Who hasn't tried Iron Flex Supplement's QUAKE?

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  1. Finally got a double batch sample of IronFlex Quake. Tested a full single serving sample during my 5AM Fasted Workout.

    Mixability - 10/10 - Mixed a full dose serving in 12 oz. of cold water. This stuff mixed up clean with no residual powder left over.

    Taste - 10/10 - I loved the flavor. Not sure of what flavor sample was sent to me to test, but it tasted like SweetTarts candy. Smooth flavor that was not over powering.

    Focus - 10/10 - Getting in the zone to left was definitely great with this product. I became so focused in my workout that I forgot I even had headphones on and my music just disappeared.

    Energy - 9/10 - Energy was great. Felt the boost come on about 30 minutes after taking the sample. Felt like I could just keep going. Would have loved to stay and lift longer, but had to get home to get ready for work.

    Pumps - 5/10 - Did not notice any gain in pump.

    OVERALL - 9/10 - Great product that I would tell others to give it a try and see how it works for them.

    Thank you for the opportunity to test out this product. Review has been posted in the Product Review section also.

  2. are all the samples gone?



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