Lanbane's Applied Nutriceuticals 1000th Post Contest!

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  1. sirloin

  2. london broil

  3. flank steak

  4. New York Strip

  5. Prime Top Sirloin

  6. Skirt Steak

  7. Hangar Steak

  8. ground chuck

  9. oh no..haha

  10. haha im out of beef ideas so no more post whoring for me

  11. Bumcakes, PM me your shipping info!!!!!!!!!

    More contest to come!!

  12. whats next?

  13. Hell yeah!

  14. Dangit..i mised my opportunity to say tube steak....LOL

  15. Quote Originally Posted by sean taylor View Post
    Dangit..i mised my opportunity to say tube steak....LOL


  16. Eye of Round
    Athletic Xtreme Rep
    Ask me about the Athletic Xtreme Product Line

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    Bumcakes, PM me your shipping info!!!!!!!!!

    More contest to come!!
    PM sent!

    Good choice of steak.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    Dang guys.... I turn around for 1 minute..... ok, maybe 1 day.... and people are lined up.

    I may have to get with rms80 about offering up more prizes........... good plan?

    Ok, full contest is to be decided once I get Dirk's input.

    Currently: A bottle of Lipo-AM is going to the first person who can guess which cut of beef I am about to eat. lol... stole that contest idea from OB. Ya only get 1 guess................ ready....... go!
    rock it out bro- I just had a filet- wife is a GREAT cook
    Dirk Tanis, BA, MSci
    Chief Operating Officer, Applied Nutriceuticals

  19. 96/4 All Natural* Extra Lean Ground Beef

    (Passed by the American Heart association)

    This is the only beef I eat ,usually,as I feel safe its passed by AHA.

  20. i'm 2/2 in contests so far

  21. speakin of which any new contest yet??

  22. yea, i really want some RPM

    preferably free

  23. Bumcakes,
    Your Lipo-AM will go out in the mail by Friday!

    RPM as a contest prize is coming in the future.............

  24. Ok, all.... this one is a bit more in-depth:
    I have a bottle of Neovar for the first person, not an AN rep, who can post a picture of at least 1 bottle each of the AN line (Lipo am and PM, IGF-2, Osteobolin-C, and Neovar). If your picture also has a live Jack Russell Terrier in it, I'll throw in a bottle of Lipo-PM.


  25. and here

  26. wait, does off internet count?
    Name:  IGF2.jpg
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    Name:  LIPOTROPHINAM.jpg
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    Name:  LIPOTROPHINPM.jpg
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    Name:  neovar.jpg
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    Name:  osteobolin.jpg
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  27. hope so i busted ass addin those to my photobucket and doin the html as fast as i could... plus i beat you lol


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