***Controlled Labs Fitness Journey Contest***

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  1. bump for some more stories!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by cervasa1977 View Post
    great story and keep up all the hard work sounds like it really is paying off.....
    thanks...it sure is

  3. last night people still have some time to get those stories in

  4. dammit, i just saw this post

    can I still enter?

  5. I would like to consider Controlled Labs products a staple in my lifelong fitness goals. I would even consider the company partly responsible for the goals I have achieved one way or another. One of the first “stacks” I ever took was the Green Bulge, White Blood, and Blue RHINO (Up) stack - I was quite the uniformed lifter when I took these, but I was getting great training and diet advice from PU and Tank, and they really helped steer me towards the fitness path I have endured on. It would be really difficult to describe in one paragraph all the results I have seen using CL products, but I have used every product with great success ; when Red Acid gen 1 came out I lost roughly 8 pounds (when I was already extremely lean). I was a huge proponent of glycergrow and purple wraath when they came out and influenced my brother and a few others to the benefits of those products. Green Mag became a staple creatine when it was released, and White Flood instantly became my permanent solution for preworkout NO and stims. Through use of the products and the advice from Tank, PU and the rest of the great guys at CL - my strength , well being, and energy are at the highest they have ever been . Many people talk about the products helping them (which they do) - but I find the advice they give to be even more valuable than the supplements they sell.

    Even if I missed the contest, it is still important for everyone to see what makes the company so successful. Keep up the great work and thank you for all the great advice you have given me so far.

    Btw….this is not shameless plug :-)

  6. here is a photo of my stash right now (minus golden finish which i left at work)
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  7. thanks guys I will hvae the winners up tonight

  8. Wow ! Great responses !!

    Email: pt [at] controlledlabs.com

  9. Since Im 15 and cannot legally win supplements, I hope I win the beanie!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by cervasa1977 View Post
    thanks guys I will hvae the winners up tonight
    whats the word cervasa :bb:
  11. Exclamation

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    whats the word cervasa :bb:
    getting with the rest of the guys and will have the winners up in about 30mins
  12. ***winners Controlled Labs Essay Contest***


    Alright here we go here are the winners. First I must thank everyone for taking the time to takethe time and share with us thier stories. It was a tough and very close contest. For the winners please PM me your contact info and if you won a product which one you want. Thanks agian for all that entered.

    1st Place Any 1 Controlled Lab Product
    Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    First i'll preface this with the fact the picture below is only the CL products i have at the moment, and i have also gone through four tubs of PW and an additional jug of glycergrow. The WF is empty and I am currently on GG. With that said CL has been extremely beneficial in my journey of bodybuilding. It started with Purple Wraath, one of the first supplements I ever purchased. It greatly helped me with recovery and endurance, which was extremely important as i used it while i trained for football. I often used it during practices to help keep me going as well. I used PW so consistently through workouts that my friends began to call me Amino.....and would wonder if something was wrong if my purple drank was missing...PW also led me to begin to research and figure out the ingredients more in depth of my products. This has helped me to become a better consumer. GlycerGrow was used in the past(as well as right now). The first tub i went through provided insane pumps and vascularity. It has become very helpful when i am on lower carb diets trying to cut some fat. Whiteflood was one of the best pre-wo products i ever used and i logged it with X-factor. It was so powerful i only needed a single scoop to achieve great focus!! All these supps are an incredible value which i believe is one of the greatest attributes of CL...great value and no bs ingredients added for no apparent reason. I will continue to use CL products. Finally not only have these products been helpful, but so has the company and its reps. When i had trouble with a product once i had great customer service, and that helps to keep me a faithful customer. Finally reps of CL are very easy to ask ?'s to and give very quick and helpful responses. Keep up the great work!!

    2nd Place Any 1 Controlled Lab Product

    Quote Originally Posted by SpiderMan View Post
    Riding the Rainbow
    My Controlled Labs Fitness Journey

    Due to being a very active child I was always in decent shape. However I was never truly dedicated to working out. I would lift with my high school team just because we had to. I never had the desire to be truly fit.

    Then when I got to college I realized it was time to undertake a hobby. I started by using basic creatine and whey protein. Saw minor gains, but nothing significant. Then due to suggestions of forum members I tried Green Bulge. Well whether this was a placebo effect or GB was one of the best supplements ever IDK, but it set me off into a world I had no idea I would be even interested in.

    Then throughout the past two years I have used various Controlled Labs products, and there has yet to be a single one that I was dissatisfied with. The only supplements I used were Green Bulge/Green MAG until last year when White Flood came out. I now refer to WF as my "gateway" supplement because it made me fall in love with Controlled Labs and the gains their products have helped me accomplish.

    Since high school graduation I have gained 10 pounds and lost significant body fat in two years. CL is undoubtedly a main ingredient to my success. The best example of this is that I could only do 3 pull ups as a Senior in HS. Now 2 years later I can do as many as 12 with 50 lbs hanging between my legs!!

    Pictures of my current CL Products...
    **Blue UP in left bag, OT in right bag**
    3rd Place CL Beanie
    Quote Originally Posted by MOHAWKA View Post
    I ran White Flood and Green Magnitude this past summer along with some staples(multi-vit, protein powder, fish oil) and a solid diet, and can say that it was a very good decision. I purchased these two products because of all the good reviews i had read and because of their economical price, but soon discovered for myself the other reasons for all the excitement. My workouts were amazing. I remember the feeling I would get driving to the gym every day 10 minutes after taking WF; the tingles from the BA and the focus from WF got me soo amped...just chilling to think about it now haha. The pumps, that were not only intense during my workout, would follow me on my chill sessions on the beach later that day; the girls didnt know what to think.haha. My strength went up and stayed with me as wrestling season began later in the year. WF did put me on the toilet about 15 minutes after consumption, but ended when i started taking acidophalis with my WF dose. I started the summer at about 175 lbs @ 7-8% body fat and and ended the summer at 183 lbs with no fat gain. 8 pounds of muscle gained in 2.5-3 months. The WF/GM stack lasted me about 2.5 months or so. I usually gain about 10 pounds a YEAR, so gaining this much muscle in 2.5-3 months was a treat! My goal for the summer was to gain muscle while keeping my body fat % the same or less so I could be in good shape for the upcoming season of wrestling...and i did just that with the help of these products. Im about to start supplementing some of CL's other products like GG and PW along with GM, cant wait. I feel CL's products offer the best blends for the best price with no BS. #1 in my book.

  13. thanks!! and congrats to you other winners too..pm on the way
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  14. congrats to all of the winners....even though i didn't win, CL products will continue to remain a staple of my workout routine and aid me in reaching the remainder of my goals.


  15. Nice! much thanks cervasa1977 and CL, I will def be rockin the beanie for the remainder of these cold months. Congrats to the winners! ....three more weeks till my next CL stack....cant wait...

  16. Quote Originally Posted by MOHAWKA View Post
    Nice! much thanks cervasa1977 and CL, I will def be rockin the beanie for the remainder of these cold months. Congrats to the winners! ....three more weeks till my next CL stack....cant wait...
    I was hoping to win that beanie! haha. Congrats to all the winners! Very good stories.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by RoidRageX10 View Post
    I was hoping to win that beanie! haha. Congrats to all the winners! Very good stories.
    it was really tough picking a winner everyone put a ton of effort into it

  18. Wow thanks Cervasa and the others at CL!!!!

    PM on the way!

    PS...the dancing man means I am happy!!

  19. Congrats Guys.
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  20. Holy Fast Shipping for free Cervasa!!! lol

    I already got my free product! Wow..you guys are the best

  21. I got my package today...thanks alot
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