MAN Sports Game Day stack -- "For Champions Only"

  1. MAN Sports Game Day stack -- "For Champions Only"

    The Game Day Kickoff Stack: "For Champions Only!"

    Buy MAN's NEW Game Day & Get TONS OF FREE ITEMS!
    Each Stack Includes The Following:

    1 x NEW Game Day (60 Servings) (ON SALE!)

    1 x FREE Nolvadren-XT Trial Size (20 Caps) ($35 Value!)

    1 x FREE Creatine Monohydrate (100 Grams) ($15 Value!)

    1 X FREE L-Glutamine Powder (100 grams) ($20 Value!)
    ______________________________ ________________
    All for $35

    MAN The Game Day Kickoff Stack (Game Day + FREEBIES): Discount The Game Day Kickoff Stack Supplements

    That concludes our Friendly Supplement Announcement of the day.

    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  2. Picked this up before they added the Glutamine to the deal. Too good to pass up!

  3. Good deal here bro's. Get in on everything all at once

  4. This is a pretty legit promo guys. I'd get on it quick!

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