What is Your ORAC value?--Hint inside

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  1. chocomine?

  2. Eurycoma Longifolia (long jack)

  3. raspberry ketones?

  4. grean tea

  5. bengal fig?

    Ficus benghalensis, also known as Bengal fig, Indian fig, East Indian fig, Indian Banyan or simply Banyan, also borh and wad, is a species of banyan endemic to Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. It can grow into a giant tree covering several hectares. The Great Banyan in the Indian Botanic Garden, Howrah, is considered to be one of the largest tree in the world in terms of area covered.
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  6. Gynostemma

    in other words


  7. ginseng?

  8. hoodia?

  9. Guarana

  10. Ashawaganda

    in other words

    Withania somnifera


    indain ginseng

    cadnium Monnieri

    Bacopa Monnieri or Water Hyssop

  11. Siberian Eleuthero

    in other words

    siberian ginseng

  12. Hordenine

  13. Citrus aurantium

    in other words

    bitter orange or zhi shi

    ususally used to get extracted synephrine

  14. some one already guessed cocoa right?

    it has nothing to do with cocoa?

  15. Velvet Bean

  16. Clary Sage Extract

    or salvia sclarea

  17. WTF on this one but is it


    in other words a seaweed??

  18. Capsaicin

    chili peppers?

  19. Cayenne Pepper?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    we gotta split it if this one wins....

  21. what about laver or gim.... also seaweads....

  22. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    that's what capsaicin is from
    its from chilli peppers in general... just thought id get specific on that one

  23. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    poops is a total post whore!!!!!
    mostly im a supplement whore and really want to try this out, the fact hes giving away 2 though is evn better casue that means both I and my wife get to try it.... ive been telling her about it since day one it was mentioned and she keeps hounding me askin when the "new one i told her about" was coming out.

  24. Vinpocetine

    from the perriwinkle plant

  25. Evodiamine

    Evodiae Fructus


    Bee Bee tree

    and maybe its flowering berries

  26. alright im spent.... all i can do though is maybe help others since i remember he has guys in india and so. america cultivating and extracting this... so it may be indigenous to these areas or just the right climate and environment for it to grow there.

  27. yerba mate?


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