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  1. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    29 grams of glycerine i just took

    Sounds like you are going to be working out.

    57 The amount of minutes I bet you will be working out.

  2. 610, cause thats what i lifted on the HS deadlift machine today

  3. Quote Originally Posted by AABigRick View Post
    610, cause thats what i lifted on the HS deadlift machine today
    1-500 big guy =), i guess 337

  4. 140, because that's two 70 lb dumbells in each hand.

  5. I'll say, 21... again.

  6. 241
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  7. 25 Old basketball number

  8. 62, my last guess in here for a while =(

  9. 200, I can be here all day guessing. I should probably quit soon lol

  10. 64, causes thats the height of the freakin podium that i have to put an atlas stone on, and i cnat barely reach the top of it.

  11. 35 The age of men who definately need a supplement like this for Testosterone Levels.

    Pretty good marketing strategy, huh?

  12. 72.
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  13. 456, it comes after 123

  14. 281 city of lean
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  15. 369 (3,6,9 The Goose drank wine.)

  16. 69 :d
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by SupremeSE View Post
    LOL! Awesome friggin post!


    For a printable copy of this study, please click here: http://www.source-1-global.com/pdfs/...al-Studies.pdf

    Sareena Hanim Hamzah & Ashril Yusof
    Department of Exercise Physiology, Sports Centre, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

    I would say that deserves a bottle. I am still looking for more LJ info.

    66 and personal.

  18. 45 grams of maltodextrin i just mixed up now I am going to move some weight see you all later
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  19. 466
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  20. 427 .... Great Chevy Engine! :-)

  21. Quote Originally Posted by edvanp View Post
    427 .... Great Chevy Engine! :-)
    hell yeah i have that in my 1968 stringray. beast man.

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  22. 426 Hemi better than 427 Chevy

  23. 428, ford mustang cobra jet

  24. 162 New post since my last visit.

  25. 30 mph how fast i ride my bike down hills
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