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    The first batch I made was very difficult to brew, I am using a self loading Keurig machine and I over packed the basket. long story short I used about 1/6th of the amount I first tried and it brewed perfectly. I am a strong black coffee drinker. Espresso is my favorite, dark roast etc. When I saw this was a medium roast I was skeptical, but man I was wrong! This is possibly the best coffee I've made in years. The subtle after tastes and undertones are excellent. It's definitely a coffee I want to sip and enjoy. You guys hit this one out of the park. I was so tempted to buy four bags on the most recent sale you had, but I need to take care of bills right now. I will be enjoying this bag and will be ordering some more when I'm done. Thanks again for the opportunity. This is easily a 9/10 in my book.

  2. *Chaos and Pain Columbian Coffee Review *
    I'm a regular coffee drinker and I have a couple cups every morning for sure. I don't drink the best but when it came to this Chaos and Pain Colombian it's pretty good.
    I started off using some food processor to grind the coffee, & it came out super course & didn't do it justice. I made a few pots of it & it came out really light. Didn't really taste any chocolate. As far as coffee goes I only drink regular standard flavor so I was excited to try this coffee because it said it has slight undertones of caramel and chocolate.
    Next I used a regular coffee grinder which worked way faster and a lot better.
    Everything was enhanced the aroma the flavor of the fine grind was awesome. I also shared with my friends and family and they have nothing bad to say.
    The only thing that didn't thrill me was a little aftertaste of some burnt caramel ( I might need a new coffee maker) . Other than that a great coffee & seems like a quality bean.
    I will experiment more with the strengths of brews with what I have left. Thank you Chaos and Pain.
    I give it a 4 out of 5 and am anxious to try a different flavor!

  3. Will post this ^^ on Amazon as well. Thank you


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