Seeking Nimbus Product Testers

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  1. Seeking Nimbus Product Testers

    Once again and just in time for spring training and all those new routines, Nimbus Nutrition is seeking 2 testers to run a 30day log on either Blast or Swell.

    If your interested and to be considered you must post your stats, any past logs you've done, which one your interested in, and why you feel you may benefit from Swell or Blast. Please also include all current supplements your taking and any other pertinent information you would like us to consider. Offer available to US citizens only(sorry John).

    Remember, these are seperate logs which means we will be choosing two(count'em TWO!!) individuals to each log a seperate product.

    We look forward to hearing from all who apply. Now get those application's in!!(Deadline: Friday, March 21)
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  2. Height: 5'10"

    Weight: (morning) 175lbs

    Current supplementation: Yellow Gold only.

    Dietary breakdown:

    6 meals on a 45/35/20 split

    3600kcals on Upper/3750 on Lower/3500 on Rest days

    Past logs:

    (personal and obviously unsponsored)

    (these are both one-shot reviews as opposed to logs)


    I'm training on an athletic performance based regime right now. I incorporate explosive/dynamic movements in all my workouts, and I can fatigue easily doing this. Ideally, I'd like to try Swell for this purpose, but would really enjoy either product!

  3. Age: 27

    Weight: 193

    Body type: Ecto/Meso

    Training experience: Been training for the past 3-4 years now.

    Training Schedule/Protocol: I train 3-5 days a week. I have just started a push/pull workout schedule to try a new approach.

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol: I do cardio for roughly 15 minutes after each of my workouts. Typically HIIT

    Prescription/Recreational drugs: Nasacort AQ

    Medical Condition(s): None

    Current Supplements: Muscle Milk, whey, multi, super cissus, hemodraulix

    Please provide links to other logs you have kept:
    P-Slin/Diesel Test Hardcore/Raw Test Log
    P-Slin Log (Not Sponsored)
    Get Diesel R4W + AN Drive Log
    AN DRIVE LOG by Joebo
    Hemodraulix Log - - Joebo

    Would you be able to post your log on one other forum: No a problem

    Would you be willing and able to post before and after pictures in your log: If needed i would

    WHY should we select YOU? Because you didn't select me last time and you felt really bad about it and want to clear your mind.......maybe? I give honest feedback and will post at least 5 times per week.

    I'm currently logging Hemodraulix, but by the time you select people for this log I will be over 1/2 way through. I would be interested in Swell. Towards the end of my hemodraulix log I could add this in or just wait until the very end which would probably be around the time I would receive your product.

  4. Nice Start!!
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  5. I've been using the Poseidon complex in its various forms for my triathlon training and now I won't train without it. Stark improvements in performance and recovery that now I'm going to do a half ironman in a few weeks. Any endurance athletes out there should give this a shot as you'll be pleasantly surprised with the difference it will make.

  6. Application Information:
    Age: 18

    Gender: male

    Weight: 182

    Interested in: BOTH! any opportunity i get to try new products I will take. Alhough i would prefer swell over blast.

    Training experience: lifting for last 3 years on and off. getting back into it pretty hardcore again. I follow a structured diet
    and a regular workout routine. I am training hard in hopes of competeing in a competition sometime.

    Current Training Goals: trying to put on AT LEAST 10 lbs of lbm, break all my current rep/ weight maxs. decrease my BF%.

    Training Schedule/Protocol: warmup each day
    M-chest, bicep
    T-tricep, back, traps
    W-ABs, legs
    Th-chest, cardio, light triceps
    F-bicep, ABs
    Sat-tricep, back, traps
    Sun-legs, ABs, light biceps
    *Bench 5x5 60%-100%
    *Incline 5x5 " "
    *Decline 5x5 " "
    *DB flys 4x12
    *French press 4x12
    *Skullcrushers 4x12
    *Negatives to fail at 130% 3-4 seconds each
    **supersets in between lifts with curls 4x8

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol: run 1-2 miles daily to get blood flowin, great cardio workout nightly, hardcore ab workout 2x-3x a week

    Medical Condition(s): none

    Current Supplements: none

    Supplement History:

    Please provide links to other logs you have kept: none (yet)

    Provide a log: Will provide a day to day log with pictures once a week

    How i should benefit: Being as i have never used any supplements before i would be able to notice any difference(s) that it would cause in me. Since i'm not fully reconditioned to hardcore lifting again yet i feel that Swell would help me to recover after tearing my muscles and growing weight quickly, not to mention the pumps it should bring. As far as Blast goes the mental stimulation/concentration would only help me to focus and workout harder and longer to obtain a better workout.

  7. Age - 21
    Gender - Male
    Training - Crossfit inspired weights, and 5K race/endurance training
    Current Supplements - Posidon, Beta-Alanine, Cordygen5, NHA stack... dropping NHA in 2 weeks and commencing Methoxy/Ecdy/Ipriflavone stack.

    Reason for applying - About 2 1/2 months out from my chance to complete the second phase of Officer Candidate School, and I'm going to be bringing my workouts to the next level until then. Have NEVER found a stimulant that cooperated completely with endurance training, which is why Blast interests me (Posidon content). Even coffee, which is what I have been using, leaves you feeling dehydrated after some time into the session. Ideally, this product seems like the only stimulant that could work for endurance training.

