Win a free bottle of Lipotrophin-PM - Suggest a Convincing Fat-Loss Stack!

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  1. Win a free bottle of Lipotrophin-PM - Suggest a Convincing Fat-Loss Stack!

    Lipotrophin-PM is a full-blown fat incinerator on its own. As you know, Lipotrophin-PM was designed either for daily use by those sensitive to stimulants (Lipotrophin-AM contains caffeine), or for night use by those stacking Lipotrophin-PM and Lipotrophin-AM. With Lipotrophin-PM, you will see enhanced fat loss coming from multiple fronts: L-Dopa synthesis, green-tea-extract (EGCG)-induced cAMP-boosting/norephinephrine synthesis, green-tea-induced nutrient partitioning and cholecystokinin (CCK) release that is important in the management of insulin pathways, banaba-extract regulation of macronutrient partitioning, as well as bacopa monnieri boosting of thyroid function and modulation of thyroid-hormone levels via enhancement of T4 synthesis and conversion of T4 (normally synthesized from free tyrosine) to biologically active T3, and so on.

    In short, Lipotrophin-PM is an effective stimulant-free night-time thermogenic that burns fat while you sleep restfully; promotes anti-catabolism even during dieting; supports natural appetite suppression by elevating the body's CCK levels, and so on.

    If, for whatever reason, you wish to stack Lipotrophin-PM with another fat burner, which will it be? Lipotrophin-AM? Another?

    If you are interested in winning a free bottle of Lipotrophin-PM, please read the rules below and submit a justification for your stack.

    Rules for the competition:

    1) State if you would prefer to take Lipotrophin-PM standalone or stack it with another fat-burner. Whichever option you select, justify your decision by listing or describing why you think your fat-burning stack should be the winning stack.
    2) Lipotrophin-PM must be part of your suggested stack. I know this could be implied from 1) above, but I wanted to state it separately anyway.
    3) All entries should be submitted by way of a posting in this thread.
    4) Multiple entries are allowed.
    5) The competition will close on January 31, 2008. The winning stack will be announced on February 4, 2008. The product will be shipped the same week.
    6) The winner may decide to select Lipotrophim-AM instead.
    7) Shipping to the USA and Canada will be free of charge via USPS. Shipping to other destinations will be sponsored up to a maximum of US$10. If the shipping charges are higher than US$10, the winner would make up for the difference.
    8) Although the product will be shipped out of the USA, non-US residents are free to participate. If the product does not pass through the local Customs, the winner is obliged to ask the relevant Customs office to return the product to sender.
    9) The decision of whether or not to log the results of the stack is at the complete discretion of the winner.
    10) Participating in this competition implies you have accepted the rules.

    Have fun and good luck
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  2. Solid product to stack for a variety of goals!!!!!!

  3. My stack would be Lipotrophin-PM in conjunction with Drive.

    This is due to the great components of Lipo-PM that would be working with the cGMP properties that drive has to offer. The forskolin/forslean in Drive would be useful in increasing cAMP production which can release the fatty acids from fat cells (which can then be burned up, FFA oxidation during workouts can lead to good results!). Also the icariin from drive may help boost the thyroid, which would lead to a higher basal metabolic rate.

    I would dose the Drive 2 upon waking (which is about 90 minutes preWO), another 30 mins pre-WO , one mid-afternoon and one with the lipo-PM 30-45mins prebed .

    (Strag got me going on this idea actually)
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  4. EC in the AM and LipoTrop in the PM.

    I don't think ANYTHING could beat that stack except maybe DNP and I don't even want to talk about that junk.

    BTW if I win donate my prize to something nice. I already have the Lipotropin PM, GREAT sup!

    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  5. EAC stack all the way baby!

  6. Im going to start off by saying that no matter how good these supplements are, they wont do anything if your diet isnt in check. with that said, i would stack it with leviathan reloaded, lean xtreme, and your choice of bcaas. i would dose the leviathen reloaded 2 caps upon waking, and another 2 mid day, either pre workout or at 3 oclock depending on what time your workout is. the reason i chose leviathan reloaded is because it is a good solid thermogenic, with the added bonus of preserving and even building muscle mass, so you will get lean, and maintain or gain more muscle mass. i chose lean xtreme as a cortisol blocker, because on a cut cortisol levels can get high with the calorie restricted diets, and the elongated cardio sessions that some do immediately following workouts. i would dose this 1 cap upon waking, and again about 4 hours later, another pre workout, and if you think your cortisol levels are too high, 1 more pre bed. i would sip on the bcaas all day long, at whatever dose you desire, and i would take the lipotrophin pm about 30 minutes before i sleep.

