Axis Labs® Introduces Muscle Delight™

  1. Thumbs up Axis Labs® Introduces Muscle Delight™

    Axis Labs® Muscle Delight™ is an ultra premium muscle building and fat burning protein with an unbelievable taste. It's formulated with high quality fast and slow digestive proteins making it the perfect solution for any part of your day. Muscle Delight™ is also great for muscle recovery! Loads of BCAA (branch chained amino acids), EAA (essential amino acids), Glutamine and Creatine make Muscle Delight™ the perfect muscle replenishing supplement. In addition, Muscle Delight™ is formulated with "good" fats like EFA’s and Tonalin® CLA, which have shown to promote fat loss for a leaner physique. Delight your Muscles and your Taste Buds by supplementing with Muscle Delight™ today!

    Muscle Delight Highlights:

    The Best Tasting Protein on Planet Earth!
    Fast and Slow Digestive Proteins (Whey Isolate, Concentrate and Micellar Casein)
    "Good Fats" from Tonalin® CLA
    32g of Protein per Serving
    5g of Creatine per Serving
    6g of Glutamine per Serving
    7.5g of BCAA's per Serving
    15g of EAA's per Serving
    Perfect for Post Workout
    Aspartame Free


    I'm Back...

  2. That looks hella awesome!!

  3. Yes, yes it does! This is going on my To get list!

  4. Any taste testers needed??lol Looks Solid
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  5. In the immortal words of McLovin':

    I got a booooner!

  6. That looks like an awesome product right there!! BUT will you making it in bigger sizes like 10lb bags etc? Just ins't cost efficient with Int'l shipping costs buying 2.5lb tubs.

  7. I'll look into it, AP. I do see your point.

  8. This looks good.

  9. I am so in on this! Sounds great.

    When can we expect this to be at NP? I don't see it yet. I'm anxious now.

  10. Ditto on the big bags deal.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bioman View Post
    Ditto on the big bags deal.
    Screw you bioman!!

  12. You just keep your big bags then. I'll stick with jugs

  13. Need a low carb version.

  14. I need a version that is virtually free.

  15. Im Buying It!!!!

  16. You guys are gonna rock the industry!


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