Suspense Builder.....................

  1. Suspense Builder.....................

    The promo/contest is about to launch....................

    Applied Nutriceuticals !!

    Donorrell hinted to get your passports ready, and keep a close eye on the this section as well as the Applied Nutriceuticals Section of

  2. you have my attention

  3. Its coming!!!!

    (this is the part where the water in the glass ripples)

  4. Quote Originally Posted by buffhunk29 View Post
    Its coming!!!!

    (this is the part where the water in the glass ripples)
    Buff is referring to the fact that I just flexed the guns.

    The H2O cowers in fear.
  5. The suspense is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The suspense is over...........

    Please visit the Applied Nutriceuticals section for further details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nice

    Looks pretty cool, Fe. or Fa. is a great concept, give everyone a chance to compete, good prizes too, especially the grandprize, thats really cool. Also very simple rules, requirements are easy, and timeframe is fair.

    Good job and good luck.

    o/t anyone know who won the 4000th greatlog contest??

  7. looks good, good luck to all

  8. I'm in! Allright! A kick in the ass!

  9. Contest. $1000 Vacation. Deadline. Tomorrow. Chances good to win.


    The preceding "to the point" message brought to you by your favorite AN representative, me.


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