of our products will make you lose your chest, actually on the contrary!!:bruce3:

  3. Thank you very much, that was a main concern of mine,lol...

  4. The Eagle has landed.

    Congrads to Eagle, he is our last winner of this promotion!

  5. awesome congrats eagle! youll love it!
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