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NOS ETHER- strength/power ATP gains like no other. Lean non-glcerol/creatine mono water weight lean muscle gains. SICK Nitric Oxide pumps! You've see the logs, need I say more.

Trib Test Extreme- min. 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran based test booster with HGW at min. 60% Icariins and Tribulus at min. 20% protodiocin, this isnt a light weight test booster!

Coq DIESEL- Is you Coq DIESEL?

Ready4War (R4W)- Real simple, search Ready4war or r4w on the am forum. Energy/mental focus/endurance/drive/testosterone....Top notch and at $19.99 ............crazy.

NOS Precursor- Time released Nitric Oxide tablet product. Pumps that are hard and tight with strength gains. Complements any stack esp. works well with DIESEL TEST Hardcore or Trib Test Extreme. Can use 3 tabs pre-workout only to give sick workout pumps, or 3 tabs 2x a day for tight pumps, and increased carb/protein transport to muscles all day.