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  1. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    29 grams of glycerine i just took

    Sounds like you are going to be working out.

    57 The amount of minutes I bet you will be working out.

  2. 610, cause thats what i lifted on the HS deadlift machine today

  3. Quote Originally Posted by AABigRick View Post
    610, cause thats what i lifted on the HS deadlift machine today
    1-500 big guy =), i guess 337

  4. 140, because that's two 70 lb dumbells in each hand.

  5. I'll say, 21... again.

  6. 25 Old basketball number

  7. 62, my last guess in here for a while =(

  8. 200, I can be here all day guessing. I should probably quit soon lol

  9. 64, causes thats the height of the freakin podium that i have to put an atlas stone on, and i cnat barely reach the top of it.

  10. 35 The age of men who definately need a supplement like this for Testosterone Levels.

    Pretty good marketing strategy, huh?

  11. 456, it comes after 123

  12. 281 city of lean

  13. 369 (3,6,9 The Goose drank wine.)

  14. Quote Originally Posted by SupremeSE View Post
    LOL! Awesome friggin post!


    For a printable copy of this study, please click here: http://www.source-1-global.com/pdfs/...al-Studies.pdf

    Sareena Hanim Hamzah & Ashril Yusof
    Department of Exercise Physiology, Sports Centre, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

    I would say that deserves a bottle. I am still looking for more LJ info.

    66 and personal.

  15. 45 grams of maltodextrin i just mixed up now I am going to move some weight see you all later
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  16. 427 .... Great Chevy Engine! :-)

  17. Quote Originally Posted by edvanp View Post
    427 .... Great Chevy Engine! :-)
    hell yeah i have that in my 1968 stringray. beast man.


  18. 426 Hemi better than 427 Chevy

  19. 428, ford mustang cobra jet

  20. 162 New post since my last visit.

  21. 30 mph how fast i ride my bike down hills


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