Omega Sports Need Product Testers for a new aromatase inhibitor!!

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    I would be interested in testing your product. I am just a regular guy and forty eight years old. Had my T tested at my annual physical physical last year came back just a little over 400. So I was "in range" but still had lots of low T symptoms. Decided to lose some weight and start working out again. I am down about 55lbs and work out 3-5 times a week. I obviously feel better with the weight loss, but still have several low T symptoms (motivation, libido, belly fat, tiredness issues). Getting to the point I have thought about finding some Test Cyp and going that route on my own, but just don't think I have the guts to try it. They are actually opening a Low T center here very soon, so that was going to be my saving grace. Would love to see if an OTC supplement could save me all the hassle and money.
    I have been kinda in your boat. A few months ago my test came back in the upper 600 and my thyroid is okay. I still have all the same issues you are having though. I have considered doing some test on my own but wanted to do it right and just don't have the funds.
    Months ago I tried supplements but eh nothing works. I'd love to see how this product might be able to help in my situation.

  2. I'm already

    I'm already

  3. I am keen to test your product but all the way in australia. happy to do bloods . i currently have low test levels anyway

  4. Good Luck to all applicants!
    I'm Back...
  5. I'd like to be a tester

    I've been a member for a while and don't usually post but I enjoy the emails. I believe I would be a good tester because I'm an experienced lifter and half been lifting consistently and aggressively the last 7 months. I haven't used any supplements other than vitamins and fish oils. Lately I've been experiencing some run down and have been looking for something to increase test and the anti-estrogen would be great since I'm currently on a cut. I'm 30 years old 5'11 205 13% bf.

  6. I am willing to participate
    53 years old, I have not used any test booster in over 3 months , I eat right, work out regularly, and I would be able to comply with the rules. Let me know if I can be of help and if you need more info.

  7. Thank you for your apps and welcome to Anabolic Minds!
    I'm Back...

  8. How long til release? I generally stay away from AIs as they dry me out and kill my libido!

  9. cant wait to pick up a bottle!!!
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by SwolenONE View Post
    cant wait to pick up a bottle!!!
    Me either when can we hopefully see at the Planet?


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