We have decided to get this party started early and have our sale start this evening and it will carry on until next Sunday at 11:59 EST

Use code "LABOR25" for 25% off all liquids (S23 is already discounted on the storefront)

Use code "LABOR30" for 30% off all liquids when using payment option "Green Money"
(It is essentially a virtual check from your bank account to ours, a lot of you are concerned about this, we can assure you it is 100% secure and no funny business involved)

We will have Clomifen Citrate back in stock on Tuesday and we will also have Transdermal Dien Diol and oral Exemestane (which will be pre-discounted already) in stock mid next week as well.

FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $150

*Peptides are not included in the Labor Day week sale, as they are already priced for intro-sale.

*For orders over $500 please email us for special discount offer

*All products are for Research Use Only and should not be consumed yourself or by any other human

Thank you guys and please be safe out there this weekend,