We need video journals for Napalm - !

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  1. I'm very flexible on this.

    You wife can do it now and you can do it later on, if you want.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22 View Post
    Bump for the video stars.
    Radio killed the video stars.
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  3. I'm going to run Napalm on my own with clen added to it.

    Plan to get some pics and measurements before and after - will likely post a wrap up thread (since I have problems with regular log updates, it seems).

  4. I'm going to pick the loggers later on this week, so if you haven't already entered, go ahead and drop your name in.

  5. 5ft 11, 190 pounds 10% BF

    Am on bulk diet for now, using Activate Xtreme and X-Factor alongside the usual culprits Whey, BCAAs, Beta Alanine, Creatine etc.

    I intend to start my cutting cycle around 20th. Would stack Leviathan and Lean Xtreme. Would like to work with Napalm to see if it can help make a difference.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Sir Savage View Post
    I'm going to pick the loggers later on this week, so if you haven't already entered, go ahead and drop your name in.
    Well I will be using an adultered Napalm run in my upcoming recomp. Dont have a camera, but will definately be dropping some thoughts in your way.

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  7. I think the word video is spooking everyone

  8. It IS a lil more in depth... and some folks dont feel like getting that personal... I think it will be really fun, to test and edit a vid together.

  9. Do the videos have to show our face?

  10. I'd like for them to.

  11. Poopy,

    You and the wife are in.

    Send me your shipping info to-

    [email protected]

    and I'll give you further instructions.

    Saura, you still interested?

  12. I'd be willing to do a video log. 23 year old law student. Lost 75lbs in the last couple years. I'm now down to 180 and trying to get the rest of the stubborn fat off. I'm currently dieting but am not taking any supps other than whey and a multi. Was planning on picking up some napalm anyways. Could be fun and i'm sure seeing my fatty self on video will be motivating. haha


  13. Hit up my email, eRICH.

  14. ill do a weekly pic/video of clen/napalm combo.... if you like it or not

    i know its not napalm by itself but hey, it shows another side of its potentials. im taking a week off because of lower back pains (think i may of pulled something) and then i will begin.

  15. Email sent Sir Savage.

  16. i was supposed to get a sample of napalm like 3months ago still waiting?

  17. searching for napalm out of stock everyplace any ideas!

    MOD EDIT: Avant is no longer around at AM. Try their site and contact info.


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