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  1. any bloodwork showing HTPA increase with this yet?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by poopypants View Post
    any bloodwork showing HTPA increase with this yet?
    I've seen this asked a few times now, but haven't seen a response to this.

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by MuscleGuyinNY View Post
    MGNY: Give it to me strait doc.

    Doctor: Just as I suspected.

    MGNY: What is it? Is it the Stids?

    Doctor: No, no. Its your post count. It seems to be growing substantially in a short period of time... like cancer.

    MGNY: Oh that... thats just me whoring for some supplements.

    Tune in next week for another episode of "As the AM.com turns"

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  4. ........46

  5. Seriously?

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  6. its a pity I don't have the attention span to go thru the thread and see what numbers have been posted already. Of the different products, this one is the more interesting

  7. ok I had the patience



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