Axxis Labs Prohormones

  1. Axxis Labs Prohormones


    This looks like a good company and they are made through Hi-Tech with their Liposomal delivery.

    AndroXX is a 1-DHEA product with 75mg in the liposomal delivery

    Axxis is a 4-DHEA product with 75mg in the liposomal delivery.

    They are very similar to the LG Sciences 1-Andro and 4-Andro products. They have 25mg more active per tablet but they don't have the Epicatechin.

    LG Epicatechin may help increase conversion via the increase in 17bHSD activity.

    Either is a good choice!

    Perfect Cycle:

    4 Tablets of Androxx and 2 tablets of Axxis per day for a 30 day cycle is great!
    Nothing I say is medical advice and supplements only enhance and optimize your diet and exercise check with a medical professional before starting any program.
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  2. Awesome im entered for the giveaway! Since this is the company promotion section and not the free advertisement section there is a giveaway right?

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