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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Adizzle1 View Post
    I think the main office is backed up on sample requests so give it 1-2 more weeks, if he still doesn't get any then hit me up and ill try and take care of it!

    Looks like we've had about 24 people in here so far so we got 26 spots open!! Hurry up and get it while you can!
    ill take the emptyspots
    1300 pound club, 1400 in site

  2. I was just reading up on PowerMax I would love to still get a free sample if possible! Thanks

  3. I'm always up for free samples.

  4. Sounds great

  5. I down for some.

  6. Yes please

  7. Il take some thanks

  8. Keep it coming guys! We're getting closer to 50!

    Connect with us on Facebook and Like us to enter yourself to win a FREE TUB of Powermax! Yes 40 full servings of Powermax for free, all you have to do is LIKE US TODAY!
    Former- Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  9. Free samples, I would like some

  10. Love some!

  11. Count me in if theyre still available

  12. Your definitely in the running for Free samples still, not 50 replies/people yet!

    Remember if you haven't already, visit and like our facebook page as well for more opportunities to win Free Powermax!
    Former- Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Adizzle1 View Post
    Alright guys corporate sent me 100 free samples of Powermax!

    So this is what im doing, the first 50 people to post in this thread get 2 free samples of our pre workout Powermax! If you have already received samples of powermax before please do not enter!

    - Creatine Mono, Taurine and Glycine for increased ATP and cell volume
    - Citrulline, Agmatine and PLCAR for increase NO production and endothelial function
    - Tyrosine, Caffine, PEA and NMT for increased energy and focus!

    -You may not win if you have requested/received samples of Powermax already
    -All address's will be cross referenced with our database to ensure no one that's entered has already received samples.
    - 18+ only and USA only
    It's good stuff. Was fortunate to try some months ago
    SNS Forum Representative | Lift, Laugh, Repeat

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Daycrawler View Post
    It's good stuff. Was fortunate to try some months ago
    Thanks for the support brother! I can think of a pretty long list of reputable members/reps that loved it!

    Still got more to give out!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  15. We still have a few more until we reach 50! Keep the posts coming guys...this is a great, not to mention free opportunity to try a fantastic pre-workout. Did we mention Powermax was co-formulated by the creators of the very popular PWO, CRAZE.
    Former- Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  16. Definitely in

  17. hook me up!

  18. We are sitting just around 40 requests guys. 10 more to go, lets keep them coming.

    Stay tuned on all our latest company promotions, by following us on the forums and our Facebook page. Not to mention, by simply liking our FB page, you are automatically entered to win a free 40 serving tub of Powermax!
    Former- Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  19. I would enjoy some samples

  20. Email sent!

  21. Sent

  22. Sent!
    Check out my LG Bulk Kit log.

  23. Sending mine now. In the market for a new Pre

  24. Sent
    Visit our website at

    @RegisterJr on Twitter and Instagram.

  25. dooooooooooone
    1300 pound club, 1400 in site

  26. email sent


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