What is YOUR Favorite Thing About ENHANCED?

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  1. What is YOUR Favorite Thing About ENHANCED?

    After spending an hour browsing Enhanced feedback all over the internet, it was intriguing to me to see how many different parts of Enhanced was guys favorite part. It reminded me exactly why we made the product the way we did...to be ultra strong in every effect it gives.

    So I figured we would run a little contest, everyone who posts is entered into a drawing to win a free bottle of ENHANCED. We will pick winners at random on 5/24

    So tell us...What is YOUR favorite thing about ENHANCED?

    Energy strength?
    Lasting energy?
    Ability to move heavier weight?
    Lack of tolerance buildup?
    Something else?

    Let's hear it!
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  2. Defiantly pump! Not only do you not need additional pump products (ie nitrix, Yolk3d, NO3,) the pumps from the lucine nitrate/agmatine combo last long after you leave the gym

  3. the hype, anxiety, and high hopes that it will serve me well because i still havnt gotten around to it. price too, im eyeing it at $24.99 right now

    half way done with last og craze, enhanced is next in line

  4. I've only used mine once or twice but I really enjoyed the focus/stamina increases.

    At the time, I was doing dynamic effort stuff so I can't say I noticed much as far as pump or strength.

  5. long lasting focus, energy and strength. i train in mma nd it helps me train harder in all these areas.

  6. The best thing about ENHANCED is the great focus and the smooth energy and you can't complain about the price
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  7. for me, its the focus that gets me going and the clean energy that doesnt fade away
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  8. My favorite thing would definitely have to be the focus, energy and mind-to-muscle connection you get. The combination of stimulants and nootropics make this pre-workout one of my all-time favorites. What's even better is how long the focus and energy lasts with no jitters or crash. Smooth and clean, yet insanely powerful.

  9. My favourite thing is getting 45 minutes into a grueling leg workout and realise you still have the same aggression you started the workout with.

    That and it is the first pre workout in ages I haven't had to add additional stimulants to lol.
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  10. 1. Pump!
    2. Pump!
    3. Pump!
    4-100. Pump!

  11. The Stim and Pump systems are very enticing!

  12. Extreme FOCUS!!!

    Oh and that mean PUMP! (=

  13. The pretty bottle lol.

    I have not yet tried =(. I got a super stack in hands to use but no Enhanced yet.

    Or Anabeta Elite...
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  14. My favorite part about enhanced is how I go absolutely ape-**** crazy whenever I take it. I only take it on days I do heavy squats, deads, or bench, and it gets me fired up. Combining enhanced with eminem is a recipe for disaster/destruction while in the gym, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  15. My son was in a pwr lifting meet this last weekend and he was in the 2nd round of the bench lift and his energy was fading. Gave him my ready made bottle of Enhanced and needless to say he ended the meet with a state record pull of 523.

    Now for me it's the focus/mind muscle connect that lasts through the entire workout.
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  16. I have never tried it, so I can't say, but I would love to! I just finished an 8 week Anabeta elite run and I loved the results. So far I am loving PES products so I figure this must be pretty good as well. Thanks!
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  17. FOCUS.

    My mental clarity and mind-muscle connection with Enhanced is outstanding.
    PEScience Representative

  18. Thermo effect for me....and added focus

  19. I've been using the stuff since the insider release three times a week. It tastes amazing, don't know why people don't like the taste. Fruit punch is my favorite flavor of Enhanced. I love the fact that it doesn't give me jitters. Another thing is the tingling feeling I sometimes get in my legs after drinking it. Its like I have to keep moving. It is the also the only pre-workout I've ever tried that actually gives me some kind of pump. Somedays when I feel like I'm a bit extra tired at the beginning of my workout, halfway through I start feeling like I could just keep going. It works just as good today as when I first tried it. There really isn't anything I don't like about enhanced, well maybe the small bottle. The stuff is just that good!. Sorry, I just can't pick one thing.

  20. It also has some ingredients that can help with fat loss as well, so that's an added bonus!

  21. It seems to give me extra confidence and increased sense of well-being!.

  22. Energy and focus are insane! Also the fact that it comes from a great company such as PES! Keep up the great work with top of the line products!!
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  23. Narrowing it down to one thing it was crazy pumps !
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  24. It doesn't matter how exhausted I am after working all day. A heaping hefty scoop gives me a good kickstart 10 minutes after taking it. I don't feel cracked out. I just feel awake and naturally energetic. That, along with the focus it gives me, puts this high on the list for me.

    Oh, and the bottle isn't half a gallon with only an inch deep worth of powder. Maybe PES can get an award for caring for the environment or some crap....or just a happy customer that doesn't have to take up a large amount of cabinet space
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