  7. For my stack I would choose Lipotrophin-PM, Anabolic Pump, Pslin, and DCP. Using the Anabolic Pump and the Pslin would allow me to consume enough carbs without fear of weight gain to fuel my workouts. The DCP would be used to not only free up some fatty acids with the TTA but to also avoid fat gain that would come from the occasional cheat meal that make diets bearable. This stack would allow max muscle retention, with even that chance of muscle gain while keeping calories at or below maintenance. Best of all this stack would not be harsh on the adrenal glands so there is no fear of a massive rebound after the stack is discontinued.
    Muscle Pharm Rep
  8. Thumbs up My Proposed Stack

    Scorch Remix (AM), Lipotrophin-PM (PM)

    I find Scorch to be the best all around and most complete fat burner (w/ or w/out stims), but the dosing of 2-3x daily tends t raise my BP and make it hard to get a good nights sleep.

    With a single dose of Scorch before breakfast one would be energized all day in addition to the hefty thermogenic effect from the rasberry ketones. Lipotrophin-PM taken before bed will aid in sleep/relaxation/gh production from the L-Dopa (which will also aid the energy increase from scorch due to a good nights sleep). Nutrient repartitioning from the corosolic acid, and the additional green tea will compliment the large dose of green tea from Scorch in the AM.

    Obviously stacking four or five products could compete with or perhaps surpass the results with this stack, but with cost in mind there is not a better, safer, more effective fat burning or energizing stack out there!

  9. My fat loss/lean mass stack......

    Activate Extreme
    Lean Xtreme 2
    Forslean Caps (25mg)
    Nutra ECGC caps

    I would pair this along side a TKD diet and fasted cardio.

    Protocol before fasted cardio
    -1 cap Activate Xtreme
    -1 cap Lean Xtreme
    -1 cap Forslean
    -2 caps Nutra-ECGC caps

    Protocol with NeoVar
    -5caps NeoVar 45min pre-workout
    -50gr WMS 30minutes pre-workout
    -5caps NeoVar Post-Workout
    -15minutes later 50gr WMS

    Before bed
    -2~3caps Lipotrophin-PM

    -two caps per dose of Nutra ECGC (500mg EGCG) in addition to the Green Tea Extract in Lean Xtreme. Research has shown that ingesting about 400mg of EGCG per dose provides optimal results and is better than taking 200mg of EGCG twice. So, with a dose of 2 Nutra Green Tea Caps per dose, two times daily, you would obtain dramatically improved protein synthesis, appetite modulation, nutrient partitioning, and norepinephrine synthesis.
    *Earleir post form the man himself

    -Forskolin is a compound isolated from the Coleus forskohlii plant. In short, Forskolin (and Forslean) put your body in a state where you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time
    *Bolic write up

    -Activate Extreme for a natty test boost

    -Lean Xtreme is great for cortisol control and also has added ECGC and Forslean

    -NeoVar to help make the carbs I take in around workout time more effective and keep blood sugar levels low.

    This stack has everything needed
    Natty Test Boosters
    Cortisol Control
    Carb Maximizer
    PM fat burner
    Stim-Free fat burner
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  10. A few months ago, I completed the Lipotrophin stack with what I considered success. I would use 2 Lipo-AM to really wake me up for classes and get my metabolism revving. When I hit that afternoon lull, I would take one more AM with 1 PM. Then before bed, 2 Lipo-PM. Over the summer I had lost sight of my abdominal outline. The lipo helped to bring it back - can see outline, along with uppers. Not the best I have ever achieved, but close.

    This was taken along with sesamin, fish oil, creatine. At one point I was on an extensive cytomel test run. The Lipos really kept my body regulated when I dropped the thyroid, and I felt the sleep and thyroid benefits of the PM especially help bring me back to baseline.

    I still have a little leftover PM, and am formulating my next move, this time a more responsible, well planned recomposition, keeping the sesamin and fish oil, adding some forslean, and maybe salvia moltiorrhiza. Still formulating, dont want to go overboard, or waste money. (Accompanied by twin peak carb cycle for diet plan).

    I really appreciated the sleep I had while taking Lipo-PM, and feel just the peaceful nights almost are great enough. Adding the lipolysis effects and anti-ox benefits puts it over the top as one of my top ten.

