Register at ANDRO FACTORY for 30% off

  1. Register at ANDRO FACTORY for 30% off

    With the introduction of the new LEAN-CUT and FOCUS, if you register at ANDRO FACTORY you will receive an email in the next few days for 30% presale orders. This can be used in combination with other products.

    Spread the word.

  2. There you go guys, the word is out!

    And for those anxiously awaiting a time line for the new products, we are less than a week out from getting testing back on the actives. At that point, they will start production!!!

  3. Registered and patiently waiting the release

  4. Me too - Any updates?

  5. Thanks for the patience. Email just went live for those registered.

    Reminder that this 30% code is site wide.

    New products available march 15


  6. how long before we can buy leancut?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by willib View Post
    how long before we can buy leancut?
    15 March

  8. Reminder to go to our website as seen in my sig and lower left hand corner of home page you enter your email to subscribe and receive presale coupon for the release of new products FOCUS and LEAN-CUT on March 15.

    LEAN-CUT Supplement Facts

    FOCUS Supplement Facts

  9. The code is out! The code is out!!Thanks for staying on top of this Cordeen, you've helped us avoid a customer mutiny
  10. 30% off LEAN-CUT & FOCUS

    30% off LEAN-CUT & FOCUSJust a heads up, this sale will be going through the end of the week!-AF


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