View Poll Results: Who made the Best Change according to their goals?

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  • Peterson24

    2 5.00%
  • McBurly

    0 0%
  • PSBigJoey

    18 45.00%
  • Basso

    9 22.50%
  • Mass69

    1 2.50%
  • Tattoopierced1

    10 25.00%

Come one, come ALL and vote! Body Transformation Contest!!!

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  1. In the most heterosexual way, you guys all look great, I was really impressed. I didnt get to vote, but it was too close to call anyway.

  2. Body Transformation Contest Results!!!!!!

    Guys this was really hard and i'm glad I wasn't a judge. However, due to the close call and advice from the judges i've decide to reward everyone with a prize.


    1st: Tatoopierced one ---1st Basso
    1st: PSBigJoey ---1st McBurly
    1st: Mass69 ---1st:Peterson24
    Honorable Mention: All of ya!

    Here's the deal guys. Everyone had their own opinion including the polls. Several were really close and a simple pose could of been the difference. In my eyes, I wanted this to be motivation to make a change and I think that goal was met.

    I have a buttload of prizes so here we go...

    Crowler's Gifts from
    Please make sure you guys stop by his forum and just give thanks. He did this without being asked.

    PSBigJoey $100 worth of products at Anabolic Innovations EXCEPT for the Whey protein Blend as the markup is tiny.

    Basso $50 same as above

    Tattoopierced1 $25 same as above.

    next on to gifts brought to you by the E-Store

    Basso 2lb ATW Chocolate whey protein
    McBurly 2lb ATW Chocolate whey protein
    Peterson24 2lb ATW Chocolate whey protein

    Tattoopierced1 50 Dollar Gift Certificate for

    Mass69 50 Dollar Gift Certificate for

    Peterson24: CVM Extreme - Pink Lemonade
    McBurly: Scivation Sesamin
    Last edited by Jayhawkk; 09-17-2006 at 12:02 AM.

  3. I'm providing gold membership for a year for...PSBigJoey. This was my personal selection.

    Please email using my profile to look up my email addy with your shipping information. All of the winners need to do this please.

    Thanks again ya'll for helping with this...If anyone notices any screw ups let me know. I'm half drugged right now from my broken wisdom tooth and it's late so please bare with me :P

  4. Geat results Jay! Everyone deserved to win and we all did! I have no idea how to read those results though

  5. Everyone made 1st place :P I screwed it up originally though.


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