  11. Here's my non-stim fat burning stack. Just for note, I have high blood pressure which is why my stack would consist of no stims.

    The core stack would be the following 3
    1. Lipo-PM (included because of all the things Strategic listed in the 1st post)
    2. Drive (included because the synergy of ingredients added is very beneficial for fat loss. It combines cGMP and cAMP, increases thyroid activity, aromatase inhibiting effects, sHBG inhibition, and increased luteinizing hormone activity, and improved testosterone:estrogen and testosterone:cortisol ratios).
    3. DCP (included because it frees fatty acids to be metabolized, and the Rasberry Ketones are potent thermogenics)

    I think the core stack is very complementary to each other and hits fat loss at different angles. I would expect you would retain most muslce while cutting on this stack, and if diet and training is in check, you could even find the holy grail - which to bodybuilders is to gain some muscle while losing fat. All this and its non-stim as well.

    Additional items that I would add in but not in the core stack.
    4. BCAA's
    5. Lipo Ultra plus cap or Napalm once I hit below 10% bf.
    6. Fish Oil
    7. Multi

  12. no offense but isn't scary that these scientists can't think of a stack on their own?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by RonPaul View Post
    no offense but isn't scary that these scientists can't think of a stack on their own?
    its a contest for fun and to get forum members thinking, its not that AP cant think of a GREAT stack on their own.

  14. I'd have to agree with LatSpread, MAN Scorch is highly underrated, it kicked my arse.

  15. It depends on your motivations. If it was me, and money wasn't an issue, I would stack it with DCP and Lev Reloaded. I don't like feeling stimmed up. The new leviathan is a great formula with just enough energy. And the PEA in it makes you feel great. I actually the feeling about as much as the Yellow Euphoria g2 that's on the market. DCP, with it's super star Carnitine, stacks notoriously well with LevRe, and I think LipoPM would be the perfect addition, as each product functions completely differently (except, off the top of my head, the raspberry ketones in Lipo and DCP), and you would most likely feel great on them.

    If you don't care about stims, and money is no issue, in addition to the Lipo PM, I'd go with EC and stack DCP with it, and possibly throw in ResetAD to keep you adrenial glands happy. This would be a little much for me, but short of Clen, you're not going to find a better stack.

    If you don't care about stims and you don't have money; EC. It's cheap and it works.

  16. I'm a fan of non-stim fat burners right now, so here is mine:

    Lipo PM
    Fish oils
    (optional/as needed)

    All the above products play their own unique role in the assistance of fat loss, but I've chosen them for their other properties as well..

    Based loosely off the anarchy stack (GT, EFAs, PLCAR+ALA) which I have used with success for fat loss (CLA may be added, but effective dose might equate to too many fat grams in the overall diet for cutting, depending on how many cals you take in), adding in:

    - thyroid support (TTs),
    - damage control (sesamin, DCP, na-r-ala for high carb days)
    - appetite suppression (DCP, Zappetite),
    - sleep and mood support (fish oils, Lipo PM, anarchy stack)
    - workout support (bcaas, DCP)

    This is how I might dose this on a sample day.

    2x DCP, 1xTT

    * Breakfast

    << Workout - whatever you normally take + some bcaas >>

    Post-workout- 50-100mg na-r-ala (depending on carb intake)

    * PWO Meal

    Pre-lunch: 2xDCP, 2xLipo PM,

    * Lunch
    + Sesamin, fish oil

    Afternoon: 1xTT
    * Meal 4

    Pre-cardio: 2xDCP

    * Dinner:
    + sesamin, fish oil

    2x zappetite if needed

    * Last meal
    +fish oil

    Pre-bed: 2xLipo PM

    Ps.. once you've reached a decent bodyfat %, perhaps consider adding in a topical product too... does this stack have a BUDGET? Lol!

  17. this is my current stack I'm taking

    Hot Roxx Extreme
    Lean Extreme
    Reset AD
    Fish oil

    Hot Roxx Extreme
    Lean Extreme
    Reset AD
    Fish oil

    Before Bed
    Lean Extreme
    Lipotrophin PM
    Fish oil

    It's been great, I sleep like a baby and lost 4 lbs over The holidays.

    Hot Roxx for fat burning and muscle building, DCP for fat mobilization and carb control, RPM for metal focus, Lean extreme for cortisol control. There is some overlap of rasberry ketones with HRE and DCP but it doesn't seem to be to much. Reset AD to keep from getting burned out.

