Applied Nutriceuticals: Vacation Again?

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  1. Applied Nutriceuticals: Vacation Again?

    You better believe it baby!

    Another guy from AN going on vacation, but this time... it's me!!!! Cancun, here I come!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry, I will drink and dedicate a Santa Libre to each and every member of this forum who has supported AN thus far.

    In the mean time..... EasyEJL has his work cut out for him...... his first assignment of sorts.
    I have 4 bottles of AN product that absolutely MUST be given away before I get home! Of course, in true AN fashion, they can only be offered via creative methods.

    Easy, I'm leaving this up to YOU!!!!!

  2. sweeeeeet, i could use a bottle of drive....definitely subbed for this

  3. Saweeeet. Have a blast mang!

  4. Have a good trip J!!!!.....drink one for me...

  5. O, what the hell. I'm in.
    NSCA-CSCS and CPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy

  6. Weeeeeeelllllll What have we here, appears the AN guys go on vacation a fair bit You know what might be fun for a first contest? a "Cool contest ideas" contest Something simple something hard, something crazy, something sane. No deadline on this in particular, so shout out your contest ideas here. When I see one I like, not only will that person win a bottle of choice, but they'll also get the next contest dedicated to them heck I may even throw in some of my personal stock of fun stuff here to make it more entertaining.

  7. You should do a who has the biggest thanksgiving day turkey contest. I could dominate that one.
    NSCA-CSCS and CPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy

  8. i like what cellar did in his log, ask ANY type of question ur heart desires and have 3 different levels....hard, medium, easy....3 points for hard, 2 for medium, 1 for easy. Ask one question per day and let it go on for a week. whoever has the most points by the end of the week is the winner.

    are u looking for daily contest? or long ones like i mentioned above?

  9. Ok, two of the contests are decided. I will use this post as the overall tracking for the contest, so the current contest will always be here on the front page, but everyone try to be helpful and repost the current contest if anyone asks. So there they are

    #1 ______ sent me here - Simple contest, convince other AM members to come visit this thread and make a post with "yourname sent me here". Each person can only make one post like that, so convince a lot of people to come You just have to be honest with them when you ask them to do that. This contest will run thru saturday, so mention this thread in your postings on other threads. Don't spam other threads, contribute to them, but also mention this or put it in your sig

    #2 Caption this photo
    Hank Vangut was the winner here

    #3 Why you should get a bottle of Drive in 20 words or less. Nothing complex, just in 20 words or less explain why you should be the one to get a free bottle of Drive. This contest will end Thursday at midnight, winner to be announced Friday

    #4 Final contest - We're going simple here, something everyone can guess on. What year model + color was my first car? We'll take answers up till tomorrow morning. I'll give 2 hints now one is remember that I'm 40 years old, so theres a good span of time where I could have bought the first one, and also since some people would get this from another topic I posted on it was an american car.

  10. OH hell yea there has got to be room for trip in here!!!!!!........let the games begin!!!!!!!!!
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  11. im in fo sho

  12. EasyEJL here is my idea for a contest: a scavenger hunt of sorts. Scavenger hunts were always fun when i was a kid. Except this scavenger hunt will be for supplements.

    You name the supplement. Something everyone would be able to have access to, something of a staple supp i guess ie. multivitamin, fishoil, BCAA's. We have to be the first to take a pic of it and post it. of course this could be modified to however you like if you use this contest.

    Just thought id post my idea. GL and congrats on becoming the new APPNUTT.

  13. bigasian, that might be hard cause not everyone has access to a digital camera...i was thinking of a contest like that also

  14. picture contests could be fun, there is always google searches as well

  15. better run out and get one then!!! lol jk. i thought of that as well...but most people have access to a digital cam...or the very least a cell phone that has a camera

  16. yeah good point, i have a digital camera so i dont care, lol....just looking out for others

  17. i have a phone cam so im set.

  18. Caption contest? like I find a wacky photo and give a timespan for the funniest caption?

    I do like nosnmiveins idea of running a contest where people accumulate points over time, just not sure everyone would really follow it hard the whole week

  19. theres a few people who spend more time here than is healthy (me included) who are likey to dominate the question type of contest

  20. well how long do u want the prizes to last? i mean if u didnt care then u could do a different one everyday but ud get rid of all the prizes in about a week...

    ...i'll try to keep thinking

  21. with the picture contest you would have to prove it was you that took the pic, not a hard thing to do. clip from a newpaper woud suffice i believe. or something else creative.

  22. how about "pick a model contest"?...u select a model and everyone has to go out and find the HOTTEST picture (non-nude) of that girl. any whoever u think has found the hottest picture, is the winner

  23. well, I have 4 bottles lanbane has put up, and really 6 days to hand em out. definitely need to give away a few inbetween, but could possibly do one monday/tues, one wed/thurs and 2 friday. I could maybe add in a bottle from my personal stash as well, perhaps a Budget Ergogenics bottle of banaba (the nutrient partitioner used in neovar)

  24. yeah that sounds good, a 2-day contest instead of a 1 day or week long one


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