  8. dammit ive wanted to try swell since it was launched

    maybe ill toss my hat into the ring ive got plenty of free time

    29 years old
    6'3 226 lbs

    b/f using accumeasure calpers 11.5%

    10 yrs training. Currently using Eric Brosers Power / Rep range / Shock training 4 days a week

    Brazillian Ju Jit su On mon wed and fri from 8-10pm

    Macro's 50/30/20

    Current supp usage Basics ( protein mutli v) Drive and RPM to be replaced by SWELL if selected Deployed blogging

  9. Wow strong applications!

    It will be good to see some more logs on these products. I am using both products at the moment ( Blast review done, Swell to come shortly ) and am curious to see how other people find them.

    Both great products, you will not be disappointed!

  10. great opportunity guys

  11. Yep, looking good fellers. Keep'em coming.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  12. Great oppertunity guys!!!!!

    BLAST is the ish.

    Distilled Water runs to cuddle his tub
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    Great oppertunity guys!!!!!

    BLAST is the ish.

    Distilled Water runs to cuddle his tub
    LOL, your log on Blast really raised the bar DW.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  14. Gimme a shot and I'll prove it

    I'd like to volunteer to test Swell.

    5'8", 173 Lbs, several years lifting experience with the last 3 months my most serious.

    Current training: High weight, low reps 4xweek
    -Chest and Back
    -Arms and shoulders
    -chest and back again

    current sups: fish oil megadosing, green tea, crea mono., NO shotgun pre-workout.

    Why pick me: I will happily stop taking any of my current sups during the logging period. I will log as often as you want. I have a great degree of self-knowledge so I can monitor the effects in detail. I'll happily post before and after pics. And I am a published author with a graduate degree so you are guaranteed that I can write something that is easy to read.

    What I'll get: I am on a clean bulk and I've got another 7-10 pounds of LBM to go on my goal. I am looking for something more effective and less nauseating than NO Shotgun to help boost my workouts.

  15. Stats: 18, 150 lbs, 8-12 % BF

    Body type: Mesomorph

    Training experience: Training for about 2 years. HARD traning about a year. Wrestling, MMA, Kyuki do, Football, track, and powerlifting. Pretty much have non stop training throughout the year.

    Training Schedule/Protocol:
    I run THe Bill Starr 5x5 workout with various sets and excercises added in. I also run a 1 mile warmup, and 4 miles where it says cardio.
    M- squat, bench, row
    T- OFF, cardio, Abs
    W- squat, incline, deadlift
    TH- OFF, cardio, abs
    F- Squat, bench, row
    S- Cardio, traps, abs, calves
    Su- OFF abs
    Cardio Schedule/Protocol: 1-2 miles as a warmup before each session, on cardio days ai run between 4-6 miles

    Prescription/Recreational drugs: N/A

    Medical Condition(s): N/A

    Current Supplements: ATW whey, IntraXcell & Intrabolic

    Please provide links to other logs you have kept:
    TexasLifter puttin on the swoleness of the IntraStack (AEN)

    Would you be able to post your log on one other forum: Yes sir, any you please

    Would you be willing and able to post before and after pictures in your log: yes i do in all my logs, as well as i try to update picture weekly

    WHY should we select YOU?
    - I am determined/ focused in the weight room
    - I give honest feedback
    - I update frequently as well as detail
    - I work my butt off in the Gym
    - I like progress
    - I work in the Nutrition/ Supplement industry so i can help promote @ work.
    - I want to try your products!
    - I want to look sexy for the ladies during summer!!!!
    - I am a devoted bodybuilder-in-process
    ** I am currently running a sponsored log for AEN on Intrabolic & IntraXcell. I will be almost done by the time this is chosen (exact date march 3)

    which i would prefer: i would prefer swell, because i LOVE Beta aline, have tried poseidon and loved it. this product sounds great and i believe it would help me get AMAZING workouts in every time.

  16. Age: 28

    Weight: 225-230

    Training History: 11 years

    Current Training routine modified westside protocol

    Current supplements P-slin, Powerfull, Waximaze, Drive, Lean Extreme, Alpha Drive, Posiedon, beta-alanine

    I've done logs in the past both sponsored and not for usp labs products, nimbus, alri and prob a few others not coming to mind right now. I'm not

  17. age 25

    weight 457lbs

    bodyfat 2%

    yeah i`m a beast.


  18. holy crap. got pix?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by drummaboyzl View Post
    holy crap. got pix?
    hes kidding lmao

  20. lol i noticed that after i looked at his pro and looked at his photos

  21. Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns View Post
    Offer available to US citizens only(sorry John).
    HAHAHA I think I will survive

  22. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn View Post
    HAHAHA I think I will survive
    wasnt sure if he meant me or

    either way ill survive too..=)

  23. Quote Originally Posted by john123131 View Post
    wasnt sure if he meant me or

    either way ill survive too..=)
    He shoulda said sorry Johns

  24. From what I hear, you both are quite the Johns. *tisk, tisk* prld, I can't believe you're pulling tricks again.


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