    Posieden and ZMA at night was great for sleep but if you add the lipotrohin-PM I get much better sleep and can slip in DCP at night which seems to help me lean out at night.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by LatSpread View Post
    its a contest for fun and to get forum members thinking, its not that AP cant think of a GREAT stack on their own.
    Thanks, LatSpread. You probably meant "AN", I guess
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by RonPaul View Post
    no offense but isn't scary that these scientists can't think of a stack on their own?
    No offense taken! Nevertheless, I would like to say that Lipotrophin-PM is a product with such versatile benefits that "these scientists" can pretty much come up with several hundred (a little exaggerated ) stacking options. Yet, regardless of what "these experts" suggest as a stack, or as stacks, the end user finally decides how and what to stack Lipotrophin-PM with, or even take it solo. The idea behind the contest is to present a fine product in the tradition of Applied Nutriceuticals to interested forum members that might find value in trying the product completely free of charge. And get noticeable results from it. Consider a night-time thermogenic that burns fat even while you sleep restfully! Then you get the drift!
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  20. Great response so far, guys and gal(s). Keep it flowing.
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  21. Stim Pack

    My last post was a stim free this one will be full of stims.
    Supplements Stacked:
    NP 1,3-dimethylamylamine caps.
    Scivation Xtend
    PAL Reset AD
    Primordial Derma Therm

    The NP 1,3-dimethylamylamine cap would be taken first thing in the morning before some fasted cardio with a big cup of coffee. Xtend would be sipped before and durring the morning cardio. By doing this one would have the energy they need to have an intense cardio session and also the amino's to prevent catabolic breakdown of muscle tissue. After cardio and a shower one would apply DermaTherm to achieve thermogenic weight loss and also to keep cortisol under control. Also one Reset Ad would be taken now to stop the body from building a tolerance to the stimulants.An additional Reset AD would be taken later in the day to further prevent a stimulant tolerance or any negative affects from the stimulants. Finally the Lipotrophin PM would be dosed to achieve fat loss and great sleep.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  22. Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    Thanks, LatSpread. You probably meant "AN", I guess
    yea for whatever reason Applied was AP to me, rater than Applied Neutra being AN.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by LatSpread View Post
    yea for whatever reason Applied was AP to me, rater than Applied Neutra being AN.
    No hassles
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  24. OzarkaStack: Special Edition

    • Lipotrophin PM
    • DCP
    • Drive
    • Additional Forslean (to get total dose up to 100mg/day)
    • Fish Oil
    • Napalm

    Plot Summary:
    Firstly, this may very well be the stack to end all stacks, in my book anyway. I chose the things I chose, firstly to put together the most effective stack for fat-loss in my opinion, and second to be free of stims since I happen to not fare so well with them. Now, I feel that the synergy here would be quite good. So, why?

    Director's Notes:
    • Lipotrophin PM: here we have an effectively dosed fat-burner that combines a good amount of tried and true weight-loss supps. It's kind of an all for one deal, and I like that very much (it's like the Cycle Support of weight-loss products).
    • DCP: As of right now I'm on the Anabolic Diet, and should be for a good amount of time. I'd really like to see the effects of DCP on a high-fat diet where one is primarily burning fat for energy. I imagine it would work quite well, thus increasing the bodies ability and probability of metabolizing fat.
    • Drive: I've been on drive for a couple of months now and really want excuses not to stop. As well, it contains a good amount of forslean, which is going to play a huge role in this stack. There's a lot about forslean that interests me. It's ability to induce an increase in cAMP, along with it's blood pressure lowering capabilities.
    • Forlsean: ^^^ pretty much covered this under Drive.
    • Fish Oil: This will probably be dosed pretty high. Around 20grams per day. Since I do take in a lot of fat I think it wise to take in large quantities of good fats as a part of all this fatty fat fat. Also, fish oil is supposed to posotive effects on fat-loss and on lean mass gains. It's cheap too, at NP anyway.
    • Napalm: This is to help get rid of my stubborn belly pooch. I used to be a bit of a fatty, esp. when I was younger. Since then, I've never seemed to be able to lose that last bit of fat on my belly and get those abs a-showin. Naturally, abs are something I desire to have. So, I'm looking to Napalm, along with my sweet sweet diet and training, to help take care of this.
      Note: I know, Napalm has stims, but do to the nature of this product I don't feel that these will be much of an issue since I'm not ingesting them.

    The End!!!

  25. Dermatherm
    Lipo PM


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